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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 573: Searching For A Legend In A Broken Place Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

Ehhh… I dunno, do ya actually think they have it? [Bait]

Sister… Reliable… [Laverna]

This one humbly thinks so as well. If sister Lian Li trusts the source, it should be real. [Denna]

I turned to my right, looking at my only other companion for our trip, “What do you think, Brendan?”

The alchemist was still staring up at the Sect located high up in the mountain ahead of us with a doubtful look on his face.

“I suppose the only way for us to find out is to actually go in and ask them?”

After Sister Lian Li and Sister Manami obtained the fruit from the Eternal Heaven Tree, they also managed to get information about the location of the Phoenix blood for us.

They had obtained it from someone who was supposed to be ‘omniscient’ from eating the fruit of that tree.

Apparently when the Phoenix still existed, a particular Sect called “The Sect of Eternal Life” had treated it as their guardian spirit of some kind, a few even going so far as to treat them as their gods.

Of course they had kept a few mementos of the creature and if the information is to be trusted, the only living Life Spring Phoenix was also currently hiding there.

Since Brendan and I were still puzzling over the Phoenix problem, such information was akin to a godsend.

But after a quick search in the archives, it seems like the Sect had been disbanded several decades ago and the buildings left to ruin after some sort of disaster.

“Judging by how badly maintained and overgrown the stairs are, I doubt anyone’s been here for a long time,” I commented.

Brendan followed my gaze and nodded, “If I had to guess, probably ever since it was disbanded, no one has used these stairs. That is not to say that Practitioners didn’t just fly there though.”

I crossed my arms, “Ehh… Wouldn’t there normally be like… Ya know? Thieves, bandits and whatnot coming ‘ere to steal stuff?”

“Under normal circumstances, they would. That’s why this is so weird. Perhaps there’s something about this Sect that everyone else knew that we don’t. Or maybe there’s another way up there that we don’t know about. Do you think we should turn back?”

What do ya think? [Bait]

This one humbly thinks it’s better to err on the side of caution. [Denna]

Agreed… Too many uncertainties… [Laverna]

Mmm… But we’re already here so maybe we should at least take a look around? It wouldn’t look good if we’re the reason Master’s potion was delayed… [Eris]

Yeah! Anything that comes at us, we’ll just blow it away! [Bait]

Remember what Master taught us about being too confident? [Eris]

Bah! It’ll be fine! Trust me! We’re supposed to be stronger here anyway! [Bait]

Bad… [Laverna]

Whatever, ya know it’s true though! Or else what? Are we gonna just run back home with our tails between our legs?! [Bait]

As much as this one hates to admit it, she has a point. We should at least take a look or Master might think us cowards. [Denna]

I doubt Master would ever think that of us but alright. [Eris]

I turned back to Brendan, “Let’s go take a look around at least. But at the first sign of trouble, we run.”

He smiled, “I have no problems with that. In that case, shall we?”

The two of us climbed up the old and broken stone steps that led towards the supposedly disbanded Sect. Even the path was overgrown with plants, suggesting that we might really be the first people to step foot here in centuries.

The undergrowth even got so thick that I had to cut them away with my sword to make a path for us, only reaching the summit after a good hour of climbing.

The gates to the Sect were rotted through and the doors hung on rusted hinges, held up only by the vines that had grown around it.

Walking through the gates, we found ourselves in a wide courtyard where a single oak tree grew in the centre, its roots now pushing out of the stone floor.

Judging by the size of the courtyard and decorations around it, it was obvious this Sect used to be quite important before its fall from grace.

“Curious how something with centuries upon centuries of history could fall within a scant few years eh?” Brendan mused, looking around the place. “Now if I were to have some legendary Phoenix living with me… Where would I hide it?”

“Heh, I’ll keep it under my bed of course. It’ll definitely keep me warm on cold nights!” I laughed.

“Hmmm…That’s an idea… Perhaps the Sect Master’s room then? We can start our search there.”

Eh? I was only joking, you know? [Bait]

Well, it is possible that they might have kept the important things with the most important person within the Sect. Who knows, it might even be under the Sect Master’s bed too. [Eris]

“The real question is, where is it even?” I pointed out.

Brendan scratched his chin, “Probably one of the largest buildings around here that isn’t the Grand Hall. Do you think you can see it from above?”

I nodded at his request and drew my sword, stabbing it into the ground.

Gathering the Air Quarks into the tip of my sword, I blasted myself high up into the air, using the air current around me to stabilize myself.

Hmm… Big building, big building… [Eris]

That one… [Laverna]

Ehhh… That big, broken, piece of crap building that looked like some monster smashed through the roof? Ya sure there’s even anything there? [Bait]

Is that not what we’re trying to find out, you musclehead? [Denna]

Hey! I’m not a musclehead! [Bait]

You are… [Laverna]

I’m sorry but you are. [Eris]

yOU ARe sTUPID [???]

What?! Even you?! Goddamnit! Do I need to remind you girls that it’s because of me that we even got laid?! [Bait]

Stop bringing that up as your only redeeming feature. This one also humbly suggests we concentrate on ourselves since we’re falling. [Denna]

I looked down and only just realised the ground was already rushing up to us.

I quickly shot out another blast of air to slow my descent before landing on the ground in a three point landing.

“Did you find it?” Brendan asked, unaware of the quarrel currently still ongoing inside my head.

I pointed my sword towards where I last saw the building, “There… Up the hill…”

“Ah. Alright, shall we make a move? Though it might not seem like anyone has came here in years, we can’t say for sure if there is still anything or anyone living here.”

“Nnn… Stick together… Bitch! I told you I’m no musclehead!”


“Ahem… Apologies… That was not directed at you…”

“Ah, I er… I understand. Shall we get going then?”

I gestured to show that he should lead the way, going back inside my mind to hit the idiot on the head for that outburst.

Be glad we did not do that in front of Master. I won’t know what I’ll do if Master starts seeing me as some weird girl.


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