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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 465: Unexpected Reunion Bahasa Indonesia


“Number sixty-nine is here, sir. If you require any assistance, just head to the back of the auction hall and talk to any of the ushers.”

“Ufufufu~ I wouldn’t mind Master in that position with me, maybe somewhere more private?” Manami whispered into my ear.

I thanked the young man before taking a seat in the chair assigned to me which happened to be the seat just next to the aisle.

Apparently slaves were meant to sit on the floor.

Manami and Kiyomi had no problems with this, both of them immediately settling by my feet with their arms and tails wrapped around my legs.

If I had to say, they were quite enjoying this for some reason.

I mean, they were already rubbing their faces on my thighs and their invisible tails were currently spread all over me, making sure I’m getting all the fluff I possibly could.

There was a small gap between the next seat on our left where an elderly man accompanied by a burly guard was seated, both of them paying me no mind as though this was a common sight.

I looked around the auction hall as more people came in. The hall was built in a half moon shape with tiered rows of seats all facing towards a large stage in the middle. I presume that would be where the goods will be displayed when the auction starts.

Middle class seats seem to be arranged to occupy the middle tier of the hall while the common seats were below and closest to the stage but also the most packed together with barely any space between them.

Small alcoves dotted the area above us, dotting the walls all the way towards the roof. I assume those should be where the high class seats are, giving the occupants privacy and space.

Kiyomi drew a circle with her finger on my thigh, “Is Master interested in buying anything? A new slave, perhaps?”

I shook my head, “I’m just here to see what they have. If anything catches my eye, I’ll consider it.”

Huh, I remember the last time I thought that while seated in an auction hall, I actually bought Cai Hong’s egg.

Oh well, what are the odds of it happening again?

“Oh, if you girls see something you like or something the others might want, just tell me, ok?”

“Ufufufu~ Master is too kind~ Spoiling us like that is no good, you know?” Manami giggled.

I patted their heads, “Mmm, but I do like to spoil you all, so let me do that, ok?”

Manami hugged my leg tighter, “Ufufufu~ Since Master said so, then be sure to spoil us a lot tonight~ Shall we find an inn somewhere later?”

“We will make sure to spoil Master lots too,” Kiyomi agreed, leaning her head on my thigh.

There was an awkward cough coming from the direction of the elderly man but we ignored it.

Soon enough, the auction hall was filled to the brim and a scantily clad woman in heels bounced up on stage.

“Hello dear sirs and madam! Welcome back to our Auction House! We hope you’ll find something you like today! As usual, I am your cute and lovable host, Yang Li!”

There was a roar of applause, most of them coming from the lower tier seats.

I guess they managed to make her into some sort of celebrity where people would even just pay to come and see her on stage even if they weren’t going to bid for anything.

I was a little distracted in stopping Manami and Kiyomi from trying to reach into my pants so I missed most of what she said after her entrance.

“Now without further ado! Let’s start with the first item of the day! This incredible carving was brought here all the way from…”

I tuned her out, shifting my attention to the statue that was brought out onto the stage.

It was just a normal stone carving which I suppose might interest the nobility which means I had no interest in it.

Thus I busied myself with patting my two cute disciples and fluffing their tails whenever I could.

The way they purred when I ran my hand through their tails were really, really cute.

A few more items went on display which I had no interest in, most of them being just decorations or jewellery that they claim to be from so and so famous craftsman from so and so place.

The elderly man beside me had taken a few bids though he hadn’t won anything yet. It seems like he’s not planning to spend more than a gold coin here.

I have most of my gold in my storage ring so I should be able to bid for anything that my disciples would want, but nothing caught their eye so far either.

I was just about to bury my face in Kiyomi’s fluffy tail when another item was brought out on stage.

“And next up! We have something wondrous that was brought here from the remains of the Death Mountains itself! This exquisite gemstone’s colours shift like a rainbow and is virtually unbreakable! Perfect to act as your home’s centrepiece to show off to your guests!”

I stopped myself, looking up to see an oval stone being brought on to stage.

No bloody way…

Two Myriad Colours Dragon eggs in a single lifetime?! That is definitely–

Wait, no.

That’s just a normal rainbow opal, not a dragon egg. Nevermind me, carry on.

I buried my face in Kiyomi’s tail, my white fox disciple squirming in pleasure when I did so.

Her invisible tails that were wrapped around me tightened as she did her best to hold in her moans.

So cute.

Of course I gave Manami the same treatment, the older sister of the two stifling her own moans by burying her face on my thigh.

Mmhmm, my disciples are indeed very cute.

“And gone! The rainbow opal stone goes to number eighty-six for two gold!”

The stone was carted off the stage.

The Yang Li girl took centre stage again, “Now, for all the masters out there, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Our first slave of the day is a young beauty found in the deserts of Mei!”

A slender girl with long, black hair was brought up on stage, her ankles and wrists locked with iron manacles.

“Careful with this one, my dear potential masters! This one has quite a bit of temper in her! She may look like a refined lady on the outside but she’s definitely a wild cat! It took four grown men to subdue her so you can be assured of her strength! Use her as a labour slave or if you are so inclined, why not have a go at breaking her? I’m sure you would definitely have fun with her! Just look at her curves and she–“

I tuned the announcer out when the slave girl tilted her head up and glared at the assembled crowd.

I sucked in a breath and held it.





That’s the crazy, demented, psycho Practitioner that tortured me in the Cloud Plane in my other life!!


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