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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 650: Dealing With A Long Overdue Problem Bahasa Indonesia


“Ehehe~ Papa, warm~” Cai Hong giggled while I dried her hair with a hair dryer after our bath, the two of us enjoying the comfort of our living room.

For some reason, I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts ever since we got home.

It felt like the house got a little bigger somehow. Was the hallway always this long? Was there always that extra room at the end which served as Cai Hong’s bedroom? Since when did we get such a big bed that all my girls could sleep with me with space left to spare?

Is someone altering–

.̷͎̫̓ẻ̸̼͕n̸̤̟̆i̵͓̓̅f̸̺̊͝ ̸̺̗͊ŝ̷̭̝i̶̤̓̃ ̸͇̞̐g̵͚̯̑̾n̷̡̈ǐ̵͕̓h̵̻͕̉̈ť̷̡̅y̴̲̺̋̐r̴͈̝̋é̸̺̕v̴͙̮̓̌E̵̟̳͛

Hold on, why am I thinking about this? This is… Normal… Right? With this many people living together, of course things would be a little bigger than normal… Yeah… That’s right, there’s no need to think about this at all.

“Muuu? Papa? Somethin’ wrong?” Cai Hong asked, as though sensing my inner thoughts.

Right, I should be concentrating on drying my cute little dragon’s hair instead of this nonsense that’s filling my head.

I shook my head, “Not at all. Has Cai Hong done her homework already?”

Hmm? Homework? Why did I ask that? Why did I even think she has the same homework as we do? Is she in the same class as us? That doesn’t make any–

.̵̳͑̾s̵͖͋ė̴̠̠i̵̳̖͛r̴̢̼̃̇r̴̗̯̉ǫ̴͌͘w̴̢͎͑ ̵͇̤͌y̸͇̏r̵̠̓͊â̸͕̽s̷̡̡͗͗s̴͈̼̊̓e̵͍̾͠c̷̗̎̈́ę̵͈̃n̵͈͕͒͘n̷̗̼̓̽Ū̷͎

No. Why am I worrying about such unnecessary things again? Yes… Just go with it.

Cai Hong nodded her head enthusiastically, “Mnn! Cai Hong finished homework!”

I patted her head, “That’s my cute little Cai Hong. Papa is proud of you.”

She giggled bashfully before hugging me and cuddling my chest with her face, “Ehehe~ Cai Hong wuv Papa!”

So cute.

My loli dragon waited patiently as I finished up drying her hair, taking care to brush her iridescent hair while she remained on my lap.

So absorbed I was in my task that I didn’t notice someone was near me until they sat down on the sofa right beside me.

“Good evening, Master,” Lian Li greeted me, my golden haired disciple also fresh out of the bath. “Do you mind if I turn on the news?”

“Go ahead,” I gestured to the remote.

She turned on the television and switched to the news channel, showing a scene of several reporters standing in front of some kind of office building.

I frowned when I noticed the words ‘Takeda Corporation’ emblazoned at the top of said office building, what did he do now?

The camera switched to a news reporter who was looking towards the camera with a serious expression.

“Earlier today, police busted a drug stash at a warehouse belonging to Takeda Corporation thanks to an anonymous tip. Around two tonnes of cocaine was found in the warehouse and at least twenty two people were arrested under suspicion of drug trafficking. Takeda Fuji, the CEO of Takeda corporation, has issued a statement that the company had nothing to do with the drugs found in the warehouse and it was most likely stored by staff colluding with criminals to besmirch the company name.”

There was the clicking of tongue behind me and I turned to see Tsuki wearing a displeased expression on her face.

“Figured they would just throw their own employees under the bus…” My sister muttered, just loud enough for me to hear.

“Did you do something to them?” I asked warily.

I expected her to deny involvement in the case but my little sister merely smiled at me, “I did not plant those drugs if that’s what Aniue is asking. I already knew that despicable company was already dealing with illegal drugs while pretending to be legit. All I needed to do was for big sister Yumi to drop the tip to the authorities to find~”

“I would very much like to point out that I am also kind of guilty of the same crime, but I would first like to know how you even knew about this in the first place.”

Tsuki showed me a mischievous smile, “I had a few of my followers do some scouting around, it wasn’t too hard since they sell to high school students as well, so we just had to trace them to the source of where they had their stash.”

Huh… I’m pretty sure for a big company like them, they wouldn’t have easily given their drug operations away to a bunch of high school kids like that. Thus, I’m quite certain Tsuki did something else to expose them instead of just merely tracing the goods. But since she did not offer to tell me, I didn’t question her either.

Besides, it’s not like it’s really important anyway, if Tsuki really wanted them gone and asked for my help, I could have just erased them from existence just like that, no fuss no mess.

Lian Li pointed at the screen, “Well… I think he’s still going to get away with it though.”

I turned my attention back to the television where the company’s CEO, the Takeda boy’s father, was giving a statement about how his company was used by the criminals and an upstanding company like his would never resort to such dealings.

Any smart person would know it was nothing but a lie but without concrete proof to pin this on him, nothing could be done to him either.

Tsuki shrugged, “Even so, those drugs are worth at least thirty billion yen or more. They’re going to have a hard time recovering from that loss. What’s more, I let slip some information that the son was the one that led us to the source, so his daddy’s not going to like him a lot after this.”

Manami appeared behind her with a knowing smile, “Ara, ara? You have been planning this for some time now, haven’t you?”

“Ehehe~ Maybe?”

I turned back to her, “You still haven’t said anything about me being guilty of the same crime though?”

She hugged me from behind, “Aniue is Aniue, the law doesn’t apply to you~”

What kind of ridiculous answer is that? I mean… Ok, fine. Even if I did get caught by the law, I could easily make it go away with a snap of my fingers, so she technically isn’t wrong either…

Is that something someone can say out loud proudly though?

“Papa! Cool!” Cai Hong squealed, hugging me.

Oh well, at least Cai Hong is happy about it, that’s good enough for me.

“So what are you going to do about the boy? Should we do something about him? He’s still in the clear to bother us,” Lian Li pointed out.

Tsuki smirked, “Oh, he’ll be dealt with. I’ll tell you girls the plan later, you’re free to join me if you want~”

For some reason, the smile that she was showing the other two sent a shiver down my spine. The fact that my disciples smiled back at her was also a little unnerving.

I figured the less I know the better.

All I can do is just hope that kid lived a fulfilling enough life.

Hmmm? Why am I assuming he’s going to die? Of course my disciples wouldn’t do anything to harm him physically, right?

They’re supposed to be sweet and harmless…



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