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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 541: Path To Damnation Bahasa Indonesia


Luna brought both Rina and I to her room, which was as palatial as you might expect from the Matriarch.

She went over to the bookcase which I already guessed to be a hidden door before she even reached for one of the books in the bottom shelves.

And… The bookshelf did not swing open like I thought it would.

Not sure if I should be disappointed by that.

Luna flipped open the book to reveal that it contained an inscription carved onto its pages that were folded in a certain order.

She carefully placed it on the ground and unfolded them, revealing an inscription circle large enough for a person to stand on top of.

“Step in here and I will activate the inscription. I have sealed off the room so the only way in is through this teleportation inscription,” Luna explained.

Ah, that’s something new I haven’t seen before.

Without any reason to doubt her, I stepped onto the inscription. Luna immediately supplied the inscription with Quarks to activate it and I was teleported away in a flash of light.

I was quickly sent into a squarish room with smooth, black coloured walls, the centre of the room occupied by what seems to be an obsidian obelisk around my height.

The room itself was illuminated by a single light orb that hung on the ceiling, directing most of its light on the only object within the room underneath it.

On the surface of the obelisk were red coloured runes that glow from time to time, all of them slowly rotating around the surface of the pillar in a counter clockwise direction.

The area behind me glowed before Rina appeared behind me, her head swivelling around to inspect the room.

A split second later, Luna appeared the same way, looking rather proud of herself.

I pointed at the obelisk, “Is that the thing you were talking about?”

Luna nodded, “I spent a good few days making this room out of crystalised Space Quarks to keep the energies from escaping. This place is located several feet deep underneath the palace with no other form of entry other than the teleportation inscription. If husband wants to have a little bit of fun in this room, I wouldn’t mind you know? Oh! I can make another room just for us as well if husband prefers, just for the two of us to whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears while I pamper you with all my heart!”

As expected of her to change such a serious thing into something sappy like that.

I looked around the room, “This place is indeed filled with Space Quarks. So much so that even with my cultivation suppressed I can still feel it…”

Rina gave me an odd look, “No… I’m pretty sure if it’s anyone else, they would not be able to feel anything either… It’s you who is abnormal…”

Alright, alright, I get it Rina. No need to rub it in…

Luna gestured to the obelisk, “So what do you think, husband? Could you take me with you back home? I’ll be the perfect wife for you! I can cook for you, sew your clothes, clean your house, assassinate your enemies, torture your prisoners, gather political power, establish a new religious order, anything husband would ever want!”

Ok, those things you suggested got weird real fast. Why would I even want someone to establish a new religious order? I mean, that might make sense if I’m trying to take over the continent, but I’m not so there’s no need for that.

It’s not like I’m interested in taking over the world you know?

I went up to the obelisk and placed my hand on it, expecting something to happen when I touched it.

“Ah, though it emits a lot of Space Quarks, it doesn’t actually seem to do anything,” Luna explained belatedly. “I’ve tried to infuse it with my own Quarks, I’ve tried destroying it, I’ve tried teleporting it, I’ve tried meditating here but nothing I did affected it in any way.”

Hmm… I don’t actually want to change my gender here so let’s test out the Star Power a little bit.

It’s fine for these two to know since I’ll probably bring them with me back to the Earthen Plane anyway. And if they give me a reason not to… Then it’s not like I’ll come back here and Muon could probably take care of it.

I activated the Star Power and my entire body glowed bluish white. Behind me, the two women gasped out in surprise but I didn’t have the opportunity to see their expressions.

I circulated my own Space Quarks and infused them into the obelisk, but nothing happened either.

No wait. The runes seemed to have stopped moving.

I felt a brief moment of weightlessness before the light ball in the room was snuffed out and the runes on the obelisk flashed white, painting the room completely in the same colour.

Stars blinked into existence around us, looking just like what I would see if I had focused my senses within myself during my Star Power mode.

At the edge of my vision, I saw Rina positioning herself in front of Luna, lowering herself into a combat stance to protect her mistress.

Similarly, Xun Guan had hardened herself into an armour form to protect me as well, not that I would need that since I’m in this powered form.

I was just about to start inspecting the stars when the runes suddenly changed back to crimson red, bathing the room in the colour of blood. The stars that had been white in colour also switched to red, looking like ominous red suns.

“Husband… What is going on?” Luna asked, looking at the red stars in alarm.

Not liking where this was going, I backed away from the obelisk just as a tear appeared in the space beside it, revealing a monstrous, clawed hand that seemed to be literally clawing its way out of thin air.

The tear split open wider and a monster with tar for its skin and a bony, spiked body tried to step through the opening.

Well, like hell I’m just going to let it do that so I fired off a bolt of Divine Lightning at it, blasting it back through the tear.

The hole quickly closed up as though it had never been there but before I could breathe a sigh of relief, five more tears opened up around the obelisk.

“Husband…” Luna called out to me, several ice Techniques floating in the air around her. “Those portals are also opening up to the Damnation Plane… The monsters there only care about killing. It seems like that obelisk is used as an anchor for portals to open up there!”

“Why do you even have something like this under your house?!”

“I found it here husband… I didn’t bring it here…” Luna muttered, a little shamefaced. “But we need to stop this or they will overrun this Plane and turn it into one of their own!”

I cursed under my breath, all I want is to go home and it seems like I had inadvertently caused an interdimensional invasion…

I swear something is messing with me here…


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