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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 521: The Matriarch Bahasa Indonesia


“As expected of Master,” Xun Guan praised, looking at the completed stacks of inscription scrolls laid out in front of me.

Exactly two hundred lightning bolt inscriptions were laid out in front of me, I even took my time with them and I still finished all of them in about an hour.

No, I seriously took my time you know?

“Hmm… Maybe I can make more of them since I’m already doing it,” I mused, looking at the other piles of unfinished inscription pages stacked in front of me.

“Does Master think that to be wise? Wouldn’t we stand out too much?”

“Back when I was still being held captive here, that Matriarch sometimes made me carve at least five hundred of them in an hour. If I failed to do that, there would be punishments waiting for me. I’m sure doing a few hundred within the next few hours wouldn’t be that bad.”

“Ummm… If Master says so…”

I picked up another of the inscriptions and began carving, “So did your clone pick up anything of note?”

“Umm… I did not find any clues of that girl being here, but I definitely sense her Quark Signature inside the building. Judging by how it’s concentrated within the building, I don’t think she ever left the archives.”

I paused in my inscription carving, “Oh… I think I know where she is… But if I’m right, it’s going to be rather troublesome for us to get there.”

“Where would that be?”

“There’s an underground archive within this building where only a few restricted people can enter. That’s where they store all the most secretive and dangerous knowledge ever written, and also where I had learnt most of what I knew.”

Xun Guan shifted slightly, “Then… Could she have been teleported into that room and never left there since?”

“That is quite likely. From what I know of her, she has quite the thirst for knowledge so that place is a treasure trove for her. Although I’m still wondering how she understands what is written in any of our books since she doesn’t even seem to speak our language.”

I pushed another stack of carved inscriptions to the side, starting work on another batch. At this point, I’m not even really paying much attention to my hands anymore, my body moving automatically to carve the inscriptions on the pieces of paper.

A simple inscription like this doesn’t warrant my full attention after all.

“In that case, should I send my clone down to the library below to take a look?”

I shook my head, “Even if I told you where the entrance was, you wouldn’t be able to slip through the barrier they had erected without triggering the alarm. The barrier specifically detects for the authorised person’s Quark Signatures and if anyone who is not authorised tries to temper or pass through the barrier, the Director would know and the city guard would rush here within seconds.”

“As expected of Master, you manage to slip through that place even when crippled.”

“Oh, nah. I had been tasked to clean that place for a period of time so I was one of the ‘authorised’ people. They didn’t actually think I would understand any of the books inside since they never thought I was a Practitioner. Then again, now that I think about it… It’s probably because of this Plane’s laws of males being unable to cultivate that they didn’t need to worry if I understood the books or not. I wouldn’t have been able to make use of them anyway. I had some close calls with a few cursed books though.”

“I see… Does Master want me to get rid of all the people who have tormented you here?”

I raised an eyebrow at the slime assassin’s suggestion, “No? Why would I want that? It’s not like they did anything to me in this life yet.”

“But they were unkind to Master in your previous life… If they had the chance, they would definitely do it again.”

I stopped my inscription carving to pat my chest, which I knew was akin to patting Xun Guan on the head, “It’s fine Xun Guan. Back then I was young and naive, I’ve grown wiser now. There is no need to seek trouble when none are present.”

“… Incidentally, Master… Do you know what the director of this place is doing right now?”

“If she’s the same one that I met in my previous life, I’m quite confident she’s probably lezzing with her secretary in her office right now.”

“Indeed… She’s being eaten out by her secretary on her table right as we speak… That’s her definition of ‘busy’ it seems.”

“Well, I reckon they will be at it for another hour or so. Just so you might want to know, they’re bi. But they have really high standards for a male partner.”

“I shall not ask what happened to make Master privy to that information… Should I cause something to happen to them? They are making Master wait unnecessarily after all.”

“Nah, who am I to interrupt two girls having fun?”

I felt my clothes tighten up.

Xun Guan’s voice came from beside my ear, “In that case Master… Why don’t we have a little fun of our own?”

I smacked my thigh and my clothes loosened up, Xun Guan making a few moaning sounds when I did so.

One thing to know that before this, all of our conversations had been whispered quietly to each other where even the shuffling of papers was louder than our conversation.

That moan Xun Guan did was loud enough to echo off the walls of the room, causing everyone in the room to look towards my direction.

“I was stretching,” I told them, giving them a look that dared them to question me.

All of them decided not to question it and went back to their own inscription carving.

Just when I thought about continuing my own work, my clothes tightened up again.

I was about to tell off the horny slime girl once more when Xun Guan whispered, “Master… It looks like someone important has just entered… And she’s actually strong…”

I immediately turned to look out the room, seeing a large group of people walking into the room bearing the insignia of the Matriarch’s family.

In the middle of the procession was a woman that looked to be in her early thirties with her blue hair tied in a princess braid. Her turquoise royal dress stretched all the way to the ground, her dress train dragging at least a few metres behind her.

Even with the dress, the shape of her womanly curves could still be seen beneath it, the cloth failing to hide her wide hips and ample bosoms beneath it.

Despite her appearances, I know for a fact that she was at least a few hundred years old already.

Of course it’s the Matriarch herself, I would never forget the face of the woman who had tormented me while I was here.

But seriously, what are the odds of her coming here just as I decided to come here? I swear someone has it out for me or something.

Don’t tell me it’s my patron messing with me?


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