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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 518: Boy Toy Pass Bahasa Indonesia


“Spiritual Capital city… I actually never thought I’ll see this place again,” I muttered to myself while looking at the city in front of me.

I was now standing at the gates of the place that was once my prison, the capital city where that Matriarch had kept me as her plaything.

By the way, I decided to change myself back to my male body, the damage that I could potentially wreck with my female body was too great.

Ok, another reason was because despite how soft Xun Guan was, my nipples started chafing and I didn’t actually want to wear a bra either.

No, no, no. You don’t understand how irritating wearing one is. So don’t even go there.

I did keep a bottle of the gender change pills on me just in case there’s a situation that requires me to use my full strength.

Hopefully it won’t be necessary.

I’m currently passing myself off as one of Muon’s followers as well, something that took me quite a long while to convince her of since she was abhorrent of being my ‘superior’, even if we were just acting.

Seems like the Origin society is quite strict on the hierarchy thing.

Even so, I finally realised what Brick and Gale had told me about this city was true, everyone else here was female. Even the guards at the gate and the workers handling construction were female.

There might be the odd man or two but most of them were obviously slaves from the collars they wore around their necks.

“Welcome back Lady Muon,” One of the guards greeted her politely.

Huh, so I was right that she was indeed a noble.

“Unn, I’m back, Anna. Any news of note?”

“Ummm… We had reports of some bizarre events occurring recently, even the captain doesn’t know what to make of it. The fact that these reports were given by a few of the top Sects gives it credibility though.”

“Oh? What events?”

“There were two separate incidents of large explosions of Quarks detected but no one was able to pinpoint the cause. One happened at an open plain a distance away and another at the town where Lady Muon was… We were wondering if Lady Muon had anything to do with it?”

To her credit, Muon did not show any signs of surprise when she heard the news.

“Unfortunately no. I was gone by the time that event occurred and I prioritised leaving the area to avoid unnecessary trouble.”

“Ah, I see. As expected of Lady Muon. I assume your followers would be going to the Men Quarters as usual?”

Muon turned to me and I got the hint that I should step forward, so I did so.

“He will be following me into the city this time.”

The guard gave her a smile that seemed to be lascivious in nature, “Oh? I believe this is the first time Lady Muon is taking a man home. Big plans tonight?”

Hmmm, for a guard like her to talk to Muon like that, either Muon is pretty friendly and doesn’t care much about etiquette, or this place is just lax in such a thing.

Knowing the Matriarch though, it’s probably the former since I know for a fact she was quite strict on it.

“Watch your tongue woman. I could have you hanged,” Muon admonished her, though her voice had obvious mirth in them.

“Yes, yes. Forgive this commoner for her discourtesy, my Lady. Here’s the pass for the man to enter. Have a good day.”

Muon handed me the pass which was a metallic plate that I hung on my waist. I noted the pass had the words ‘Boy Toy’ on it which concerned me greatly.

Muon seemed to know what I was thinking and gave me an apologetic look.

Oh well, I was the one who insisted on changing my form back into a male’s so I can’t be picky about this.

I followed Muon through the city gates while the others went towards the outskirts of the city. I’m guessing the ‘men quarters’ are the slums that are located outside the walls, which look to be shelters clobbered together by the residents as makeshift houses that barely sheltered them from the elements.

Men really are being treated like dirt here huh?

I’m not sure if I should count myself as lucky for being directly picked up by the Matriarch to work for her, or else I might be relegated to the position of a slave when I got dropped here with crippled Meridians.

When we got out of the guards’ sight, Muon suddenly turned and bowed her head, “I apologize deeply for my impudence, Senpai!”

“Eh? Err… Is this about the badge? I don’t really mind though?”

“I’m sorry… But because this is also my first time bringing a man into the city as my companion, I’m not aware that they would give you that badge…”

I raised my eyebrow, “Is there something wrong with the badge?”

She poked her fingers together, “Umm… Other than staining Senpai’s honour… It also means that if you’re not with me… Anyone can… Use you… For their own relief…”

Well… It’s admittedly nothing new for me so I’m not really bothered by it… Is something I can’t say right?

“So… What can we do?”

“Aside from staying with me at all times… I’ll have to give Senpai a collar with my emblem on it and mark Senpai as ‘my property’…”

Oh… Well, admittedly that also wouldn’t be anything new for me so I wouldn’t make a big deal out of something like that… But obviously I can’t tell that to Muon either.

I guess you figured out by now but yes, I was that Matriarch’s personal ‘Boy Toy’ for all those years. No, it was not a good time for me since she had… Very exquisite tastes and I was admittedly more weirded out than turned on by her.

I’m serious.

She only cared for her own pleasures after all, no one cares what they toys think.

Also we never had intercourse, if that’s what you’re concerned about.

Ok, enough about my dark history, can we move on?

In the end, Muon and I decided to just go with me sticking to her side as much as possible to avoid such problems. If need be, I’ll have Xun Guan transform into a collar to add to my disguise so no problems there.

Anyway, I’m just here to find the portal after all, so no need for any long term plans. Failing that, I just need to find that crazy girl and trace her Quark signature which should lead me to the portal.

And if that fails too… Then I guess I’m fucked.

With that out of the way, Muon decided to bring me to her home first, we had been travelling and sleeping rough for the past few days after all.

Since she was a noble, I expected her house to be quite large.

What I didn’t expect was for her to lead me to the largest mansion on top of the hill, the size of the building similar to the mansion Elaria had built.

I looked up at the giant gates, “This is your house?”

Muon nodded, “It may be a bit modest but… I hope Senpai wouldn’t mind it?”

Modest? Woman… My current two story house back at the Sect was too luxurious for me already, there’s no way I’ll think your mansion is ‘modest’.

Just what position do you even occupy here?


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