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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 468: Small Torture Session Bahasa Indonesia


“Say that again?”

“Master Brendan was kidnapped… Master…” Liehui repeated, a little fearfully. “We were on our way to Jin city when a large group of people jumped on us… They grabbed Master Brendan and ran off before I could stop them…”

“How many?”

“At least two dozen of them… They came to us on horseback and grabbed Master Brendan. One of them attacked me and I managed to subdue him… If only I could save Master Brendan too…”

I shook my head, “It’s not your fault, there was nothing you could do against such a group, they were prepared.”

Liehui bowed her head, obviously still quite distraught about the matter.

I made my way towards the man who was bound up tightly in ropes with a cloth stuck in his mouth, presumably to prevent him from biting off his own tongue to kill himself.

Liehui managed to nab this guy off his horse and capture him before he managed to get away. I suppose the standard practice was for him to commit suicide to avoid leaking information so his comapanions prioritised in securing Brendan instead of rescuing him.

Speaking of which, didn’t we have a border guard set up already? How are these people entering our country as though we’re open to any visitors?

Hmm… The country of Sun has money, so they might have bribed their way in here, the country of Han has the excuse of furthering their research to enter here, but what about the people from the country of Mei?

I doubt they could threaten their way in here seeing Elaria’s army, so did they cooperate with the other two to get in?

Whatever, I can figure that out later, for now we’ll just question this guy.

“Leave him to me, you girls can go take a break.”

Lian Li looked at me worriedly, “But… To leave Master with a scoundrel like him… We won’t feel at ease, Master…”

I shook my head, “It’s fine. It’ll be hard to make him talk with all of you around after all.”

The girls looked at one another before bowing their heads.

“Understood Master.”

They left for their rooms, leaving me alone with the bound man in the courtyard in the middle of the night.

Alright, let’s see here…

First let’s set a Protective inscription around here to stop him from dying, then a pain amplifier inscription so that he can be a little more cooperative.

I moved to stand in front of him, “So, I kind of know that you’re most likely someone from the country of Mei. I can also just as easily tear out what you know from your mind but that’d just make you end up as a vegetable. I still have other uses for you but if I have to resort to that, I wouldn’t hesitate either. You’re gonna tell me what I want to know before that happens.”

I removed the cloth that was in his mouth.

He grinned at me before blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth, the man toppling over a few seconds later.

Hmm… Seems like he bit his tongue and used the blood to choke himself to death.

Oh well.

I took out a chair and settled myself down in front of him.

Light emanated from his body before he got restored to full health, though he was still bound by the ropes.

“What?” He gasped, a little confused.

“Yeah, got a nifty little inscription going on here. You’re not able to die without my say so now,” I explained to him.

I was about to start questioning him when his eyes seemed to lose focus again.

Hmmm… I guess this might take a while.

I waited for his body to rejuvenate again, the man blinking and looking around him in confusion.

“Welcome back. So how many times are you going to try? You really can’t die right now, you know?”

He ignored me and tried to kill himself again. Pretty sure the pain is amplified for him so the fact that he can do it consecutively is quite commendable I suppose.

Hmmm… Maybe doing this in my courtyard isn’t the right idea. Let’s take this somewhere else.

I teleported both of us into a cave, making sure the inscription is set up properly right before he regains consciousness again.

I could feel my clothes tighten up slightly, no doubt Xun Guan remembers where we are right now.

And as though on cue…

“Daaaarling! You came back! Is it play time?” Shizuri called out, trying and failing to come and hug me since one of her hands was still chained to the wall.

“Grrr… Stupid hand! If you’re going to stop me from going to darling…”

She grabbed her wrist with one hand while bracing both her feet on the wall, pushing against it with all her might.

The chains were enchanted to not break so if she did that…

There was the loud sound of flesh ripping as she tore off her wrist and leapt away from the wall, leaving a decapitated hand hanging on the chain.

Not even flinching at what she just did, she immediately tried to rush towards me with a missing hand.

“Daaarling! I missed you! Let me drink some of your blood please!”

I reached out and stopped her movements by freezing her in place, “Don’t come to me with that bleeding stump of yours.”

She looked down and seemed surprised that one of her hands was actually missing.

“Oh dear, how did that happen?” She mumbled, concentrating her Quarks to rejuvenate her hand back. “Now can I hug you?”

“No, who the hell do you think you are?”

“Ehehehe~ Darling being all cold is so hot~ Oh, did darling bring a new toy back?” Shizuri asked, looking at the guy who tried to kill himself for the sixth time.

“Hmmm… Quite persistent isn’t he? I thought he might give up after a few times but it seems he really doesn’t want to talk.”

Once again, he keeled over after killing himself the seventh time, only to be revived again.

Maybe I should resort to torturing him for a bit?

I turned to look at Shizuri who had been staring at me with eyes of desire since I appeared. Xun Guan was also feeling quite uncomfortable from her gaze even though it wasn’t directed at her.

“Oh, I know. Shizuri, how about you play with him for a bit?”

“Ehhhh? Why would I want to play with that disgusting insect? I’d much rather play with darling instead.”

“Oh, I don’t mean that kind of play. You see, I’m trying to get him to tell me some stuff, but he’s being quite obstinate. I’m not really in the mood to deal with this so why don’t you try and… Convince him? If you manage to do that, I’ll let you drink some of my blood.”

She gasped, “You will?! I’ll do it! I’ll do it, darling! Watch me!”

I pulled out a book from my storage ring, “Mmm… Just don’t break him, I still have uses for him.”

“Eehhh… Then it won’t be as fun…”

“As long as his mind is still intact at the end of it, you can do whatever you want with him.

“Hehehehe~ In that case.. Come here my little toy~”

Oh well, I’ll give them about half an hour or so.


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