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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 605: Test Results Bahasa Indonesia


“Ahhh~~ Seeing husband showcase your genius was extremely awe-inspiring! I knew husband was the best but seeing husband work was absolutely something to marvel at! The way husband moved, how you had everything in the palm of your hands. Oh, the way you looked at us like we were your prey! Husband had us completely from the start! Oh how I wish to have this entire thing captured and engraved for eternity! But no artist in existence could capture husband’s beauty! No… No medium could ever capture husband’s beauty in its entirety! If only I could preserve this moment forever! How vexing this life is that nothing to contain husband’s greatness! Truly, there is nothing more wonderful than husband!”

That’s what Luna bombarded me with the moment I got into the safe space where they had all been teleported to.

The formation I created was a simple annihilation formation that destroyed any living thing other than myself within it. Painless and quick, perfect for that situation.

Ignoring the Matriarch’s outburst, Lian Li came up to me and clutched the hem of my clothes.

“Master… Could we do it now?”

I smiled at her and sat down on the mat and patted my thigh. Cai Hong immediately leapt from Elaria’s side and into my lap to cuddle me.

The other girls also moved towards me and started cuddling unashamedly, stunning Tsuki, Rina and Luna.

Lian Li and Eris had their heads laid on my thighs, Manami and Kiyomi were laying on my shoulders while Diao Chan and Elaria were hugging me from behind and nuzzling my back.

Yep, this is the aftercare I need to give them after any sparring session I do with my cute disciples or they would never agree to a spar.

The aftercare involves at least half an hour of cuddling and head patting with some kisses thrown in here and there, sometimes maybe dragging on to an hour or more, depending on the mood.

Honestly, if Cai Hong wasn’t here, they would have asked for more… Intimacy… And wouldn’t stop until I gave in.

I busied myself with patting each of my disciples’ heads, causing them to purr in satisfaction.

I looked up at the three girls that were still looking quite confused, “I’ll be stuck here for a while so… Err… Well, there’s not much space but you’re welcome to find a free spot to join in too.”

“Ohhh~ Don’t mind if I do, husband~” Luna accepted the invitation and immediately made a dive for my back, joining Diao Chan and Elaria in hugging me from behind.

But because Luna was actually taller than me, she ended up hugging my head instead and I could feel two soft things pushing against the back of my head.

Tsuki also joined in but simply sat down facing me, “I’m fine with just watching you from here, Aniue~ Kuhihihi~ This brings back old memories where I would always watch Aniue work~”

Well I did give her a head pat anyway and she squirmed cutely for it.

The last person standing was Rina who remained where she was.

I tilted my head at her, “Do you want to join in, Rina?”

She shook her head, “It would be improper for a servant like myself to be so intimate with my Master and Mistress. I am fine where I am.”

Luna chuckled, “Nonsense, Rina! Come here and experience bliss with me! Husband is absolutely wonderful~ His warmth, his calming presence, his absolutely wonderful visage~ Mmmm~~ Come now, Rina~”

I’m not even sure you can even see my ‘visage’ from where you are, Luna, but I shan’t comment on that.

Rina seemed to hesitate for a moment but since it was a request from her Mistress, she was not able to refuse it.

She ended up sitting beside Kiyomi who scooted a little to make space for her, allowing the maid to lean herself against my arm.

Even though she tried to hide it, I could see the blush that was spreading on her cheeks.

Mmhmm… Guess I’ll be stuck in this pile of head patting for the next hour or so…


(Brendan POV)

I looked at the subjects with a frown.

“I don’t know about you, but I would just say that it helped them awaken to their kink or something like that,” Feng Jie suggested unhelpfully from beside me, the Phoenix still busy shlicking away without a care in the world.

My frown deepened and I wrote down some notes on my notepad.

The potion worked alright, those who had lost their memories or had them repressed gained them back as expected, so it looked like there was no problem with it.

That only holds true if they had less than half their memories wiped though.

As for the ones that had more than half of their memories suppressed or erased before taking the potion, right now they were a little bit… Troublesome…

“Daddy… Where is daddy?”

“Daddy left me here? Daddy… Daddy…”

“I want daddy… Daddy…”

Yeah… This looks familiar.

I don’t need to be a genius to know who their ‘daddy’ was referring to and it was obvious which one of the ingredients were causing them to behave like that.

They still retain their cognitive functions but it seems like these people have grown extremely attached to Master for some reason.

Even those that have never met Master before but the moment I showed them a picture of Him, they immediately recognised Master as their ‘daddy’, even if it was Master’s female form.

“You know, I would call Master Lin my ‘daddy’ too if it turns her on~ Heheheh~” Feng Jie giggled.

This woman… She really didn’t stop masturbating in the corner this entire time… Just how pent up was she? I’m a bit worried that she might try to jump Master if given the chance.

Master… Why do you always attract these strange people?

Ok, I can’t say much since I’m also one of the weird ones but at least I wasn’t as bad as Feng Jie right?

I had her pegged for a wise and old Phoenix at first but apparently she was just a horny and perverted succubus in disguise.

Ugh, but it is Master we are talking about so I guess such a thing shouldn’t be surprising.

Ignoring the perverted succu… I mean perverted Phoenix, I consolidated what I have found out so far.

Anyone with more than half their memories wiped would start to recognise Master as their ‘daddy’. They still remember their birth parents and would refer to them as such, but they grow extremely attached to Master and see Him higher than anyone else.

Hold on… Isn’t that us?

I mean, we already acknowledge Master is definitely a Divine being higher than anyone else and we acknowledge Master as our God too.

Perhaps these people calling Master ‘daddy’ is similar to us calling Master our God?

The Origin liquid came from Master… That is…

Wait… They are seeing Master as their creator aren’t they?

Then if what I know about Cai Hong hatching is true… Could she be in the same state as these people?

Oh… This… Really shows Master is indeed Divine…


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