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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 491: Now We Know, Know Who To Kill That Is Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

Master had brought us back to our rooms after our very intense and satisfying bathing session. At first, Reverend Mother wanted to give each of us individual rooms, but we had opted to have a shared room since we were used to it anyway.

Also because we get to have fun with one another if we felt like it.

Hearing the sound of someone getting up from their bed, I turned to see Diao Chan trying to sneak out of the room while dressed in revealing lingerie.

“Really?” I whispered, the Witch jumping in surprise at my voice. “The bath session wasn’t enough for you?”

Diao Chan pouted at me, “It may be for you girls but I didn’t get tied up at all! I want Master to tie me up and at least give me a hundred spanks tonight!”

“You’re going to trouble Master…”

“Hehehe~ That’s the plan! Master would then punish me for it~”

How sly.

In that case…

“Well, I’m coming too,” I declared, getting up from bed.

Diao Chan pouted at me, “Ehh… You’re still going for it?”

“One can never receive too much love from Master, after all.”

“Ara, ara? That is true~ I suppose that means I should go as well,” Manami yawned, rising up from her side of the room.

Kiyomi had also risen as well, dressed in lingerie that was just as revealing as Diao Chan’s.

Eris jumped out of her bed, “Oh, are we doing a night crawl? Count me in!”

Elaria rose out of her bed while rubbing her eyes sleepily, “Ehhh… Okaa-sama should be with Onii-sama now though…”

All of us turned to her, alarmed by the news.

“What… What is Reverend Mother doing all alone in a room with Master?” I asked.

Elaria yawned, “Humumumu… Okaa-sama just wanted to reconnect with Onii-sama I guess?”

Reconnect? That does not sound reassuring…

Diao Chan panicked, “We must hurry! Master’s chastity might be in danger!”

I slapped her on the back of her head, “First of all, Master is not a virgin, you horny witch. How many times have we already done it with Him? Second of all, I do not think Reverend Mother sees Master that way.”

Diao Chan puffed her cheeks at me, “You never know, this is Master we’re talking about you know? With how sexy Master is, even Reverend Mother might want to get some of it.”

I rolled my eyes at her but I can’t deny what she said about Master being very desirable. It’s a fact that Elaria and Odriana had slept with Master as well after all.

With the exception of Brendan who had his own room and Cai Hong who still remained asleep while mumbling something about ‘Papa bath time’, the rest of us snuck our way to Master’s bedroom.

As we were nearing the room, we heard the sound of two people talking coming from the balcony at the back.

Careful not to make any sound, we snuck through the door to spy on Master, hoping that Reverend Mother was not trying to seduce Him.

“It’ll be a really long story you know?”

“Fufufu, all the better. Mama wants to hear everything~”

We were a little confused about what Master and Reverend Mother had said, but the mystery was soon cleared up when Master started talking about His past.

I thought Master was talking about a really long time ago since He had never mentioned meeting any of us, especially since I was supposed to be Master’s first disciple.

The story got weirder when Master mentioned about ascending to a higher Plane and getting crippled there.

Our confusion grew more and more as Master told Reverend Mother of His torments in the other Planes, how pieces of trash had looked down on Him because He had been crippled.

I would have wanted to go and find these insects and ripped them apart from limb to limb if it weren’t for the fact that I was still confused about how these events happened to Master.

It was obvious that Master was hiding most of the details by how He had breezed through several years of His life, meaning Master suffered even more than He had let on.

Just as I thought the mystery couldn’t grow anymore, Master revealed that He had actually lost His life.

I was obviously not the only one to be surprised judging by the soft gasps that came from my left and right. Luckily, we were far enough that Master did not hear us.

I was just beginning to think that the entire story had been a joke from Master but He had continued on, saying how He woke up in His younger self and realising time had reversed for Him.

That was when the story we knew happened, Master coming to save each of us and bringing us under His wing, heralding the best days of our lives.

We knew right then and there, this was proof of Master’s divinity.

It was obvious that Master was a God on the path to ascension. Since his previous try ended unfavourably for Him, the entire world turned back time just so that Master could try again.

I suppose Elaria was actually right about that part, we might need to amend our Holy Texts to reflect on this new fact.

To be able to ascend to those Planes that we’ve never known existed, to even survive there even after Master’s Cultivation Point was crippled beyond repair…

There was no doubt this was a testament to Master’s Godhood!

But to think Master had led such a life before us… I wonder what happened to the me in Master’s other life?

Knowing my luck, I probably would have just died somewhere in the slums as a nameless nobody. This makes me even more grateful to Master for taking me in.

Master could have just repeated what He had done in His previous life except without the mistakes, ensuring His ascension to Godhood this time. Instead, Master must have seen our suffering and decided to postpone it and take care of us instead.

The time He had spent in that whatever Spiritual Family’s archives was merely just Him collecting earthly knowledge to be able to pass them down to us. It’s clear that Master wishes for us to stay by His side by allowing us to ascend with Him as well!

Hehehe… Ascending with Master as His Divine Maidens… That sounds exhilarating~~

Looking at the faces of my fellow sisters, it seems like they have arrived at the same conclusion as well. Even Kiyomi was blushing.

I swear with this new life that you have granted me, Master, that I will serve you with my entire being!

Those pieces of trash that dared to look down on you… We’ll make sure to erase them from existence, Master!

No, no… That’s too kind. We should cripple them and make them go through the same torture! Yes! But first we’ll need to find a way to travel between Planes…

“Oh there’s no need to wait that long, my dear baby can just go ahead and ask them right now.”

I looked up to see Reverend Mother gesturing towards our direction with a serene smile, directing Master’s gaze towards us.

Master turned around and froze when His eyes met mine, surprise clear on His face.

Oh no…


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