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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 643: The Daily Life Of A High School Harem King Bahasa Indonesia


I did not find another disciple within the dungeon yesterday, not sure if I should consider that unfortunate or fortunate.

The two girls weren’t happy that I had forcibly teleported them out of the dungeon and I got ‘punished’ by being forced to bathe with them. Honestly, it felt like they were just looking for an excuse to make that happen.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, they made me enlarge the bed as well so that we could sleep together.

Again, it was just the three of us cuddling in bed and nothing more, so get your mind out of the gutter.

Although I do have to admit that Lian Li did put her hands in some inappropriate places but she was asleep during that time so it wasn’t like she did it on purpose anyway. What’s more, she remembered none of it when we woke up the next morning.

“Ugh… After experiencing the dungeons, going back to school feels so weird…” Tsuki groaned while putting on her shoes.

I chuckled, “Don’t forget you still have that student council election thing as well.”

“Don’t remind me, Aniue…”

Lian Li handed me my bag, “Here you are, Master. Umm… Are you sure it’s alright for me to go as well?”

I waved my hand, “Don’t worry about it, I already made some changes to this reality so people won’t question you that much.”

“I see… Umm… How do I look, Master?”

I looked up at my disciple dressed in our school’s uniform. In our original world, she would be wearing the standard disciple robes which basically covered almost every part of her skin.

Now, she’s wearing the renowned sailor uniform with her skirt ending halfway up her thigh, giving me a complete, unobstructed view of her ‘absolute territory’ right above her thigh high socks.

Basically, she looks stunning, even if I do say so myself.

Honestly, there’s not really a need for her to join our school as a student. I’ve even told her it’s fine for her to just stay at home and help us look after the house. But apparently the prospect of being separated from me for an extended amount of time was too much for her to bear.

She had even begged to be allowed to join my class so that we could be together more.

I suppose having been brought into a foreign world without your memories intact is a rather frightening prospect by itself so she would prefer to stay with someone that she was familiar with.

It wasn’t anything too hard for me to do so I acquiesced to her request.

“You’re beautiful,” I praised her unashamedly. “I worry about the guys who are going to fall for you once you enter our school.”

Lian Li blushed all the way to her ears, “Eh? Ehh? Ummm… Thank you, Master… Umm… You’re really dashing in your uniform too…”

A blushing Lian Li is really cute.

“Now, are we ready to go to school?” The two girls nodded their affirmation and I opened our front door.

“Yukihime-sama! I’ve come to escort you to school again!”

I immediately shut the door.

Honestly… I actually forgot about him.

Tsuki’s fist was clenched in anger while Lian Li just looked confused about why there was someone waiting outside our house.

“Master? Who is the clown outside?” My disciple asked innocently.

Tsuki answered before I could say anything, “An idiot and a complete waste of space. If he bothers you, feel free to break his leg.”

I scratched my head, “He’s… Well… I guess you can say he’s Tsuki’s admirer and he has an unhealthy obsession with her. It’s to the point where he believes I brainwashed her to keep her here. I would ask you not to break his leg but if he actually comes to bother you, feel free to let me know. I’ll make him disappear for you and no one will ask any questions.”

“I see… Does he bother Master?”

“Nah, he’s like a harmless puppy to me. You don’t need to worry that much and you can just pretend he doesn’t exist. Let’s just go to school, ok?”

The two girls nodded again and I reopened the door, revealing that Takeda boy had brought in another bulldozer to knock down my house.

“Hmph! Did you forget to give Yukihime-sama her mind control drug or something? Maybe I should just…”

He stopped his words right as Lian Li stepped out of the house, both his eyes and mouth widening in shock.

Even his bodyguards were gaping at her, all of them unable to look away from the beauty that had appeared in front of them.

It’s not like I don’t understand them, Lian Li truly is a beautiful girl after all.

Lian Li moved closer to me, hiding herself from their gaze while she clutched the sleeve of my shirt.

That brought the Takeda boy out of his stupor and I knew what he was going to say even before he said it.

“You! Was Yukihime-sama not enough for you that you had to go brainwash another poor girl?! I swear by my name as Takeda that I’ll free them from you if it’s the last thing I do!”

The three of us walked past the delusional boy and his still dumbstruck bodyguards, none of us paying any attention to his ramblings.

Of course he wouldn’t let us go so easily so he continued, “You’re the scum of all men! The only way that you can even get any woman to pay attention to you is to brainwash them like what you did to these two girls! You’re a spineless coward and you deserve to die in a ditch with–“

Lian Li moved away from me instantly and grabbed the boy by his collar, pulling him down so that his face was beneath hers.

In one smooth motion, she delivered a slap similar to the one Tsuki had given him the other day, sending him sprawling onto the ground.

Normally, the bodyguards would have moved to either restrain Lian Li or help their charge up like proper bodyguards, but since they were still distracted by Lian Li’s beauty, none of them even registered that their charge had just been slapped onto the ground.

“A nobody like you… You’re not even fit to exist in the same world as Nii-sama.”

Oh wow, I think this is the first time I’ve seen Lian Li get angry on my behalf. Is this how she is normally like?

She spun on her heel and moved back to my side, Tsuki was already looking at her with eyes filled with respect.

“Let us go, Nii-sama. I would not reflect well on your name if I were to be late on my first day of school,” Lian Li told me, her arms wrapped around mine.

Tsuki grabbed onto my other arm, “Don’t forget about me, Aniue!”

The two girls then pulled me along, leaving the shell-shocked Takeda behind.

Well… I never thought I would actually get the chance to experience walking to school with a girl hanging on each arm.

I wonder what new nicknames I’m going to get today?


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