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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 529: Closer And Closer Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“And who is it that you swear your eternal loyalty to?”

“We swear our eternal loyalty to the one true God of this world, Master Lin. Please accept us as his eternally loyal worshippers, High Priestess Lian Li.”

I nodded in satisfaction, “I accept you as one of us. Now rise chieftess Julianne.”

The woman and her followers rose from her kneeling position, giving me one more bow before retreating away.

It took me roughly a week and a half to round up all the scattered tribes in this forest under one rule.

It was quite enlightening to learn about their history and culture of trying to rebel against the so-called Matriarch of the Spiritual Plane… Not.

Nothing I learnt from them gave me any insight as to where Master was so everything I learnt from them was absolutely useless.

Like I care what their ‘noble objective’ was in trying to topple the Matriarch. If they had no information about Master’s whereabouts, they were as good as useless.

I suppose such is expected of trash within this trash Plane that dared to look down on our most beloved Master in His other life. Master had came to them in His weakest to better connect with these trash and they trampled all over Him.

At least now these people have seen the light and are willing to repent, otherwise they would just end up like the other two tribes that I had completely annihilated, their homes nothing but smouldering ash.

Manami had tried to contact Master telepathically but all attempts have failed so far.

At first we thought it was because of this Plane’s shitty law of males not being able to manipulate Quarks that prevented us from reaching Master. That thought alone was infuriating enough, how dare they define Master as a mere ‘male’? Master is beyond genders!

But we were able to contact Brendan just fine so that was not the reason.

The next possibility we thought of was just that this Plane was also looking down on Master.

How vexing, should I just destroy this entire Plane before we go back?

While I was considering such things, one of the new believers came up to me and knelt down.

“High Priestess, we have located the remnants of the dissidents who besmirch our God’s great name by refusing to join us. Should we send the inquisitors to convert them?”

I shook my head, “Just tell me where they are.”

She seemed to hesitate for a moment, an indication that her conversion is still not yet complete, before she pointed to a small hill at the edge of the horizon.

I raised my palm and pointed towards it, focusing my senses towards that direction.

After confirming that there were, indeed, several armed people hiding there, I unleashed a column of lightning that consumed the entire hill.

A few seconds passed and the hill disappeared from existence alongside whoever had been on it.

I turned to look back at the woman, “Anything else?”

“N… No, High Priestess… That is all.”

“I sense your heart is still not fully set on believing. Go and report to one of the priestesses for a sermon.”

“Y… Yes, High Priestess.”

Now, there should be no more people opposing Master’s divinity within this forest. The temple they are building would take some time but that is still within expectations.

Sigh… I want to find Master soon. My secret stash of Master’s clothes isn’t enough to keep me satisfied at night anymore. Even the Master plushies and body pillows I hug to sleep at night feels empty.

This isn’t good, I fear when I meet Master, I might actually jump on Him before I can control myself.

Unn… But maybe that isn’t so bad either?

While I was entertaining the thoughts on how I would like Master to make love to me, I felt the familiar prod of Manami’s telepathy call.

“Hello Manami, any news of Master’s whereabouts?”

There was a deep sigh from Manami before she answered, “Mmm… Unfortunately no… Unnn… But I did receive some… Mmm… Ooooohhh~~”

I frowned, “How about you finish your business with Kiyomi first before calling me?”

“Aaahnn~~ Ara ara? Does my dear Lian Li want to join in too?”

“Of course! Doing it on my own isn’t satisfying you know?! And we only have a few pairs of Master’s underwear to go around! The fact that Cai Hong doesn’t share her stash isn’t helping either!”

“Ufufufu~ She is a dragon after all~ Shall I teleport you here?”

“Yes please, I’m done here anyway.”

My sight flashed white before shifting to the interior of a bedroom, the two fox girls laying side by side on the bed, both of them wearing not an inch of cloth between them.

Scattered on the bed were pictures and plushies of Master, no doubt serving as the two girls’ schlicking materials.

At the couch that was at the corner of the room lay Cai Hong, Diao Chan and Eris, all of them buried in a pile of Master’s clothes and napping in them enviously. Either Cai Hong finally shared her stash or that was Diao Chan and Eris’s stash piled beside Cai Hong’s stash.

That little dragon really is a hoarder.

Manami smiled at me, “Ufufufu~ Business first, or pleasure?”

“Business,” I answered without hesitation. “What’s the news?”

“According to Brendan, there have been reports of large explosions of Quarks in a few areas. No one knows what the cause of those explosions are and several Sects have been mobilised to investigate the cause of those explosions.”

“How many?”

Kiyomi sat up on the bed, “At least twenty recorded instances, but we’re sure there are more out there that were missed.”

“Master?” I tried my best to withhold my hope.

“That’s what we think as well,” Kiyomi admitted, patting the bed to indicate I should sit in between them. “But we’ve tried investigating a few of them and we did not find traces of Master there.”

I frowned, taking a seat in between the fox girls, “But who else could do something like that?”

Manami leaned on my shoulder, her hands reaching forward to start unbuttoning my blouse, “Mmm… Wasn’t Master chasing someone? Those might be caused by that person instead.”

I shrugged off my shirt and let my bra slip off my shoulders, leaning back to immerse myself in my fox sisters’ fluffy tails.

“Mmm… But there’s still a chance that one of them is caused by Master right?”

Kiyomi nodded, “No doubt about it, that’s why we are investigating each one just in case any of them contain traces of Master. There were a few that happened quite close to the capital city, we’re thinking of investigating those clusters next.”

By that, she means sending those Sects that we had recently converted to investigate of course. They would be the best choice to make sure we do not capture too much attention lest it hinders our progress of locating Master.

“I will follow one of the groups there tomorrow, maybe that’s where Master is,” I decided.

Manami smiled, “Ara, ara? Impatient are we? Very well then, I’ll go talk to one of them and we’ll wait here for your good news. In the meantime, shall we move on to the pleasure part of the day?”

I have no arguments there.

Now where did I keep Master’s underwear…


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