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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 707: Bonk Hammer Bahasa Indonesia


We stayed like that for a while before pulling away from each other.

Trust me, the temptation to just stay there hugging each other for the rest of time was really, really tempting. I’m sure the temptation was the same for her as well.

“Ufufufu, as much as I appreciate the show, I think it’s best that Master dressed yourself before we made the universe continue its existence,” Iris giggled.

I looked down and only then realised my state of undress where everything except my underwear was gone.

I guess the fight between Iris and myself had disintegrated Xun Guan’s clone which means my clothes were gone too. At least the real one is fine, though I’m pretty sure she would be rushing back as soon as she realised her clone got destroyed.

I created another set of clothes for myself, this one made of normal fabric. I could have simply restored the clone but I’ll wait for Xun Guan to come back to become my clothes again.

The difference is miniscule, but her clone doesn’t feel as nice to wear as the real one.

After giving myself a once over to make sure everything was fine, I snapped my fingers and made the universe resume itself again.

The world regained its life and the barrier around us shattered a moment later, sending out a shockwave that knocked most of the people down on their backsides.

My disciples were fine, of course, they merely had their clothes ruffled by the breeze sent at them.

Seeing Iris so close to me, my disciples made another lunge towards me to pull me away from her, but they immediately stopped in their tracks when they saw my raised palm.

“It’s fine now, she’s calmed down already,” I explained, prompting them to finally relax.

I turned to regard the Elders and Masters, “Thank you all for coming to help, I wouldn’t have managed to contain the damage without all of your assistance.”

“Master Lin is too kind. Just give us a call whenever you need help,” Sect Master Qing waved before all of them disappeared from view.

Huh, they aren’t even going to ask what was going on? How considerate of them.

In fact, I’m even surprised they showed up in the first place, did Manami call them or something?

I restored my courtyard to how it was before being obliterated gesturing to my disciples to join me at my table.

They obeyed and sat down after I did, with Cai Hong occupying my lap.

“So… I believe you guys have questions?” I asked while stroking Cai Hong’s head.

Lian Li nodded, “What happened, Master? Why did she… Go crazy?”

I glanced at Iris but she had returned to her usual self of simply staring at me without caring about everything else around her.

I turned back to my disciples, “I believe… Iris has a tendency to lose herself when she gets too excited with things involving me.”

My disciples all turned their gaze to Iris who simply ignored them.

“Lose herself?” Elaria repeated, looking at her with narrowed eyes.

“Err… I guess you can see it as her repressed feelings being brought out after certain stimulation… The more violent and possessive kind,” I explained awkwardly.

“So… Doesn’t that mean… This could happen again?” Brendan asked a little worriedly.

“Yes,” I admitted with a sigh. “But don’t worry, the solution is actually quite simple. If she goes berserk again, you just need to hit her back to her senses.”

“Eh? Aniue… We’re still not even close to being Gods yet, you know? And even if we were, I don’t think we can even beat her…” Tsuki pointed out.

“Oh like I said, no need to worry. You guys will have help of course. Here you go.”

I snapped my fingers and a toy hammer appeared in front of each of them. It’s the kind of hammer that makes squeaky sounds when you hit something, the kind of toy that you might see a child use to play with.

“Is this… A squeaky hammer?” Elaria asked, looking at the object in front of her dubiously.

I grinned, “Well, I call it the bonk hammer. It has the ability to cause a sharp pain in the person it hits and dispel any impure thoughts from that person as well. It’s able to break through any form of defense and is guaranteed to hit the moment the intent to hit has been registered, bypassing even time, space and any casualty manipulation. Even if the target had blocked off the sense of pain, this would still force them to temporarily regain that sense upon impact.”

All my disciples stared at the toy hammer in front of them with a mixture of wonder and fear.

Brendan gulped audibly, “How… How did Master find something like this?”

“Find? Oh no, I just created it a few moments ago. You don’t need to worry about misusing it either, I made it such that it will only affect Iris in her berserk state so during any other time, it’s just a normal squeaky hammer.”

To prove my point, I picked the one in front of my alchemist up and bonked him on the head.

The toy let out a loud squeak but nothing else happened.

“Ehhh… But would it actually work, Master?” Eris asked, looking pointedly at Iris.

“Well, I made it work so it will. Let me give another example…” I snapped my fingers and the hammer in my hand glowed for a moment before returning back to normal. “Now I removed the safety functions so it would cause pain even when the target isn’t Iris.”

I immediately bonked Diao Chan on the head.

“NNNGGHAAAAHHNN?!!” She let out a weird cry before falling on to the ground.

All of us watched the Witch in concern as she hugged herself on the ground while shivering, “That… That was… Ahhhhnnn~~ Thank you very much Master!!”

Right… I picked her because she would definitely see it as a reward but I didn’t think she would react like this either. At least she’s happy about it I suppose?

No, stop looking at me like you’re expecting me to use it during our night sessions… This is supposed to be really painful, you know?

“Master… Created this?” Lian Li looked at the hammer in wonder.

I chuckled, “Did you forget? I’m Origin. Sure I’m still trying to get my head around that fact myself, but I do have the power to create anything.”

Snapping my fingers, my room was suddenly filled with Phoenix Embers, the flowers giving off a soft glow as though radiating a divine aura.

I snapped my fingers again and they immediately disappeared, as though they had been nothing but an illusion.

My disciples turned back to look at me with sparkles in their eyes.

“As expected of Master!” All of them exclaimed simultaneously.

I guess I could have created this thing better but… Oh well, at least they know how to use it now. So just in case Iris goes berserk in the future and I was somehow indisposed and unable to stop her, my cute disciples wouldn’t be defenceless without me.

Because honestly… I don’t even need my future sight to know this won’t be the last time she’s going to go berserk on me because I showed her some affection.

I suppose I’ll also need to make one of these hammers for Xun Guan when she comes back too.


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