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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 544: Amongst The Damned Bahasa Indonesia


*A few moments ago*

When I came through the portal into this Plane to find this crazy girl, I never thought she would be the one to find me instead.

“Shosi in kahoriemaus!” She called out to me, reaching her hand towards me.

The last time I remember her reaching out her hand to me was to start my life of torture in her hands.

“Muon, Xun Guan, run. Now.”

Muon only managed to mutter out an “Eh?” before I waved my hand at her, sending her back towards the teleportation inscription and teleporting her out of the room.

“Xun Guan! Run!”

“No! My place is by Master’s side! Please do not send me away, Master!”

“She is not an opponent you can face, run.”

“I will stay, Master!”

I briefly considered ripping the slime girl off me to get her to run.

Ugh, the crazy girls’s already walking towards me, that creepy smile of hers still on her face and as disconcerting as ever.

No time to convince Xun Guan then…

I redirected the rifts to the area outside the city just before I destroyed the teleportation inscription behind me.

She probably doesn’t need it to escape from this room but at least she wouldn’t be able to trace where the exit was.

She tilted her head at me, “Nauei?”

I raised my hands protectively in front of me, “Woman… I’m not sure if you can understand what I’m saying… But I have absolutely no idea what language you are speaking. I don’t know who you are nor what you want, but if you could just leave, that would be great.”

“Nauei… Taaan mo rearka no noisy tenant tatmahis denoskau?”

“Like I said, I really don’t know what you are saying, woman.”

“Deussoka… Koon basoh wa nauru wo shigakete matanotshi enused.”

I felt a mass of energy gather around her and her entire body started to glow.

At first I thought she was also channeling Origin energy which would have been a really big problem,

until I realised that she was glowing a blood red colour instead of the normal bluish white.

Now that just makes things even worse. I don’t even know what she is capable of now.

I was already in my Star Power form so I should be–

Something hit me in the gut and blew me backwards to crash into the wall.

Xun Guan had reacted quickly and expanded outwards to cushion the impact, absorbing the force with her gelatinous body.

The crazy girl flung herself towards me, her fist raised in the air to punch towards my face.

I barely managed to teleport myself out of the way before her fist crashed down on where my head had been, the impact creating spider web shaped cracks on the wall.

I reached out my hands and collapsed the space above her, creating a black hole that should have crushed her with the gravity alone.

She merely shrugged it off and teleported herself in front of me, sending a roundhouse kick towards my temple.

I raised my arm to block it before sending a punch to her gut in return for the one she gave me earlier, flinging her back to crash into the wall behind.

It happened so quickly that I almost missed it, but I noticed the red aura around her fluctuated slightly when my punch connected, as though acting as a shield for her.

The impact shook the entire room and I was a little worried the roof might come down on top of us, best to take this fight elsewhere before we destroy the palace or even worse, bury this obelisk…

Since they would already be killing those monsters anyway and the obelisk is acting as a lodestone…

I tore open a rift using the remnant Space Quarks into the Damnation Plane, jumping through it without hesitation knowing she will definitely follow me through.

On the other side of the rift was a scene that could be described as hell. Those monsters covered every inch of the barren wasteland and all of them were trying to rush out of the numerous rifts that were around the place.

Even as I watched, more and more rifts began to appear around the area, no doubt leading to the Spiritual Plane.

If we fought here, the collateral damage should at least wipe out a sizable portion of the numbers here, easing the tide that would be flowing out to Luna’s side of the fight.

The crazy girl predictably followed me through the rift, taking a second to inspect the place before locking eyes with mine.

“Master, should I take care of the monsters below?” Xun Guan asked.

“There’s no need to. Besides, we need enough of them to cross over to stop the obelisk from functioning again and wiping them out won’t help. Just killing a few here and there through collateral damage is enough.”

“Understood. Allow me to continue protecting Master.”

“Of course.”

I raised up my hand just in time to block a punch from the crazy girl, shoving her down to crash into the monsters below.

She’s definitely strong, but it seems like she hasn’t got a grasp on how to use that power of hers yet so she’s resorting to close combat. And even then, her close combat skills aren’t at the level of a Master.

Well, there’s no reason for me to meet her head on so…

I raised my right hand in the air while pointing my other one at her.

That crazy girl swept away the monsters that were around her like dust, her head tilting up to glare at me. She leapt back into the air again, her fist cocked back and flying straight to me.

A stream of darkness blasted out from my hand towards her, pushing her back down to smash into the ground again.

This time the red aura around her manifested visibly, forming a small dome around her to shield her.

I swung my right hand down and a giant shadow covered the land around us.

Still unaware of what I did, a giant boulder the size of a building was flung towards me as the crazy girl’s attempt at stopping the beam I was firing at her.

Xun Guan morphed a giant fist in the air and smashed the projectile to pieces before it reached me.

I teleported us away a second later, just as a meteor ten times larger than the one I summoned to threaten the Queen of Mei came crashing down from the sky.

“Master… Didn’t you say we didn’t need to kill all the monsters below?” Xun Guan pointed out.

I looked at the giant meteor with pursed lips, “Ok… I didn’t think it’ll be that big… I may have forgotten about the power difference I have right now.”

Besides, this isn’t enough to stop that crazy girl anyway.

She saw the meteor coming down and leapt up again, punching straight at the giant rock without hesitation.

The shockwave was big enough that every monster below her was sent flying away and several of the rifts even closed up on their own before opening up again.

The meteor was smashed apart into a billion pieces and came crashing down to earth, killing a good number of the monsters indiscriminately.

Did I say that she’s scary? Because she’s really crazy and scary.

What’s more, she isn’t even at her strongest yet.

This is going to be a pain to deal with…


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