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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 584: Just Being Affectionate Bahasa Indonesia


When Luna and I were about to leave the theatre, Rina had appeared in front of us with her head bowed.

“My apologies, your Majesty. Master’s disciples have returned and have sought his presence.”

Luna nodded, “Unn, thank you Rina. Does husband want to return?”

I nodded my head without hesitation.

Of course I would go to them, my disciples asked for me after all. There was no way I would not go to them when they are waiting for me, you know?

Luna turned back to Rina, “Since husband has decided, we shall return then. Prepare the carriages, Rina.”

“At once.”

Luna wrapped her arm around mine, “Shall we, husband?”

With our arms linked, we quickly made our way out of the theatre and towards the prepared carriage.

On the way out, we were seen by quite a number of people who immediately knelt upon seeing Luna. Most, if not all, of them had shocked expressions on their faces when they saw their Matriarch’s arm linked with mine.

It was obvious that this was another political move of hers, getting the public to see us together and spread the rumour that Luna had found herself a love interest. The effect is amplified considering the contents of the play that we had just watched, I have no doubts there would be quite a number of people who would be romanticizing it.

Not sure how well that would work since I was still in my female form though.

Under the gaze of everyone around, Luna even made sure that I boarded the carriage first before following me in. I had resisted at first but I had no choice since she did not budge until I did.

Now everyone knows their Matriarch sees her new lover as ‘someone who is more important than her station’.

Yep, pretty sure by the end of the day, the entire capital would know about this event, people love gossip after all.

Not that I have anything to say against this anyway since it’s true.

Though it was not yet official, I have indeed accepted her affections for me and responded in kind. Despite her personality and our ‘past’, she has given me no reason to hate her in this life.

Though I would not go as far as to say I loved her, I at least harboured some affection for her as well.

As long as she knows my disciples are still my top priority.

“Fufufu~ What do you think husband? Everyone will know that their Queen is attached now~”

I rolled my eyes, “I’ll just say this first, even if the entire Plane recognises us as husband and wife, my disciples still come first before you.”

“Ufufufu~ I’m aware of that, but let me dream a little bit, husband~ After all, it would be perfect if everyone else knows of husband too. Yes, everyone should know how great husband is! I should prepare another play immediately, specifically about us! A statue as well! I shall have statues of us erected around the city and minstrels to sing about us! Riders should be dispatched throughout the country with news of our union! We–“

I placed my finger on her lips, silencing her.

Smiling at her surprised expression I told her in a whisper, “I am someone who prefers to whisper my love for another, not shout it out for the world to hear.”

That was not a lie. I personally do not see a need for others to know who my most precious people are. Such a thing should remain between myself and my person of affection, unrelated people have no business interfering in our love lives.

Luna’s eyes widened before she blushed and shied away from me.

“I see… So husband is like that. I understand… Umm… Umm… Could… Could we have a kiss again?”

“Uwaaa… Look at her acting so cute like she didn’t try to– Ungyaa!”

“Shush sister, stop ruining the mood.”

I suppose Akari deserves some praise for keeping silent all this while. If I was a bystander watching this, I would have called the couple out long ago.

Hmm… I retract that, since this would be a scene of two women flirting with each other, I would probably just watch silently from a distance and nod my head.

With no reason to reject her request, I tilted Luna’s head downwards to face me by pinching her chin before moving my head forward to capture her lips in mine.


The ride back to the palace felt longer than it should be. I wouldn’t be surprised if the driver, who happened to be Rina, had made several detours on purpose so that Luna had more time to flirt with me.

We had left the theatre at sunset and by the time we reached the palace, it was already dark.

Surprisingly, my disciples were there to receive me the moment I alighted from the carriage.

“Papa! Papa!” Cai Hong squealed, rushing up to hug my waist.

I bent down to pick her up, letting her cuddle me while squealing happily.

So cute.

“Did you have fun?” I asked, patting the loli dragon’s head.

“Ehehe~ Cai Hong had fun! Cai Hong helped Papa get big lizard tears! Cai Hong helped!”

“Oh? That’s a good girl. Papa is proud of you!”


The rest of the girls came up to me with Lian Li leading them.

I noticed that her eyes shifted behind me to look at Luna for a brief moment before shifting back to me.

“Welcome back, Master,” She greeted with a serene smile which I somehow sensed to contain an ulterior motive behind it. “I am happy to report that we have obtained all the materials needed except for the final one.”

“Ah, good work indeed. To be able to procure them so soon, I am proud of all of you.”

Lian Li poked her fingers together, “Could we… Could we ask for a reward?”

As their Master, of course I knew what they wanted and I was happy to give it to them.

I believe the girls had already guessed that I had somewhat accepted Luna’s affections from how she was blushing and smiling to herself behind me. So now they want to establish the order amongst them or something along those lines.

Giving Cai Hong another pat on the head before placing her down, I moved closer to Lian Li and gave her the kiss she wanted.

Lian Li make a really cute “Auuuu” sound as we broke from the kiss. Even after all this time together, she’s still quite embarrassed to show affection in front of others it seems.

Manami had no such qualms though, the vixen wrapping me up in her tails to give me a deep kiss when it was her turn. She even made lewd moaning sounds on purpose as she savoured our kiss.

Then there was Eris who first kissed me chastely with her lips closed before pushing her tongue in me for a really aggressive kiss, then reverted back to a slow deep kiss and then pulling away after a shy one.

Diao Chan was as horny as usual, her hands wandering a little bit too far into my robes so I had to spank her for that while we kissed. That only made her even more excited so I had to physically restrain her.

Kiyomi was more restrained than her sister so she didn’t wrap her tails around me, though her hands held me just as firmly around my back as we made out while her tails visibly wagged behind her.

At their heavy insistence, I was coerced to give Elaria and Tsuki headpats, both of them purring contentedly when I did so.

Elaria looked extremely pleased with herself while Tsuki was red up to her ears, showing a surprisingly cute side of that former psycho I thought she was.

To prevent him from feeling left out, I also gave Brendan a headpat for the job well done.

I will ignore the fact that his entire face was red as well when I did that.

Yep, this was good. Even if the potion didn’t bring my memories back, I’m already happy as it is.

Now let’s go see what my disciples brought back from their short trip…


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