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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 571: The Council Will See You Now Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

I was a little surprised that this Freasia elf did not actually lead us into a trap. Not like it would have mattered if she did though.

She brought us through the city streets, the elves watching us curiously as we passed by them. There were not gazes of hostility, but just genuine curiosity. I suppose the little scuffle we had with the guards was not publicized.

I did note that unlike the humans who basically treated males like servants or second class citizens, the male elves were at least treated normally. Like housewives if you will.

Not that it changes my opinions on them in any way though.

On the way there, a male elf had ran up to Freasia and bowed his head reverently, “Elder Freasia, the council has gathered at your behest.”

“Unn… Thank you for the hard work. You may return to your duties.”

“Thank you, Elder.”

The elf scurried away out of sight quickly.

Freasia turned a corner and started walking towards the base of the tree where the largest building was built.

“Was there a need to stall for time?” Lian Li asked, a little displeased that we were made to walk around here to buy time for her.

“Oh, not at all. I just thought you two might appreciate the beauty of this city before we head there to talk about such stifling matters.”

Lian Li turned to me and made a face, mirroring my thoughts that we simply didn’t care about this city at all.

It would be a different matter if Master was here with us though.

This little insect dared to question Master just now too, Master has been nothing but meticulous in teaching us, even in manners.

I remember how Master had sat us down and spent an entire day teaching us how we should prioritise in protecting ourselves over strangers!

Haaa… It’s only been a day and I’m already missing Master already… But thinking about how much love He gave us last night though… Ufufufu~ I hope we can finish this fast and return to receive Master’s affections again!

“Here we are. It may not mean much coming from me, but I sincerely hope we can come to an agreement to not have this city be destroyed.”

Lian Li smiled, “That’s simple. Give us the fruit and we would be on our way. I don’t believe it’s an unreasonable request.”

“Ufufufu~ It’s exactly as my sister says.

The elf just smiled at us before gesturing towards the building, bidding us to enter.

Unsurprisingly, the building was made entirely out of wood, the entranceway featuring a high ceiling with two rows of guards standing on either side.

A red carpet was even laid out in the middle, leading towards a set of grand doors at the back of the hallway.

I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes at all this unnecessarily grandiose architecture.

If it wasn’t built to honor our most beloved Master, why bother to build it at all? If we ever decide to convert these people, this place is the first thing we will change.

The guards by the sides of the doors moved to open it when we got close, granting us access to an auditorium of sorts where a podium stood at the centre of the semi-circle.

Seated on raised chairs around the room were several elves that looked down at us as we entered, suggesting their society operated as an oligarchy of sorts.

“Elder Freasia, thank you for guiding these… Guests… Here…” The elven woman at the centre of the semi-circle greeted, eyeing us with a gaze that was definitely not welcoming.

Freasia nodded before moving towards a corner and taking a seat by herself.

I thought she might have been quite important but apparently she wasn’t lying when she said she had no authority here. Unless that seat of hers meant something more.

Both Lian Li and I stepped up to the podium, both of us not especially happy to be gazed at from above by someone who wasn’t Master.

Ara, ara? That reminds me of how Master was looking down at me last night while I was kneeling in between His legs. Ufufufu~ Master sure knows how to love us even in His female form~

“Now… Visitors from outside…” The woman called out, interrupting me from that pleasant memory. “We have heard your… Request. You have to understand that such a matter is beyond our means to provide even under normal circumstances.”

Lian Li crossed her arms, “You’re telling me… That a big tree like this only bears one fruit every thousand years? What even is so special about the fruit? Talk about a waste of space.”

Several elves started making noises of outrage at Lian Li’s words, a few of them slamming the table and throwing harsh words at her.

“How dare she?! Sacrilege!”

“Throw them out!”

“She dares speak ill of the sacred tree!”

“Make them regret it!”

“Guards! Get the guards!”


I turned to see Freasia standing on her feet and glaring at the rest of the elves. What was surprising was that the other elves actually looked chastised and sat back down without complaint. It seems she was more important than she let on to be able to silence them like that.

Or maybe she’s actually just really, really old and the other elves show deference to her.

One of the elves raised her hand meekly, “Elder Freesia… You saw for yourself how daring-“

“Were my words so worthless that you dismiss what I said earlier?” She growled.

“N… No! Not at all, Elder Freasia!”

“Then remember what I said at all times and don’t make the same mistake again.”

Having said her peace, Freasia sat back down again and gave us a nod.

As much as I didn’t like her for insulting Master, I’m rather impressed by how she controlled the entire room.

The first elf cleared her throat, “Ahem… As I was saying, the tree only bears one fruit every thousand years because that fruit is the crystallization of the world’s energy. Anyone who consumes that fruit gains a skill akin to omniscience.”

Ara? Does that mean…

Both Lian Li and I turned to look at Freasia who returned a solemn look to us, “Yes, I had eaten the fruit a thousand years ago. That was how I knew of your strength and the threat you two pose. I also know why you want the fruit but as I said, I do not have the authority to grant you that wish.”

No wonder these elves seem so compliant even without us showing our strength, Freasia must have known about us and warned the others about it.

“If you already knew about our arrival, isn’t it a little weird that you didn’t prepare for us?” Lian Li pointed out.

She shook her head, “The ability does not work that way. I would only know things that I have a desire to know and I would only receive information about that specific subject. I only knew information about you when I was aware of your existence… Although it is quite curious that even when I tried to think about your Master… No information comes to mind.”

Hmph, that goes without saying that trying to understand a God is beyond the capabilities of a mortal.

But still, if she knew everything, that meant that remark about Master was also a calculated move on her part to get us to focus our thoughts on Master.

As much as I hate to admit it, she had us dancing in her palms.

I looked up at the elves seated on the raised chairs, “Does that mean you don’t even have one of the fruits now?”

The elf in the middle shook her head, “We know either of you can destroy our civilization with a flick of your wrists and we had concluded that giving the fruit to you was a small price to pay for our continued existence. But the next fruit is not set to appear for another decade or so.”

Freasia nodded, “And when the next fruit grows, the previous consumer of the fruit would lose that omniscience ability. All consumers of the fruit occupy the position of ‘Elder’ in our society and have the responsibility of protecting our people from unseen threats. Please understand that we have chosen to forfeit our next thousand years of security for you…”

Lian Li tilted her chin up slightly, “All that talk is meaningless if you don’t even have one to give us though. Is there another way to obtain the fruit without waiting for another ten years meaninglessly?”

Freasia bit her lip before looking at us with a conflicted expression on her face, “There is another way…”

The elves seated at the raised seats widened their eyes.

“Elder, no! That’s the biggest secret–“

Freesia shot her a look that immediately shut the elf up, “Holding such a secret is already meaningless, don’t you think?”

“But… If… If we lose the God’s favour…”

“Just trust me.”

The elves slumped back into their chairs, allowing Freasia to continue.

“The Eternal Heaven Tree actually blooms more than one fruit every thousand years but we only receive one of it every time… The others are guarded by the Divine Beast that–“

“Just point that guy out, we’ll deal with him,” Lian Li interrupted.

I grinned, “Your omniscience should already tell you of the results of such a fight, yes? You’re not going to say something boorish like we’ll lose to it, right?”

“… This way…”

Ufufufu~ It seems like it’s time for us to go monster hunting~


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