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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 61: Playing Hard To Catch Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)

“And of course, we must not forget the efforts and contributions that our fellow Elders and Masters have made for this humble event of ours.”

Cai Hong feels sleepy, this old man talks too much…

Muu… Cai hong misses Papa…

Cai Hong wants to cuddle…

Cai Hong pulls Big Sis Lian Li’s sleeve, “Big Sis Lian Li… Papa where?”

Big Sis Lian Li patted Cai Hong’s head, “Master is busy, he will join us later. Be good for Master, ok?”

“Mnn… Cai Hong will be good for Papa!”

Yes, if Cai Hong is a good girl, Papa will give Cai Hong headpats! And huggies! And candies!

And if Cai Hongs is super good, Papa will even give forehead kissies!

Mmm… Cai Hong wants some more ‘Cottwon candy’…

Will Papa give more ‘Cottwon candy’ to Cai Hong later? Cai Hong feels happy when Papa eats from Cai Hong’s ‘Cottwon candy’!

“For all the representatives of the Sects that have graced our little celebration this year, I hope that you will be thoroughly entertained by what we have in store for all of you.”

Boo… The old man is still talking. He’s so noisy…

All the noisy men gets punished by Cai Hong.

Cai Hong likes punishing noisy men.

Big Sis Manami says that punishing noisy men will make Papa happy.

But the noisy men Cai Hong should punish are the bad, noisy men that keeps saying mean things about Papa.

Papa is the best!

Papa gives nice huggies~~

Mmm? Cai Hong smells ‘bad man juice’? Papa’s smell is also coming from there…

Papa must be punishing bad men!

Muuu… Cai Hong wants to watch Papa punish bad men.

Papa was really cool during the ‘Fwestivwal’, punishing so many bad men.

Cai Hong even learned Papa’s ‘Bwal bwusting’!

But because Cai Hong is too small to kick, Cai Hong can only punch bad men’s ‘bwals’

Mmm? Bad men smell is gone.

Mmm?! Papa smells close?

Cai Hong got lifted up into the air.

“Papa!” Cai Hong hugged Papa.

“I’m back, had to help throw away some trash. What I miss?”

“Ara? Welcome back Master. Sect Master Long is just finishing his speech,” Big Sis Manami answered, surprised at Papa’s sudden appearance.

“Oh, nothing much then.” Papa smiled. “He says almost the same thing every year. You heard it once, you heard them all. Don’t tell him I said that though.”

Papa turned to look at Cai Hong, “Was Cai Hong a good girl?”

Cai Hong nodded, “Cai Hong was good! Cai Hong waited for Papa properly!”

“Umu, good girl, good girl.”

Papa patted Cai Hong’s head, then fed Cai Hong a candy.

Yay! Cai Hong got headpats and candy!

Papa is the best!


(Manami POV)

It took another five minutes before that old geezer finally finished his speech. I couldn’t even snuggle up to Master because of all the people watching.

With the old geezer’s speech over and the festival officially in full swing, we could finally continue our little group date with Master.

Ufufufu~~ I hope no one notices how much my tails were wagging around behind me.

Mmm… But if this is a date, we should really be holding hands.

Unfortunately, I am not shameless enough to suggest such a thing yet.

Cai Hong is a different case of course.

Ufufufufu~~ Just looking at her reaching up to grasp Master’s hand with her left hand while her right is occupied with a candy apple on a stick is enough for me.

The Sect Master had openly declared that most of the food and entertainment ideas had came from Master himself during his speech, an obvious ploy to hype the festival up.

I wonder how our believers are doing in the festival right now?

“Master? What are those?” Lian Li asked, pointing to a stall that had a small water tank in front of it.

“Ah, it’s fish scooping,” Master noted with a smile. “One of the games I suggested for them. You use a small paper scoop to try and scoop the fish into a bowl. It’s basically a test of speed and dexterity. Want to try?”

All of us agreed.

“Master Lin!” The stall tender called out. He was a rather young man that looked to be in his twenties, his face was rugged and scarred, his moustache and goatee neatly trimmed.

“Are you interested in trying out the fish scooping?” He asked, already handing out the catchers professionally.

“Umu, my disciples would like to try. How much per game?”

“Hahaha, Master Lin need not pay at this one’s humble stall! This festival wouldn’t be possible without Master Lin after all!”

Master shook his head, “That won’t do, it would feel I’m taking advantage of you. I believe two coppers a person would be good right?”

The stall tender shook his head hurriedly, “Master Lin is too generous! This one is unworthy of such generosity!”

“Nonsense, here,” Master drop a stack of coins on the counter. “This is but a small pittance.”

Master then took five of the catchers and handed it out to us.

The man stared at the coins in shock, unsure of what to do. He glanced up at Lian Li who gave him a curt nod when Master was not looking.

The man teared up before picking up the coins reverently, “Master… Is truly benevolent…”

“Papa? How play?” Cai Hong asked, tilting her head at Master while tugging on his sleeve.

Master crouched down, guiding her towards the edge of the pool while holding her hand that had the catcher in it.

“Cai Hong needs to use this little scoop here to bring the fishies into this little bowl here. But the paper breaks easily so Cai Hong needs to be careful, ok? You win when you get a lot of fishies in your bowl.”

Cai Hong looked at the small fishes that were swimming around in said pool with a glint in her eyes.

“Nn! Cai Hong will try!”

She dipped her catcher into the pool, aiming to catch a red coloured fish.

But the moment she had lifted the catcher out of the water, the paper on the catcher broke, allowing the fish to slip back into the water.

Master patted her head, “It’s not that easy hmm? Don’t worry, Cai Hong can try again.”

Master placed another stack of coins on the counter, “Keep the nets coming boss. And don’t stop until my girls are done.”

The man sputtered, “B-b-b-boss?! I-I-I wouldn’t dare!”

“Don’t worry about it, just keep the catchers coming you hear?”

The man saluted, “Right away, Master Lin!”

Master looked towards our direction and beckoned, “Come now girls, don’t be shy.”

“Ufufufu~ Could the disciple who catches the most fish have a wish granted by you, Master?” I asked.

Master thought for a moment, “As long as I can do it, why not?”

Ara ara? I was only kidding you know? But now you’ve gone and made this serious…

One full day of fluffing with Master here I come!

My sisters and I shared a glance.

Ufufufu~~ No hard feelings indeed.

We took our spots around the pool, our eyes scanning the pool of water for potential targets with our weapon of choice prepared in our hand.

My eyes settled on a small unassuming fish that was floating near the edge of the pool. It was unmoving except for the occasional bubbles coming out from its mouth.

My hand struck out, the scoop heading straight underneath the fish to toss it back to my bowl.

It was an extremely smooth motion even if I say so myself.

The other girls had also struck at roughly the same time I did, no doubt already scooping up fish of their own.

I smirked, this will be a true test of our abilities which I won’t lose!

I scanned the pool for my next target, my bowl ready to receive any fish I scoop up.


Why does that fish look so similar to the one I just scooped up?

I shifted my sight to my bowl, only to find it completely filled with nothing but water.

Perplexed, I glanced back at my other hand to find the catcher’s net sporting a gaping hole in it.

“Another one!” The five of us yelled out at the same time, waving our broken catchers at the stall tender.

Once the catcher was in my hands, I did not hesitate to strike at the same fish again, churning up waves in the pool with my lightning fast motion.

I stared at the once again torn catcher in my hand.

“One more!” All of us yelled, snatching the catchers from the stall tender’s shivering hands.

This time, I waited. The fish must have bitten a hole through the catcher before I could scoop it up, making it some kind of profoundly skilled fish. What a devilish game this is!

So if I scooped it up from this angle from its back, it shouldn’t be able to bite through it… I just need to wait for a prime opportunity…

As though sensing my intentions, the fish turned around to face me, looking up at me with its tiny little eyes.

Ara ara? Taunting me now are you?

But I have you now!

My hand dived straight towards it, as though trying to scoop it up from straight underneath.

But that was just a feint!

I had already passed the catcher to one of my tails that is heading straight from your blind spot!

Ufufufu! Even if you swim now, it’ll be too late!

My tail came in from its back, plunging the catcher under the fish and flicking it up in one smooth motion.

With that, the fish should be launched airborne into my waiting bowl.

Except… There was no flying fish and only another torn catcher.

The other four seemed to have similar problems too.

Ara, ara? Could this be… A setup?

All of us stood and clutched the stall tender’s collar firmly.

“What is the meaning of this?” Lian Li asked.

“Fufufu… Thinking yourself better now that Master has given you recognition, is it? How… Interesting…” I laughed.

Cai Hong puffed her cheeks, “Cai Hong will ‘Bwal Bwust’ you!”

“WHy IS SuCH A dESPICABLE THING ALLoWEd TO EXisT?” Eris threatened.

“A thousand cuts… Nay, a million cuts of the flesh might suffice for a start,” Diao Chan smiled at him.

“Hahaha, it’s no fault of his, girls.” Master called out. “This game isn’t as simple as it seems, come look.”

We turned to watch Master hold a catcher in his right hand and a bowl in his other, crouching down to take up my previous spot.

His face was of a serene calmness as he gazed into the pool, unfettered by the number of fish before him.

He lowered the catcher slowly into the water, just below the one that I had been trying and failing to catch.

With a deft flick of his wrist, the fish ended up inside his bowl and the catcher still entirely intact.

He gave us a beaming smile as he showed the contents of his bowl to us, “See? It is possible, come here and I’ll teach you.”

That smile of pure innocence and unadulterated happiness…

Ahhh~~ Master, I take back the day long fluffing! This is already reward enough! Show us more of that face please!!!

I crouched down in front of the pool and Master took position behind me, pressing himself against my back as he took hold of my hand to guide it towards the pool.

“Now, keep your hand steady and slowly put it in…” Master whispered into my ear softly.

This is the best day ever!!!!


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