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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 611: The Struggles Of An Eight Year Old Bahasa Indonesia


Apparently the ‘hell’ for Tsuki wasn’t over since the next scene was of us back at home in the same time frame.

The house looked relatively similar to the previous memory so it doesn’t seem like much has changed since I began working with the yakuza.

From what Tsuki told me, I only managed to pay back the debt after a few years so right now I should still be working to pay that off.

“Tsuki? You said our age was five years apart, right?” I asked.

“Umm… That is correct, Aniue… I believe I’m three and Aniue is eight in this memory now…”

Huh… So three years… An eight year old kid is now involved with some yakuza as a business associate or something, I don’t even know where to begin to comment.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew the other me was experiencing another reincarnation of himself, I’d be really, really worried for his mental health.

“Onii-tama! Onii-tama! We made flower ‘cwowns’ today!”

Little Tsuki took out a crown weaved out of flowers from her bag carefully.

The other me patted her head, “That looks very nice Tsuki. Do you want me to put it on your head?”

She shook her head, “I made this for Onii-tama! Onii-tama is a ‘pwincess’!”

The younger me chuckled, “Oh? Why am I a princess?”

“Onii-tama is ‘twapped’ in bad people’s place! If Onii-tama wears this, a ‘pwince’ will come to ‘reskew’ Onii-tama!”

I turned to look at Tsuki again.

She poked her fingers together sheepishly, “Aniue would tell me bedtime stories about princesses… And… Umm… I made that connection with Aniue… Please don’t look at me… I’m really embarrassed now… Aaauuuu…”

I suppose it’s her way of showing that she wants someone to help me just like how I helped her as well.

The younger me smiled and spreaded his arms, prompting younger Tsuki to dive into his arms and cuddle in his embrace.

“Aniue used to do that alot when I’m sad or anxious…” Tsuki commented wistfully, her earlier embarrassment all but forgotten.

I grinned and spreaded out my arms like how the other me did.

Tsuki immediately dove into my embrace, cuddling her face on my chest while purring.

“Unnnn~~ I miss this, Aniue~~ Guhihihihi~”

Why is she suddenly so cute? No, she’s always been cute, she just likes to act calm and collected.

The scene changed again and the younger me was entering the warehouse he had left earlier in the day, this time with a flower crown on his head.

The man that saw me off before was waiting in the office with his legs resting on the table.

He raised an eyebrow as soon as he saw me enter the room with the crown on top of my head.

“What the hell is that, brat?” He asked.

The younger me sat down behind the office table, “A flower crown my cute sister made. You like it?”

“You look ridiculous.”

“You said fabulous wrong and I most definitely feel fabulous, so shut up.”

“That damn mouth of yours. Just because you’re a little useful you think you’re some big shit. One of these days that mouth’s gonna get you shot in an alley.”

Younger me shrugged and pulled out the documents he had been working on before, “Then I’ll shut up when that day comes. In the meantime, if you have nothing else better to do, get out of my office.”

The man leapt out of his chair, “This isn’t your office you damned punk. Do you want me to shut that mouth up for you?!”

Younger me waved the stack of papers in his hand, “If you want to explain to the boss why these are late because you decided to punch me to make yourself feel better, go ahead.”

The man gritted his teeth, as though considering doing it for a second before turning around to storm out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

“Aniue… So cool…”

Ok, even I think that was quite cool. The fact that I managed to put myself in a position where I had become so important that they could not just dismiss me in a short span of a year or two was impressive.

That’s also considering I was still in the body of a child and also taking care of little Tsuki too.

No wonder Tsuki was so attached to me.

Tsuki was still nestled in my embrace by the way, and it seems like she’s just going to stay there for as long as this memory is going to last now.

The scene continued where I was just silently going through the papers, the clock on the wall showing that it was close to midnight already.

Younger me must have put younger Tsuki to bed first before coming here.

I was starting to wonder why this scene was taking so long when the door opened again, this time a boy around the younger me’s age peering in timidly.

“Hiroto, what are you doing here?” Younger me asked.

“Umm… Umm… B-b-boss… Asked me t-t-to… Tell you to… D-d-do some runs…”

The younger me frowned at that, “That loser told you to tell me didn’t he?”

Somehow I automatically knew I had been referring to the man that had stormed out earlier. I’m guessing he was still sore about having lost an argument against an eight year old so he’s assigned some menial task to humiliate me.

The boy nodded, looking like he was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

The younger me pinched his nose and sighed, “This idiot really doesn’t know how to think… Fine, if he thinks delaying this is such a good idea, I guess I’ll listen to him. Just another ten years or so and this will be over. Damn scumbags. Just leave the goods there, Hiroto, I’ll get to it in a bit. I have some ice cream in the fridge outside, you can take one if you like.”

The boy’s face brightened up slightly upon hearing me, he dropped off the bag he was carrying on the table beside the door before leaving quickly.

Tsuki gasped, “Oh! That’s big brother Hiroto! He was one of Aniue’s confidants! I remember him! He was sort of like Aniue’s right-hand man.”

“I’m guessing I recruited him in helping me take over this gang?”

Tsuki smiled at me, “Aniue never told me about all of this, remember? This is all news to me as well.”

Right, she did say that.

The younger me packed up the documents again before going to pick up the bag, looking into it and revealing it to be bundles of drugs wrapped in clear plastic.

I’m not sure why they think having an eight year old kid do these kinds of deliveries at midnight was a good idea though. Maybe it’s just because that guy was stupid?

The younger me sighed, “Six drops huh… And all of them at least three blocks away… Looks like I would need another all-nighter to finish up. No, screw it, I have to send Tsuki to school, all of the paperwork can wait. I can just blame it on that moron if they ask questions.”

After he said those words, younger me opened the door and stormed out with the bag in hand.

Not surprisingly, Tsuki was busy swooning at me when she heard the words younger me had said.

Seriously though, was I really like this in the other world?


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