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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 524: My Danger Senses Are Tingling Bahasa Indonesia


If you must know, this was the woman who has tortured me constantly for several years and abused me like I was a piece of worthless dirt.

She was also infamous for never liking to talk to any man directly if she could help it, resorting to using her subjects to relay her words instead.

Said person was now on her knee and asking for my hand in marriage.

When faced with such an outrageous situation, the only thing I could respond to her earnest plea was a very eloquent, “What?”

“Ah! You’re right! I know so much about you but you don’t know anything about me! Once again, I am Lunamaeniera Sharrow, but please call me Luna. I’m four hundred and twenty years old, a hundred and eighty centimetres tall and my three sizes are ninety-nine, fifty-nine and eighty-eight centimetres! My hobbies include painting, singing, dancing, knitting, eradicating my political enemies and cultivating. Oh! I’m also the current Matriarch of the Spiritual Plane, I had conquered the entire place back when I was two hundred years old! Are you cold? Would you like me to knit you a scarf? I can knit you one right now!”

Her words rapidly fired one after the other, leaving me no opportunity at all to talk.

Before I knew it, she had taken out two needles and a ball of yarn to begin knitting at high speeds. In the blink of an eye, she had knitted and wrapped a blue scarf around my neck.

“Oh my, oh my. I was afraid my skills were not up to par but this definitely looks good on you! Look at this, the blue matches my hair, doesn’t this look like we’re already a couple? Ah, what am I saying, we already are aren’t we? When should be our wedding? What would you like as your dowry? I can provide everything for you, you don’t even need to do anything. Could I call you husband instead? I’ll call you husband from now on. Yes, this feels like we’re much more closer. How about we share a–“

I raised up my hand, stopping her rapid fire of words in its tracks.

I thought she might take offence at my actions but she had quickly snapped her mouth shut, waiting for what I had to say quietly with sparkly eyes.

“I’m sorry, your majesty… But–“


“Ahem… I’m sorry, Luna, but I’m completely lost at the moment. What are you talking about?”

She tilted her head at me, “What am I talking about? It is obvious isn’t it? We are now engaged are we not?”

“Umm… First of all… I never said yes… Seco–“

She grabbed both of my arms, staring at me with a desperate look on her face, “Why?! What about me do you not like?! I will change it! I will change it right now! Do you not like my hair? I’ll cut it! Or am I not pretty enough? I will find beauty enhancing pills that will make me prettier! I’ll give you money! I’ll give you a position in court! I’ll give you power! Anything you want can be yours! Anything at all! Just don’t leave me!”

I held up my hands again, “Wait, wait, wait. I’m not rejecting you… At least not yet… I’m just… I guess, overwhelmed? I mean, you just met me today, isn’t marriage something you should take your time to consider?”

Ok, seeing as how I’m pretty much sleeping with a lot of people, I’m the last person qualified to tell her that. Still, I have never seen her like this before.

She would always be composed and calm even when she’s torturing me, as though it was just a process she had to go through and not something she enjoyed doing.

Even the lessons she did with me were conducted emotionlessly, much less the punishments.

Wait a minute… No way…

The entire time she was grooming me to be her husband wasn’t she?!

She was exceptionally harsh when it came to questions about politics and such, that was just her preparing me to rule beside her wasn’t it?!

Why the hell did she pick me though?! I was literally a cripple with only a little bit more knowledge than normal you know?!

And since now I’ve shown to be able to answer a number of her requirements correctly, she thinks I’m the perfect fit for her?!

Arrrgghhh!! What the hell is wrong with everyone on this Plane?! I want to go home already!

While I was despairing over my situation internally, Luna had grasped both of my hands in hers, “Oh my dear husband, it was love at first sight, there was no need for me to doubt anything! Your body, your eyes, your aura, your personality, your disposition, everything is perfect! I will give you anything to stay by my side! Do you wish for fame or fortune? I can grant you both! Do you wish for me? I can give myself to you right here and now!”

I quickly stopped her when she tried to strip herself.

“Stop, stop, stop. You need to come down your… I mean, Luna. Please calm down first. Like I said, I am pretty overwhelmed at the moment. I’m just an ordinary man who met the ruler of my country for the first time in my life. So it’s kind of a big deal for me when you started proposing to me all of a sudden.”

“So… So you don’t hate me?”

Hate is kind of a strong word… But I can’t deny I actually have negative feelings about you considering what you did to me in my previous life. But such feelings are quite complicated now that I know what you were doing them for.

Not to mention the fact that I did, in fact, benefit greatly from her ministrations despite the methods she used.

But right now seeing her like this, my entire view on this woman was completely flipped around. I wonder if Muon was aware that her queen was like this?

“I am more of bewildered right now… But I guess don’t hate you at least…”

She clasped her hands together, “Oh how wonderful! Let us set a date for our wedding! It will be a national holiday and we’ll send invitations to everyone so that everyone knows about our union! Oh how great this would–“

“But I already have someone else I have to return to.”

“–be when we… What?”

I took a deep breath, “I already have someone else that I want to return to.”

She smiled at me, but there was no mirth in that smile, “Is it your mistress? Who is she? I’ll go and have a… Talk… Yes, a talk. Just a talk. With her.”

Should have known that wasn’t enough to dissuade her.

I was still considering what I could do when the carriage came to a halt.

Luna sat back down on her seat and reverted herself back to normal just as the doors opened, revealing the maid from before bowing her head there.

“We have arrived, Your Majesty.”

Luna ignored her and tilted her head slightly at me, “We will continue this conversation later. Shall we?”

Right, I’ll try to slip out once I’m able to then.


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