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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 486: Just Relax Bahasa Indonesia


Since the resort itself requires us to hike up a mountain trail, we decided to spend another day within the city first before heading up there early the next morning.

I made the mistake of checking up on my sisters and found their room still decorated from the walls to the ceiling with drawings of me. There were even the female versions of myself doing GL stuff mixed in amongst them.

They then made me pose for them for ‘just a few sketches pretty please!’.

Mother most likely knew I was there already because she had appeared in the middle of Odriana’s sketching with several clothing racks filled to the brim with clothes.

Behind her was the rest of my disciples who had helped her push the racks in, their eyes sparkling with obvious anticipation.

Facing all of their pleading gazes, I was coerced into participating in their little cosplay session that night.

They had me dress up as a doctor with his nurses, the boss and his secretaries, even the prisoner with his police officers just to name a few.

The entire session went on deep into the night and we may or may not have done more than just cosplaying that night.

What, you ask?

Just roleplaying of course, what else could we be doing?

We barely slept that night since we needed to be up early to head towards the hot springs

We were up even before the sun was out, all of us prepared for the hike up the mountain trail to reach the hot springs.

Since the place was a resort, we would be staying there for the next few days as well.

I offered to pay them for the stay but Mother said that since we’re there to ‘test’ the facilities, that would be enough for our payment.

The hike itself was an uneventful one, if you count Cai Hong holding my hand and singing “hot water bathy time with Papa” as uneventful.

Akari and Shiori both laid on my shoulders for the climb, the two foxes also looking forward to the hot springs for some reason. Their tails kept waving around like the other two fox youkai that were following behind me.

The resort was located on the edge of the mountain’s cliff face, high up enough for it to be covered with a layer of snow.

We reached the resort just as the sky was beginning to brighten, the servants there immediately ushering us to the baths when we entered.

I thought since we’re so high up, the interior would be cold as well, but apparently they already have heaters installed to warm up the place.

Since it features open air baths, we would be able to soak in the warm water while watching the sun rise on the horizon.

Despite the girls begging me to join them in the mixed bathing, I decided to go with Brendan for the morning bath on the male’s side so that he doesn’t feel that lonely.

Also because I did need a break from the girls because of last night’s activities.

Shiori and Akari were also with us, the two foxes floating about in the hot springs a short distance away from me.

“Master, I would have been fine alone, you know?” Brendan pointed out, settling himself in the water an arm’s length to my left.

I shook my head, “If I went together with them, they’ll definitely jump on me… I just want to relax for now so I’ll join them for the sunset bath if they want me to.”

“Ah… Understood.”

We stayed silent for a bit before Brendan looked down at the water, lifting a handful of it up.

“Hmm? This water… Could we possibly use this in the alchemy process for making–“

“Brendan, stop,” I interrupted him. “We’re on vacation. Just sit, relax and enjoy. No talking about work or training.”

He dropped the water back into the pool and gave me an embarrassed smile, “Of course, Master.”

“Papa! Warm!” Cai Hong squealed while seated on my lap.

Yes, Cai Hong was with us here as well.

Hey, you try saying no to a lolI dragon looking up at you with a tearful face saying “Papa, no bathy time with Cai Hong?”

I patted Cai Hong’s head while I sipped on my tea, placing the cup back on the wooden tray behind me.

Brendan helped me refill my cup before turning back to watch the sunrise.

The three of us watched as the world lit up around us quietly, tinged in the warm orange colours of the sun. Both the warmth from the sun and the water filled us with a relaxed, fuzzy feeling.

“This is nice,” Brendan muttered.

“It is nice,” I agreed.

“Ehehehe~ Papa, warm~” Cai Hong giggled.

“Mmhmm… It is warm,” I mumbled back in response.

Everything around us was quiet and tranquil, the only sound that could be heard was the flowing of the hot spring’s water.

Just as I was beginning to feel myself slipping into a peaceful trance, the sound of someone shrieking pierced through the air.

Both Brendan and I were on our feet almost instantly, only to stop ourselves from leaping over the hot spring’s wall when a voice followed the scream.

“Wow sister Diao Chan, I knew your breasts were big but not this big~” The unmistakable voice of Elaria came from over the wall.

“Iyaaa! Stop! That tickles!” The Witch shrieked back.

“Ufufufu~ Did my cute Kiyomi’s size grow recently? Shall this elder sister help you check?”

“St… Stop… Ahnn… Elder sister… Not there…”

“Do you think we should peek over the wall at Master?”

“This one does not think Master will appre– Oh what the hell?! I say we just do it!”

Ah, I guess on the other side of this wall was the mixed bathing area. At least the girls sound like they’re having fun.

I sat back down into the water, going back to trying to relax.

Brendan, however, had other ideas.

“I think I should get going first, Master.”

I frowned at him, “Nonsense. What? Are you shy of the girls peeking at you bathing? Relax, they won’t do it. Even if they did, I can just erect an invisibility barrier around us.”

“Umm… I still think it would be better if I left…”

“You’re too stressed Brendan. Come on, just sit down and relax. That’s what we came here for right? Just feel the hot water, don’t need to think about anything else.”

Cai Hong looked up at him, “Big ‘bwother’ Brendan ‘rwunnin’?”

Brendan sighed, “No, of course not. I’ll be in your care, Master.”

He sat back down in the water, joining me in admiring the sunrise again.

The girls were still making quite a bit of noise on the other side and from the sounds of the moans, they were most likely enjoying something other than the scenery.

Diao Chan did try to climb over the wall at one point but I flicked an air bullet that smacked her on the head, the Witch falling back behind the wall with yelp followed by a loud splash.

At least that gave them the message to stay on their side of the wall so Brendan, Cai Hong and I managed to enjoy the rest of our bath in solitude.

Yep, this feels nice.


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