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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 463: Slave Trade Is Legal Here Bahasa Indonesia


“State your name and business in the city.”

“I am Jeff, a merchant coming from the former country of Dong here to sell my wares. These two are servants of my company,” I answered him easily.

Manami and Kiyomi dutifully kept their heads slightly lowered and a step behind me to keep up the appearances. I even had them to hide most of their tails too or else they would appear monstrously strong to others.

It’s not like the tails are gone, Manami just turned the tails invisible which they conveniently used that fact to their favour by wrapping the invisible tails around me at all times. They are really, really fluffy so I didn’t mind it in the slightest.

“Heeeh, two fox youkais as servants? Must be a pretty big company you have huh?”

I grinned, “Yes, we specialise in cultivation materials and pills. Unfortunately with the situation back home… We’re forced to do business elsewhere.”

“Must be tough on you eh? Well, as long as you’re bringing in money, the city of Jianye welcomes you… But first, if you can let us see your wares, if you don’t mind? Just an inspection, nothing more.”

I nodded, beckoning Manami forward.

The guards openly leered at her but she paid them no heed, although her invisible tails had now snaked its way under my clothes which is probably where she had directed most of her attention to.

Xun Guan almost tried to stop my fox disciple from molesting me but I just whispered to let it happen since it’s not really a big deal.

I did stop her from going into my pants since now is not the time for that.

Manami raised her hand to show the storage ring on her finger, the gem on it glowing slightly as the materials appeared in front of her.

Since this was simply a recon trip, I’ve only brought the more common herbs and pills instead of those expensive ones just to test the waters here.

The guards then moved their attention away from her chest to inspect the herbs in front of them.

Maybe I should gouge their eyes out later?

I’ll remember their faces for now.

“Hmm… I’m no Practitioner, but I recognise some of these herbs… Should we get a Practitioner to verify these?” The guard asked his superior standing behind him.

“Nah, they’ll just make a fuss for wasting their time for something so simple. Let them through.”

The guard nodded at me, “Looks good. Go on in then, sir. Make sure your slaves don’t cause any trouble or we’ll need to arrest you as well.”



They think Manami and Kiyomi are my slaves? I guess in this part of the world slavery is still a thing since they are a way for making money too. I’m not sure how youkais are treated here but if they had automatically assumed them to be slaves, youkais might not be welcomed here as free people…

I’d thought the two girls would be unhappy to hear that but for some reason they’re blushing instead?


“Oh, since you’re not a registered citizen, you’ll need to pay the entrance fee of ten coppers per person.”

Well, it shouldn’t be that much of an issue since I’ll earn at least a few thousand fold back, so I just paid him the thirty coppers and entered the city without any other issue.

What? You thought there was going to be trouble at the gates where the guards would harass me and my disciples?

If a trade city as big as this had those kinds of guards, merchants would stop coming here you know?

But the fact they leered at my girls won’t be forgotten, I may beed to give them some lasting nightmares later…

“Ara, ara~ Master’s slave~ Is Master going to collar and play with me?” Manami whispered into my ear.

I smiled wryly at her, “Are you spending too much time with Diao Chan?”

“Sister has indeed spent quite a lot of time with our Witch lately,” Kiyomi agreed.

“Ufufufu~ I don’t deny that. Where are we going now, Master?”

“The auction house in the market district. It’s supposed to be a giant dome so it should be easy to find. Let’s ask one of the locals.”

I approached one of the stalls that looked to be selling small jewellery by the main street. Most of the things there looked to be quite simple but they were all well made.

“Shopkeeper, how much for these two necklaces?” I asked, pointing to two such pieces that looked to have a ruby and quartz inlaid within.

“Oh, good eye there, mister. Those are made from master craftsman Lee, I’ll charge you a silver apiece.”

I easily took out the two silvers and passed it over to him. He was going to wrap the necklaces up for me but I stopped him with a raised hand.

I presented the necklaces to my two fox disciples, “I think this would look great on you two.”

“Ara, ara? Master, you shouldn’t have~”

“Mmm… A gift from Master, I will definitely treasure it.”

“Haha, you sure treat your slaves well, young man. Is that how you keep them so well behaved?”

I turned back to the shopkeeper, “Hmm? Whatever do you mean?”

“Eh? To ask such a question… I guess mister customer must not be from around here. Most of the slaves here are freshly brought in from the country of Mei to be broken in, so usually the youkai slaves we see walking around aren’t that well behaved. You don’t even have them on a leash too, your slaves must be very well trained.”

I see… So the people from Mei must be using their military to subjugate the youkais and selling them as slaves to the country of Sun, who in turn train them to be obedient slaves to sell for profit.

Manami took a step forward, “Our Master is indeed a very respectable man. No one else can compare to Him.”

“Hahaha, well mannered too. If I wasn’t married, I’d be totally jealous of you, mister customer.”

I laughed, “Haha, I am proud of them. Oh, do you happen to know where the auction house is?”

The shopkeeper perked up, “Heeeh~ Having these two slaves aren’t enough for you? Must be nice to be young! I suppose you want to know where the Grand Auction House is and not just any of the other smaller ones?”

I nodded, not commenting on the fact that he got my intention all wrong. I suppose it should be a natural thing to assume that the auction houses around here also dealt with slaves as their merchandise.

“In that case, just take a right turn after the intersection there. You will see the entrance to the market district. Walk a bit more down the road and you should see a dome shaped building. It’s the biggest building around so you can’t miss it.”

“Oh, thank you very much.”

“Hahaha, it’s my pleasure mister customer! If you need more trinkets for me, don’t hesitate to stop by!”

“I will, take care now.”

I left the stall with a wave and followed his directions with my two fox disciples behind me, both of them now admiring the necklaces that I just bought for them.

On the way there, there just so happens to be a carriage passing by us with a cage full of people as its cargo.

Within said cage were youkais of various races all chained up and huddled together, looking quite pathetic.

No one around paid them any mind as though such a scene was the most natural of occurrences.

Of course, neither did I.

The problems of others are not for me to care after all, what’s important is just whether my disciples are happy.

Did I feel a need to save them? Not at all.

As blunt as it might sound, but such is the fate of the weak.

There is no place for me to step in, at least, not in this stage. I have no place for such compassion after what I’ve experienced in the other two Planes.

I know full well how it was like to be in such a place and even if some self-righteous person comes in and breaks them free, it’s not like all their problems will be solved with that.

Where would they go? What can they do?

They wouldn’t even be able to get out of this city without getting caught and there’s no way I’m buying their freedom out of the goodness of my heart either. I would much rather use my money on my cute disciples instead, thank you very much.

However… If my disciples decide to be the ones to save these poor souls from their sad fate. they would have my full support. I would even burn this country to the ground if that would be what helps them.

Ah, I shouldn’t be distracted. Now… Where is that dome shaped building…


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