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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 577: Life Spring Chicken… I Mean Life Spring Phoenix Get Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

“I dunno Brendan, dis defo’ looks like a hairless chicken to me,” I muttered, pointing to the said hairless chicken that was tied to the pillar.

“Err… No, senior sister… That’s definitely the Life Spring Phoenix we’re looking for.”

“The only ‘life spring’ I see from it is its springy wings that are asking to be grilled ya know? Ya think it’ll taste good?”

“Senior sister… Please don’t fantasize about eating a legendary creature upon meeting one… Especially when we need it for creating Master’s potion…”

What he said. [Eris]

Awww come on! Just look at it! The meat is so tender and springy! I’m sure it can regenerate itself just fine! [Bait]

Rejected… [Laverna]

This one also disagrees.. [Denna]

Bah! All of you don’t know the wonders of meat! [Bait]

No. we just know when not to prioritise our stomach. [Eris]

I turned to Brendan, “So what’s the plan? That bird doesn’t exactly look happy to see us.”

“And why would I? Are you not here to take my blood again, filthy bandits?” A voice that sounded like an old uncle’s echoed through the cavern.

Both Brendan and I turned to look at the Phoenix in surprise, neither of us expected the bird could talk.

It scoffed at us, “What, never saw a talking bird before? You two must be new.”

Brendan shrugged, “I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Master’s pet foxes could talk as well and the monsters in the Sanctuary could too.”

He’s right. Can’t believe we forgot about that. [Eris]

Bleh. It can talk. Ok, my appetite for that bird meat is gone now. [Bait]

This one is really curious about your sense of reasoning… If all animals could talk, would you swear off meat? [Denna]

Nah, I don’t want to eat some old uncle’s meat. It probably tastes bad. [Bait]

The Phoenix tapped its foot impatiently, “Well? Do you two take pleasure in such a torment? Just get it over and done with.”

I shook my head, “You are mistaken. We are not affiliated with the bandits that are keeping you here.”

The Phoenix tilted its head at me, “Is that so? I do not believe you have a reason to lie so let’s say I believe you for now. In that case, what are you doing here?”

Brendan spread his arms out in a gesture of peace, “Our Master had lost His memories and the potion that could cure him requires three drops of blood from a ten thousand year old Life Spring Phoenix. We received news that there may be one here so we came to take a look.”

The Phoenix raised an eyebrow at us, which looked rather funny considering that’s the only part that wasn’t plucked from its face.

“Let me guess… Those scoundrels outside tried to kill you and the two of you managed to turn the tables on them?” It asked.

I nodded, “Yep, that sounds ’bout right. So are ya really a ten thousand years old life springy phoenix or what?”

“Your source must really be special if they could tell you that information, considering how jealously these bandits protect that information and how long I’ve been locked here. The fact that I fit the requirement for your potion also seems quite suspicious.”

I tilted my head, “What do you mean?”

“I meant the fact that I really am the ten thousand year old phoenix you were looking for and possibly the last of my kind. That’s way too much of a coincidence, don’t you think?”

“I dunno, you sound like a broken old man to me.”

“Tsk, younglings nowadays. What has the world become while I was away these last thousand years?”

Brendan frowned, “The bandits captured you and stuck you here for a few thousand years?”

The Phoenix chuckled, “Ah, it’s rather embarrassing to be honest… I suppose you could already guess from the state of this Sect that it was attacked by another Sect. The Sect was overrun and the Sect Master decided to protect me by locking me inside here. Unfortunately… I accidentally triggered the defense inscription which made me stuck in this position… That’s how the bandits who came looking for treasures found me…”

I laughed, “Ahaha! Ya got yerself stuck ‘ere for a few thousand years just like that? Ahahaha!”

I quickly clamped my mouth shut and mentally slapped the other me at the back of the head, “You! Go sit in the corner!”

But it’s funny! Isn’t that supposed to be some legendary bird or something? [Bait]

Go to the corner! [Eris]

Bah! You guys are boring! [Bait]

“Is she alright?” The Phoenix asked Brendan, looking at me weirdly.

I coughed, “Ahem, please ignore that.”

“I’m quite surprised the attackers of this Sect did not bother to find you,” Brendan pointed out.

The Phoenix did a motion that could have been a shrug, “They were here for vengeance. I was not sure what happened between them but they were only interested in slaughter.”

“And the bandits managed to get past all those protective inscriptions of the treasury?”

The Phoenix nodded its head at a dead woman hanging on the wall, “She was the leader who came looking for treasures and unlocked the treasury. Quite a skilled Practitioner from what I could see. Too bad her skills didn’t save her from a knife to the back.”

“I suppose we should get you out of those restraints first,” Brendan decided, approaching the Phoenix’s side cautiously. “If I were to try and set you free… You wouldn’t burn us right?”

“There’s a reason those weak bandits can do this to me, you know? The trap also restricted my usage of Quarks, something those bandits used on all those unwary travellers too.” The Phoenix retorted.

This fire chicken sure is cheeky. [Bait]

I told you to go to the corner. [Eris]

Brendan went up to inspect the lock around its neck, fiddling around with the collar.

“Oh… It’s some kind of lock inscription that centres around using your own Quarks to function. I’ll need some time to unravel it without the unlocking inscription in hand. That might take me a few hours.”

“Unnecessary…” I told him, drawing my sword from my sheathe.

With a deft flick of my hand, the collar was cut into two pieces unceremoniously.

“Or… Senior sister could just cut it I suppose.”

The Phoenix shook when the collar fell off its neck, slowly stretching itself into its full height.

A red glow shone around its body and feathers sprouted out in a wave from its head and down to its tail, turning it into the legendary creature that it was supposed to be.

It flared its wings and gave a cry of triumph, causing the tip of its tail to burst into a bright orange flame.

“Ahhh… It’s been so long since I got to stretch myself, you have my thanks younglings.”

Eh? The coarse and rickety old voice from before was gone, now the Phoenix’s voice sounded sweet and melodious?

I blinked, “You’re a girl?”

“I never remembered saying I was a male, did I? Having a collar strangling your neck for a thousand years does that to your voice. Anyway, you wanted three drops of my blood, yes? It’s a small price to pay for freedom so I can easily grant that to you.”

Brendan raised his hand, “Sorry to burst your bubble but… We might need more than that since the potion we make might fail… It’s better if we get more just in case.”

“Hum, hum… I suppose I can help you out with that. Very well then, as long as you don’t drain me dry and exploit me, I’ll help you for as long as I need to make that potion of yours.”

Pssst… Can you ask if we can get some of its meat? [Bait]

I kicked her back into the corner of my mind.

I wonder what Master would say when He sees us bringing this Phoenix back with us?


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