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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 454: Let’s See How Much My Cute Disciples Have Grown! Bahasa Indonesia


Two days passed really quickly and now I’m back in the outskirts of the Dong’s capital city.

This time, I’m not alone though, since I’ve brought all my disciples with me.

“My apologies, Master Lin… Even though you’ve given me two days… It seems there’s just a few stubborn ones who refuse to leave the city even with my order…” The former king of Dong Tian Ya apologized.

I could sense my disciples were sending him looks of disapproval.

Thankfully I didn’t bring Guiying along and left her back at our camp. Or else the Queen might have taken the opportunity to push for more things which might have involved me.

I figured out she really wants me to occupy the position of kingship for some reason. Usually when I deny her something, she would just pout at me and drop it in favour of something else.

Yet this thing in particular she was not budging in the slightest bit.

Even though she said she will give up, I could tell from the look in her eyes that she has in fact, not given up at all.

Oh well, I just need to continue denying the position until she gets the idea I suppose.

Putting that aside for now, I still need to address the issue of some citizens refusing to leave the city.

“So have you tried using force?” I asked.

Tian Ya sighed, “I would prefer not to harm my own people… But yes, I did send soldiers to try and threaten them to leave but they merely barricaded themselves in…”

“Do they even know what is going to happen to the city?”

“They do not believe anyone is capable of levelling a city in a day, Master Lin.”

Not sure if these people are just stupid, considering Elaria’s bombardment effectively ruined the city in a single day.

“Right, so I just need to scare them into packing their bags right?”

He nodded, “If it is not too much to ask for, Master Lin, that those dissenters not lose their lives over this, seeing that they will be your people from today onwards…”

Ugh, even he is treating me like the new king of this place already. I already told you, I just want my simple, easy life!


Right, let’s see now… Something big enough to get them to scramble out of their hidey holes… Oh but of course, there’s only one thing that comes to mind.

I unfurled the map of the city in front of me, “Where did you say they were holed up in again?”

“The north western of the city, near the palace.”

Hmmm… At that distance… The safest and most effective point of impact would be… Right about here?

I snapped my fingers and the city was covered in a giant shadow.

It took a few seconds before loud screams came from the city from those who had looked up.

Of course, there’s nothing more effective than a giant rock falling from the sky to get people to run away.

Also, once that thing lands, the new base for Heaven Sect can be established there too.

Two birds with one stone.

Except the stone for this is really, really big. Heheheh.

The colour from Tian Ya’s face drained when he saw the giant meteor heading straight for the city.

“Ma… Master Lin! This… This isn’t a joke!”

“Hmm? I never said this was one did I? Relax, it’ll be fine.”

From here, we could see a large group of people frantically scurrying out of several buildings in the location Tian Ya had pointed out. Most of them had run out with only the clothes on their backs but there were still the few obstinate ones pulling or pushing along wagons filled with their belongings.

I guess a giant rock over their heads was still not enough for them to put aside their material possessions.

I peeked behind me to see my disciples had all donned sunglasses and were watching the flaming rock descend with popcorns in their hands.

Where the hell did they even get those? Must be Elaria.

“Ara, ara? Does Master want some? Mine is sugared~” Manami offered me.

Well don’t mind if I do.

Mmm, sweet.

The meteor crashed down just right outside the city walls, rocking the earth beneath our feet and throwing up a giant cloud of dust.

I waved my hand and the dust cloud was quickly sucked back towards the meteor before dissipating into nothingness. While the earthquake was still present, the city was not damaged in any way either, allowing those people to safely evacuate.

If one were to strain their eyes, they might notice that the city was actually being protected by an almost invisible barrier around it.

“Did… Did Master Lin put up that shield?” Tian Ya asked.

“Oh? You can see it? That’s quite an impressive eyesight you have there,” I complimented him. “But yes, like I said, there’s no need to worry.”

“I… I see… As expected of Master Lin…”

“Papa cool! Papa big ‘bwoom’! Bigger than Cai Hong’s ‘bwoom’!” Cai Hong cheered, hugging my waist.

Oh what is my little dragon talking about? She’s so cute. Of course I had to pat her head for being so cute.

I turned back to face the former Dong King, “Now, those were the only group of people still in the city right?”

He nodded silently.

“In that case, the rest is yours,” I told my first disciple, Lian Li.

“Yes, Master!” She complied enthusiastically, flying up into the sky.

It’s been a while since she has been with me and I figured this would be a good time to see how much she has progressed.

With the empty city as her target, she was supposed to show me her strongest Technique that she could muster to destroy the city. I don’t really expect her to actually destroy everything, but just merely to show me how much she had grown.

Then I would get Manami to show me hers next and so on. Of course I’m not expecting Elaria and Brendan to do much here since this isn’t their specialty.

Then once they’re done, I would finish up whatever that’s left standing there.

Lightning began gathering around her as she charged up her Technique, the clouds above the city turning a sinister dark grey in colour.

While waiting, I decided to ask Tian Ya, “So I realised your people are quite loyal to you who seems to have been quite the tyrant. Care to explain why?”

He pursed his lips, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this… The tyrant king before me whose name shall never be mentioned had done worse things to the people. We had been conspiring to get rid of him for a very long time. I dare say your disciple, Diao Chan, was instrumental in their collapse.”

“Yes, she did give me a summary of the events that happened here.”

He nodded, “I managed to bring peace and stability to the country for a bit, until the Dark Sect came and–“

Before he could finish his words, a giant pillar of lightning engulfed the entire city in its electrifying embrace.

What in the world?


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