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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 676: Why Does This Never Work? Bahasa Indonesia


The courtyard became silent after seeing my ring.

Elaria laughed, “Surprise motherfuckers! This beautiful big sister here is actually your Master! Now kneel!”

Where the hell did you get that mouth of yours, Elaria? Ugh… It’s from me isn’t it?

Unexpectedly, Feng boy started laughing hysterically, “Ahahahaha! Nice try, little girl! But he is definitely dead! I don’t know why you think using a fake ring is a good idea and you even got his gender wrong!”

Ok, I was going to just let you ramble and dig a bigger hole for yourself to bury in, but no one calls my little sister a liar and gets away with it.

I switched myself back to my original body and waved at Feng boy, “Hello Elder Feng. Seems like you’ve been busy while I was away, haven’t you?”


Feng boy narrowed his eyes at me for a moment before going back to laughing again, “Ahahaha! You have some skill, little lady! To be able to replicate how Master Lin looks like, I have to complement yo–“

Before he could finish his monologue, Feng boy suddenly disappeared like he was never there to begin with.

I scowled at Iris, “Iris! Come on, it was getting to the good part! Don’t just End him like that! You even Ended his entire bloodline!”

“Ara? Does Master not find that mortal’s ramblings incessantly annoying? Is it not a better idea to simply erase him from existence?” Iris asked with an innocent face.

“No, no, that’s not the point. Here, I’m going to teach you about the great satisfaction of faceslaps. Let your opponent show off their arrogance and raise themselves higher and higher first, then you knock their pedestal off from under them and watch them faceplant into the ground. You’ll get quite the satisfaction from it.”

My disciples were nodding along to my words in agreement but Iris tilted her head in confusion.

“I do not understand, Master. Why would you want to let your opponent get full of themselves in the first place? Just eliminating them would be much easier.”

I sighed, “Just trust me, ok? Just let him do his thing and not End him for now.”

“Incomprehensible. But since Master has said so… I understand.”

I snapped my fingers and removed the Origin of her Ending Feng boy, causing time to rewind itself.

“–ur abilities at least. But don’t you know that masquerading as him is a really big offence punishable by death?”

I feigned surprise, “Oh?! I didn’t know that!”

“Hoho! I’ll overlook this just once given your remarkable bosoms… Ahem… Your remarkable abilities, so you better be grateful.”

“Oh! I thank Sect Master Feng for your generosity!”

“Kekeke… It’s good that you are also a smart girl. But for my magnanimity, I require some form of compensation, do you understand?”

I tilted my head, “What do you mean?”

“I mean you should be prepared to be my woman for your transgressions for me to forget about it. Now why don’t you transform back to your original form and follow me inside? We’ll talk in detail about how I can forgive you there.”

Uwaaa… He’s even worse than I thought… Ok, I think that’s good enough, my hair is standing on end just from listening to him already.

I held up my finger, “Ah, of course. But there’s only one problem.”

Feng boy looked at me curiously, “Oh? What is it?”

“I really am Master Lin.”

I unleashed my Elemental Pressure upon the courtyard, the exact same skill I used to test Lian Li’s group of students when she first came to the Sect.

The male newcomers on the other side of the courtyard received the full brunt of it, while the rest of the Sect only felt a small portion of it.

I even made sure to tone it down even more this time, it’s like at zero point zero, zero, zero one percent too. Come on, I’ve used this several times already, I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be any accidents like the last time I…

Great… All of the prospective students collapsed.

A few of them were even foaming at the mouths and spasming.

Ok, you can’t blame me this time, this group is just weak. Look, the Elders and Masters are still standing, even our own Inner Sect disciples are also…

They fainted while standing huh…

Even Feng boy was standing there with his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

“Ufufu~ It’s nice of Master to show these trash their place,” Iris applauded me.

Lian Li wrapped her arms around herself, “I remember experiencing this back then too. It was truly the first time I feared death…”

“Ara, ara? It certainly is fortunate of us to receive a taste of Master’s power~” Manami giggled.

Cai Hong hugged my thigh, “Papa! Cool!”

Eris clasped her hands together, “This one is truly humbled… Origin… Aha! I suppose Master really is Origin ‘ter all!”

Diao Chan shivered, “Ha… Ha… Ahhn~ This feeling! Hnnnggg! How nice would it feel if Master were to direct it all at me?”

Brendan was looking at the passed out students, “Hmm… So it can be used this way too. I should do some experiments…”

Kiyomi nodded beside him, “Such a magnificent display of power… Only Master can pull it off after all~”

Elaria chuckled maniacally in the standard villain pose, “Hahahaha! See that?! This is what happens when you doubt my Onii-sama! Wahahaha!”

Tsuki also joined in, “Guhihihi~ Trash is trash after all. They wouldn’t be able to recognise a God even if one was standing in front of them.”

Ok, ok, you girls, that’s enough. It feels like some of you became quite conceited after you knew who I was huh? Or is it just because it’s Feng boy? I sure hope I don’t have to discipline all of you all over again.

But before that, I better sort this out first…

I snapped my fingers and made everyone in the courtyard recover their senses, most of them taking a while to process what just happened.

Feng boy immediately pointed an accusatory finger at me, “Im… Impossible! You’re supposed to be dead!”

Well, I’m glad that was enough to convince him. Then again, being knocked out by a no-name female student might have made him look even worse so he had no choice but to accept my identity.

I gestured to myself, “Well, I assure you that news of my death was greatly exaggerated.”

“You… Ha… Haha… Ahahahaha!” Feng boy started laughing uncontrollably. He even did the standard villain laugh too.

He recovered quickly and clapped his hands together, causing the sword formation underneath us to glow, the light column stretching all the way up into the sky.

“This is perfect! I never thought I could be able to use this formation on you!” He smirked, moving his hands in an elaborate dance that materialised swords of varying designs to appear all around Heaven Sect.

“Master Lin! Be careful!” Elder Gong cried out. “This is the Heaven Defying Draconic Sun Sword Formation! This was the thing that allowed him to suppress all of us and take control of your Sect!”

First of all, I already know that. Second of all, this is not ‘my’ Sect damnit.

Anyway, this is still quite an impressive sword formation if I do say so myself.

It’s said that there are as many swords in this formation as there are suns in the galaxy and each sword was as sharp as a dragon’s tooth, able to slice apart anything and anyone. What’s more, as long as there are still swords within this formation, the owner of the formation is unable to die and would just reform even if their body was atomised.

If I was still the pre-Origin me, I might have some trouble dealing with this formation especially if I had to protect my disciples at the same time.

But now…

I snapped my fingers and the formation deactivated.

I did not destroy it, I merely changed the Origin of his activation, making it as though he didn’t activate the formation at all.

Feng boy looked down at his hands in confusion, then clapped them together again to activate the formation.

He just got his confidence back when the swords appeared in the sky again, that is until I snapped my fingers again and causing the light to dissipate once more.

“What… What’s going on?” He asked.

I grinned, “Oh you know, performance issues, not really that uncommon. Maybe try turning it off and on again?”

He waved his hands again but the same thing happened for the third time.

I was honestly having a rather hard time keeping a straight face but my disciples had no problems in laughing out loud at his predicament, further embarrassing him.

If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m actually enjoying this.

Hey, you guys wanna bet how many times he’ll keep trying to do this before he gives up? He really seems insistent on activating this formation.


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