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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 594: It’s MC After All Bahasa Indonesia


“So… Aniue is supposedly a champion of some God or something? And there’s this Origin thing that’s present in both of us?”

“That’s roughly the gist of it, yes. You’re taking in all this surprisingly well if I might say,” Muon pointed out.

Tsuki shrugged, “I did meet someone claiming themself to be a god and I’ve already died once. Not to mention I’m now in a world where people can create blackholes with a wave of their hands, so nothing’s impossible for me to believe now. If you want to be successful, you need to learn how to adapt to situations quickly.”

“Unn, unn. I agree with that.” Muon nodded sagely.

These two are getting along surprisingly well if I might say.

Tsuki turned to me, “I knew Aniue was amazing, but I never thought Aniue would be this amazing! Don’t worry Aniue, I will do my best to become a little sister you can be proud of too!”

As long as you aren’t torturing me like how you did in the previous life, I would be happy enough already.

Of course I can’t say that out loud or there’s bound to be even more questions that I have no answer to.

“Miss Tsuki, should I try to see if I could restore your memories?” Muon offered, her hand outstretched towards her.

I raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure? I mean, considering what happened the last time you did with me… Do you think it’s wise?”

Muon smiled wryly, “Though I sincerely believe that Senpai’s a special case, if Senpai’s little sister also possesses memories beyond my understanding, then the worst case scenario is that I fail. So there’s not really any harm in trying. What do you say, Tsuki?”

Tsuki tapped her chin with a finger, “Hmm… I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. Should I do it, Aniue?”

I chuckled at her question, “It’s your memories, Tsuki. The right to decide such a thing should lie with you, not me. Besides, I think you’re mature enough to make your own decisions so I’ll simply support you in whichever you choose.”

“Uuuu… Aniue is so cool~” Tsuki swooned.

Not sure what’s so cool about what I just said but ok.

She turned back to Muon, “Is there any way to tell if those memories have anything to do with Aniue?”

“If you’d like, I can check if your past life intertwined with Senpai’s and if it does not, I can tell you about it first before you decide if I should restore them?”

Tsuki thought about it for a moment before nodding, “Only memories with Aniue are of any importance. I do not need a past that Aniue is not present in.”

Muon nodded in understanding and stretched out her palms, prompting Tsuki to place hers on top of hers.

A bluish white light enveloped the two of them, evidence that Muon was using her Origin power.

Secretly, I was half expecting her to faint again, considering what happened when she tried to restore my memories.

A few minutes passed without incident before the light around them dimmed and Muon released her grip on Tsuki’s hands, surprisingly still conscious.

Muon had a frown on her face when she turned to me, “Senpai… She doesn’t have repressed or lost memories… her other life with you was the only other life she ever lived.”

I frowned, “Then what about that Star Pow… I mean that Origin energy inside her?”

“Unnn… I definitely sensed Origin energy in her but it felt different than what I’m used to… It might be something to do with her Patron but she definitely had no previous life prior to meeting Senpai.”

Tsuki hid her smile behind her sleeve, “Kuhihihi~ I knew my fate is tied with Aniue! We were fated to be together!”

That’s the first time I heard her laughing like that.

“So the god that you met before you got sent here must have given you this power,” I mused.

“Mmm… I don’t know about that, that self proclaimed God was quite arrogant.”

Muon’s eyes widened, “You met with a Supreme God and got selected to be their Champion without knowing who they were? Who was the God?”

Tsuki shrugged, “It was some creaky, fat old man who was really full of himself. I had to smack him around to teach him a lesson.”

Muon blinked at her, looking as though she just heard something unbelievable again.

“A… Fat old man? You… Smacked him around?”

“Mmhmm, why?”

“Only Supreme Gods can appoint Origin Wielders… And umm… All Supreme Gods are women… The God you met couldn’t have given you the Origin energy inside you. And for a mortal to smack a god around… That… Even I can’t do that with my full power, you know?”

The two girls turned to stare at me.

I raised an eyebrow at them, “What? Is it even possible for me to grant someone else this power in the first place?”

“Unnn… Normally no…” Muon admitted with a troubled look. “But Senpai seems to be entirely out of the ordinary so anything is possible I think…”

That does not reassure me at all you know?

Oh, speaking of which…

I took out the scroll that Muon’s patron god had given me and unfurled it to show her.

“Do you remember this?”

Muon glanced at it and nodded her head immediately, “That’s the scroll Goddess Muenia gave Senpai to create the liquified Origin energy, is it not?”

I pointed to the line of words at the bottom of the page, “Do you see this line of words here?”

She squinted at the parchment for a moment before shaking her head, “I don’t see anything, Senpai. Is there supposed to be something there?”

Eh? I thought these words could only be seen by Origin Wielders, apparently that was not the case.

So is this a secret that was for my eyes only? But why? I mean at this point, I’ve already told Brendan its contents and I could easily tell others too so it didn’t make sense to make it–

“‘This is the normal procedure to create pure liquefied Origin energy. But if it’s you, you can just will it to existence.’ Is this some sort of prank?”

I snapped my gaze to Tsuki when she read those words aloud, my little sister from another world looking curiously at me after peeking over my shoulder to read the scroll.

“You can see this?” I asked, pointing at the line of words at the bottom of the page.

Tsuki tilted her head, “Mmm? Of course? The words are quite small but it’s not something that someone will miss?”

Muon stood up and leaned over her desk to look at the scroll again, “I… Really don’t see anything there… My eyesight can’t be that bad, can it?”

“No, no. It’s not you,” I assured her. “I tested on a few other people and they could not see it either. I’m surprised Tsuki could see it actually.”

Tsuki made a face, “I suppose this has something to do with this Origin energy within me, doesn’t it? Aniue said that it feels weird for him… Could it be the fact that we were blood related siblings in our other life have something to do with it?”

Muon smiled wryly, “Usually the answer would be no or else every other Origin Wielders would experience the same thing… But then again, it’s Senpai after all.”

“Unnn… I suppose you’re right,” Tsuki agreed while nodding her head as though she had just received some words of wisdom.

No, no, no. Don’t act like just saying ‘it’s because it’s me’ that it solves everything. I’m just a normal Practitioner who just so happens to have a lot of… Abnormal things happening around him…

What the hell happened to my easy life plan?!

Why am I now involved with gods?!

Argh, whatever… Since it’s kind of confirmed that Tsuki has Origin energy within her, I’ll just see if she can create the liquid Origin later…

Anything else… I’ll just not think too much about them.

Yep, just ignore them. Good plan.


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