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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 637: Who Are You? Bahasa Indonesia


Like I had feared, the entire dungeon had changed and the monsters were not the same ones as the ones I created.

Good news is that Tsuki was currently having the time of her life using the weapons I gave her.

Of course she would, she’s experiencing legitimate power right now after all. Any normal person would definitely like the thrill of obtaining some kind of superpower wouldn’t they?

So there she was, using the hammer of the Norse god and smacking the ogres around like they were children’s toys, even letting out a few lightning bolts to fry them from time to time.

The lightning bolt thing wasn’t even something I taught her, she just figured it out on her own somehow.

Seriously though, Tsuki’s fighting like she had decades of experience and I don’t think any of the equipment I gave her helped her with that so it’s a little weird if you ask me.

Somehow I had a nagging feeling that she’s either getting the experience from somewhere else or there’s some other things at work here.

I mean just look at her, she’s twirling the hammer like a pro, you wouldn’t think she only got them like less than an hour ago.

Then again, she is my genius little sister after all so that might be the reason.

She handled most of the monsters by herself without any problems, avoiding or blocking any attacks thrown at her with her shield before counter-attacking with the hammer in her hand like a goddess of war.

I only had to step in when the stronger monsters like a Leviathan showed up, which I easily got rid of by deleting their existence with a wave of my hand.

Since this involves Lian Li, I wasn’t going to waste time on these small fries.

We soon reached the end of the corridor where a gigantic dragon was guarding what seemed to be an even bigger crystal suspended in the air above it.

It gave a roar of challenge and that was all it managed to do before I snapped my fingers and erased its existence, the dragon breaking apart into dust.

“Isn’t Aniue a little bit too strong?” Tsuki pointed out with a pout.

I just smiled and patted her head before turning my attention to the crystal that hung above.

I was considering if I should go up to it or pull it down when it automatically lowered itself downwards on its own.

Tsuki and I took a few steps back to give it some space, expecting it to crash down in front of us.

Contrary to our expectations, the crystal stopped a few centimetres off the ground and hovered there, waiting for us. A staircase even sprouted up from the ground to let us ascend to it.

On the way up, we could see there was a figure floating within the crystal though it was not clear enough to make out any features. But at this point, I already have an inkling on who it was.

Reaching the centre of the crystal, I found a really convenient key shaped hole in the centre of the crystal.

“Tsuki?” I asked, reaching out my hand to her.

She immediately handed me the key we found before without question, watching me as I inserted it into the keyhole and twisted it.

The crystal rumbled and cracks formed around the keyhole, slowly spreading out until it occupied the entire surface of the crystal.

The crystal shattered and I was prepared to rush forward to catch the figure but my concerns were unnecessary since it remained floating in the air even after the crystal’s destruction.

Of course, it was Lian Li.

Only thing was that she was completely naked.

“She’s… So pretty…” Tsuki gasped, her eyes staring at the nude form of my disciple. “Is she really Aniue’s acquaintance?”

“She’s actually more than that but it’s a little complicated to explain now,” I admitted, conjuring up some cloth to cover my golden haired disciple’s modesty.

The moment I reached out to touch her, gravity resumed functioning for her and she dropped into my arms, allowing me to wrap her up in the cloth while I carried her in a princess carry.

I’ll probably make some clothes for her later when she can dress herself or just have Tsuki lend her some of her clothes. Both of them are roughly the same size anyway.

“Let’s go back,” I suggested, moving back down the staircase and into the hallway.

Tsuki skipped along beside me, watching the unconscious Lian Li in my arms, “Did Aniue meet her the same way like this as well?”

“No, she’s… Well… She’s from another world and I met her by coincidence. Don’t ask. I’ll explain more when we get back I suppose.”

She didn’t and we got back to the entrance hall without any problems.

Now the next issue was Lian Li’s storage ring.

I was fully prepared to break the glass open to get it but apparently that was unnecessary since the casing was gone when we got there.

How convenient… And of course I’m not going to question it so I simply plucked it from the pedestal and that was it.

I still have questions with regards to who or what changed my dungeon but I believe Lian Li’s arrival might be one of the reasons for it.

Since this is technically my mindscape, her entry might have altered some things which were influenced by her own mind. Probably.

Perhaps she had seen herself as the bird trapped in a cage and wanted someone to rescue her, thus the monsters and the crystal prison.

Hey, I’m not an expert on this ok? It’s my first time doing this too. I think?

I teleported Tsuki and I outside of the dungeon, making sure to remove the artifacts Tsuki was wearing before we reappeared in our living room again.

Tsuki looked down at herself and groaned, “Awww… I don’t get to keep those things?”

I chuckled, “There’s no reason for you to wear it here, people will just think you’re a weird cosplayer and you definitely don’t need all that power. Could you go get some water for her? I’ll bring her to the guest room.”

She complied and ran off to the kitchens, leaving me to bring Lian Li up to the spare bedroom.

I tucked her into bed and prepared myself to wake her with a Technique when her eyes fluttered open on her own.

“Whe… Where am I?” She muttered, more to herself than anyone else.

“My home,” I answered.

She jerked and turned to face me in surprise, most likely not expecting an answer to her question at all.

I smiled at her, “Hello, Lian Li. Are you here to live through my memories too?”

I was fully prepared for her to leap out of bed to embrace me, so I was a little taken aback when she remained where she was while asking a question I never thought I’d hear.

“Who… Are you?”

My smile disappeared, did she lose her memories upon entering my mindscape? That can’t be the case or else Tsuki would have met the same fate as well when we were spectating my memories before.

Oh, perhaps I look or feel different in this body? I know I may look similar but one glaring feature that’s different from the other me was that my hair was cut short in this world.

I was about to tell Lian Li so when she looked down at her hands and frowned even deeper.

“Who am I?”


This is going to be rather troublesome…


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