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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 579: The Dragon Cult Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

“Buuuu… Big sis Diao Chan… Where is the stupid dragon…”

“Mmm… We’ll have to ask that cult of worshippers where he is. They might not tell us though.”

“If they don’t tell Cai Hong, Cai Hong will eat them!”

“Kukuku, let’s hope they cooperate with us then.”

Right now little Cai Hong and I were heading towards where this so-called ‘Dragon King Asphart’ should be located. Or, more accurately, where this dragon’s cult of worshippers was located in. According to the ‘extremely secret and exclusive’ information we obtained from someone we totally didn’t torture the information out of, there was a town full of worshippers following him and we needed to go to their town to find him.

I should bring this idea back to my sisters, perhaps it’s high time we made a holy city for Master.

No, Elaria’s city definitely doesn’t count, that place is too weird to be a holy city for Master. And that ‘Sanctuary’ of those monsters definitely wouldn’t fit the image of being Master’s holy city.

Unnn… I definitely need to consult with my sisters for this.

Hehehe~ Maybe when Master heard how it was my idea to make such a city for Him, Master might reward me with lots of spanks!

“Big sis Diao Chan… You’re making weird faces again.”

I wiped the drool from the corner of my lips and flashed little Cai Hong a smile, “Don’t mind this big sis, Cai Hong. I was just thinking about something nice.”

“Is it about Papa?”

“Of course it’s about Master.”

“Ehehe~ Cai Hong knows! Papa is really cool~ Unnn… Big sis wants Papa’s candy?”

The little dragon dug through her pockets and offered a sweet to me.

“Ohhh, don’t mind if I do!”

A sweet that Master had made personally with His own two hands? That’s like me indirectly tasting Master, there’s no way I’ll pass up on this chance!

Mmmm! This sweetness! And that slight tangy and salty feeling, this must be Master’s taste!

“Muuu… Big sis Diao Chan is making weird faces again…”

“Kukuku, I’m alright now. Shall we go see those cultists?”


Can Hong held my hand and the two of us made our way to the entrance of the mountain village.

A woman wearing some kind of priestess robes was waiting for us there, by her sides were four more women wearing similar outfits except less gaudy than hers.

She spread her arms wide upon seeing us, “The cult of the Great God Asphart welcomes our newest sisters. Welcome to your sanctuary and be free.”

I tilted my head at this weirdo, wondering what in Master’s name was she talking about.

Oh, since this place is supposed to be some well kept secret, only people who are supposed to be believers of that self-proclaimed dragon god would know of their existence.

They would assume that anyone who shows up at their doorstep to be one of them as well I suppose.

Oh my, I wonder what I should do? Should I correct them, or just take advantage of their misunderstanding and waltz our way in there?

Kukuku, the answer is obvious of course!

I bowed my head, “Thank you for welcoming us. Glory to dragon king Asphart.”

The woman standing at the centre nodded with a smile, “Unn, you have good conviction, sister. You will fit in here nicely.”

Hmm… I do not like the way she is looking at me, I can already kind of guess where this is going if my hunch is correct. I suppose Cai Hong will have her wish of eating some people.

The woman stepped to the side and gestured to me, “Come sister, you are safe here now. You must be weary after the long journey.”

I nodded while walking forward with Cai Hong, “Thank you sister, we are indeed worn out from our journey here.”

She took position in front of me while the other four women cut off my escape route by following behind me, effectively boxing Cai Hong and myself in.

We started to walk through the streets of the mountain village, a few of the villagers coming out and waving at us as we passed by.

The fact that there were no men amongst them was not lost on me. Either they were also persecuted here or there was another reason for such a thing. Perhaps this dragon king does not accept male worshippers?

“You have come at the perfect time, we can start your purification ritual right away.”

I acted surprised, “Purification ritual?”

“Yes. It’s a rite of passage for every believer to go through it. You have been tainted by the outside world and thus have to cleanse yourself of impurities before you are fit to serve our God.”

“I see. What would this ritual involve?”

“It’s nothing complicated, you will see.”

We were led to a large building near the end of the path where several statues of a dragon were erected, these must be created in the likeness of that dragon.

Looks pretty ugly if you ask me, Cai hong’s dragon form is so much cuter and better looking than whatever that is.

She paused in front of the doors, “Please head inside and join the ritual. You are indeed fortunate since there was already one ongoing. Otherwise, you would have to wait.”

I reached out and pushed open the door and was immediately assaulted by the smell of sex.

Inside were various women in states of undress, all of them tied up in some way while several other women had their way with them.

I turned to the woman in mock horror, “What is the meaning of this?”

She showed me a smile, “This is a ritual to devote your body to our god. Please head inside and be purified.”

“If I refuse?”

Her smile turned into a cruel one and the four girls behind her spread themselves out.

“I’m afraid you don’t have a choice, sister. You are one of us now whether you like it or not. You will worship the Dragon King by the end of the day.”

Now it’s my turn to smile, “I’m sorry, but I have already devoted my heart, body and soul to one God and He is not an oversized lizard that hides on top of a mountain.”

My words made a few of them gasp in outrage.

The woman scowled at me, “It seems we have a heretic in our midst… Very well, I will deal with you my–“

“‘Away from my sight. Air blast.'”

The group of women in front of me were blasted away from as soon as I spoke those words.

The villagers looked at their priestess who had been blasted away like mere trash in shock, taking a few moments to comprehend what happened before turning their gaze of hostility towards us.

Cai Hong looked up at me with sparkling eyes, “Cai Hong eat?”

I nodded, “Have fun~~”

Kukuku~ If they hadn’t tried to force me into their ritual, I might have let them live. But to suggest I taint this body that belongs to Master in this stupid ritual of theirs, there can only be annihilation!


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