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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 714: A Pervert Fell From The Sky Bahasa Indonesia


The crowd parted for me to make my way to the stage.

Surprisingly, Yong Gong actually walked all the way back here from the winners area to stop me, “Wugui, just forfeit, you can at least save yourself the embarrassment.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “Why are you so concerned about me? Since you hate me so much, isn’t it better that I go up there to embarrass myself? Are you gay for me or something?”

The boy sputtered at my accusation and even took a step back as though he was physically hit.

He recovered quickly and spat at me, “Even at this stage you’re still being shameless… You really deserve every beating I gave you! Did you really think if you show a little bit of bravery here Piao Liang will show interest in you? You’re really delusional beyond help! When you fail, I’ll enjoy crippling you!”

Not waiting for a response from me, he turned and stormed back the way he came.

Weird boy. Does he actually hate me or not?

The others around me who heard his words started whispering among themselves.

“So it’s true… He’s still going after fairy Piao Liang…”

“He really thinks just because he isn’t afraid to go up on stage she’ll start liking him?”

“And here I thought he actually managed to get some skills…”

“Really a frog stuck in the well…”

“Fairy Piao Liang is too good for him to even look at.”

“No need to worry, he’ll be out of here soon enough.”

“Heh, when he becomes a servant, I’ll make sure to bully him even more!”

Wow this guy’s really hated huh… Then again, he really didn’t deserve his current position so it’s understandable why everyone has a bone to pick with him.

But I’m a changed man now, ok? I’ll show you my talent now and have you all bow before me!

Ok, I regret thinking that… That was way too embarrassing even for me, good thing no one heard my internal monologue…

‘Ara? But I think Master is cute though?’

Hmm? Why do I hear a voice inside my head?

‘Because I’m talking directly to you through our mindscape, Master.’

Err… Iris? Why are you inside my head?

‘Hmm? But I’ve always been here, Master. This isn’t even the first time I talked to you like this.’

Wasn’t that just restricted to my memory scape? You mean you have had access to my mind this whole while?

‘Ara? Master had created me with your own Origin essence, remember? In a sense, I have always been a part of you. End and Origin always exist together.’

Wait, then doesn’t that mean you also know that this isn’t the first universe I created and thus you aren’t the first thing I created either?

Hmm? Why isn’t she answering this?

‘Answer what, Master?’

Eh? Didn’t you hear what I thought about just now?

‘Ara? But you didn’t think anything though?’

Omniscience? What’s going on?

Oh? There’s a restriction in place where beings of this universe can only know about this universe? Even if I were to tell them that I created other universes, they would just not even perceive I told them anything?

But why?

‘Just because it’s easier that way’?! What the hell are you even saying omniscience?! Explain!!

Eh? To prevent the formation of parallel universes? What does this and that have in relation?

Oh, some cosmic entities are able to create Worlds on their own, so if they have knowledge of the existence of other universes, they could try and create another one.

But what’s the problem with that? Seems like just another pocket space to me, as if we don’t have that existing around already.

Hmmm? The problem lies in creating another Origin and causing both universes to collapse due to the fact that there can only be one Origin?

So the multiverse theory is moot huh…

Eh? It’s not? What do you mean by that?

Wait no, back up a bit. Don’t even answer that.

I only came here to participate in this stupid advancement test to infiltrate into this Sect for fun, I don’t need to start learning about the secrets of the universe now.

Knowing that Iris had constant access to my thoughts is already bad enough.

‘But Master has access to my mindscape too?’

Oh really? Well let’s see what’s inside your head…


Ok… I won’t go back there again.

‘Ara? Why not, Master?’

Ahem, everyone’s starting to look at me funny because I’ve been standing still for the last few seconds. I don’t want them to think I’m getting cold feet so let’s just go.

I threw all those information bombs I was just given aside and took my place at the very end of the stage, joining the rest that had been called up. If I want to know more about the universe, I’ll pick a good time and place for it, which is not now nor here.

All the other Practitioners had their Phoenix Flame prepared so the phoenix began inspecting them one by one.

I didn’t prepare mine on purpose, leading everyone to think I was still incapable of materialising it.

Xun Guan whispered in my ear, “Master? Are you going to fail on purpose?”

I smirked, “Hardly, I’m just letting their opinion of me drop to the lowest before I turn the tables on them.”

“Master really is enjoying this huh…”


The phoenix only accepted one person’s flame so far and it’s already reached the person beside me, another boy around Yong Gong’s age.

The phoenix took one look at his flickering Phoenix Flame before moving on to me, the boy sighing at his failure before turning to smirk at me.

It didn’t take a genius to guess that he was expecting me to fail and that knowledge blew the dejection of his own failure away.

The phoenix stood in front of me, tilting its head as though to ask if I was wasting its time.

I hid a smile and stretched out my arm slowly.

Everyone stared at the space above my palm, all of them waiting to see if I could actually materialise a Phoenix Flame.

Very, very slowly, I circulated my Quarks and converted them to the Phoenix Flame attribute.

First, there was a small spark. Then it ignited itself and a bright orange flame sprung into existence on top of my palm.

The flame was small, maybe only the size of a candle flame. But if you know anything about cultivating Phoenix Quarks, you would realise that it was the purest and most perfect Phoenix Flame in existence. This is a flame that even the phoenix in front of me couldn’t produce.

The widening of its eyes told me it knew what it was looking at and its gaze kept switching between me and the flame as though asking if it was truly alright for it to consume such a treasure.

I nodded a go ahead and the phoenix slowly opened its beak, taking a few more moments to admire the flame before moving to eat it.

Just as it was about to reach it, the phoenix in front of me got smashed into the ground by something dropping from the sky.

I recoiled back in surprise but a hand had grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me forward, bringing the phoenix flame I summoned to their own mouth to eat.

“Ahhhh!! Absolutely delicious!! Absolutely perfeeeect!!! I knew sneaking here was not a mistake!” The person who ate my flame screamed, their entire body shaking in ecstasy.

Where the hell did you come from Feng Jie?!


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