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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 451: I Said No Bahasa Indonesia



“Mou!! But it’s a good position, Master!” Guiying pouted at me while waving her hands in front of her.

“I said no. Not interested.”

Lian Li poked her fingers together, “Does… Master really not want to be king?”

I patted her head, “If I took up such a position, that will just mean I have less time for all of you, you know?”

After enduring their pleas for me to become the new king of this land, I tactfully brought them indoors and out of earshot from Queen Guiying’s convoy so that we can talk more freely.

That’s why Guiying is acting like a cute, pouty girl instead of the dignified Queen she was a few moments ago.

Guiying rushed up to wrap her arms around mine, “But Master~~ You wouldn’t even need to do anything! I’ll handle everything! I’ve got everything planned out you know? First I’ll establish the Empire of Beiyang, then assign you as the new King of these lands and appoint you as my vassal. Then with your status elevated into nobility, I’ll arrange a marriage between us and then you can be the new Emperor and me as your Empress!”

“Marriage?!!” My girls screeched together.

“We never agreed on such a thing!” Lian Li protested.

Manami pulled me back and away from Guiying, “Ara? Does little Guiying think she can take Master away from us like that? How daring of you.”

Eris crossed her arms, “Ya never said anythin’ ’bout dis marriage business! If dat’s da case, da deal’s off!”

Guiying raised her hands, “It’s just going to be a political marriage! I’m not going to take Master away of course!”

Lian Li hugged me, “Noooo!! That would mean you’ll be Master’s wife! Never!! If… If Master wants to marry… Ma… Marry me!!”

Oh dear…

I’ve still yet to process Guiying’s words and I’m already hit by Lian Li’s proposal.

Manami hugged me tighter, “Master is our destined mate. Thus we were already married, aren’t we, Master?”

Why are you asking me?

I felt a tug on my shirt and I looked down to see Cai Hong looking up at me with her sparkly eyes while sucking on a finger.

“Papa ‘mawwy’ Cai Hong?”

No, Cai Hong, why?

Diao Chan suddenly hugged my waist, “Master! Master! I don’t mind being your Mistress! No, please let me be your Mistress! Just abuse me from time to time and I will be happy~ Ehehehe~”

Was I even expecting anything different from her?

Kiyomi caressed my cheek, “Mmm… It is natural for the strong to be attracted to the strong. Only someone who is strong enough should be Master’s bride. Naturally, that means me, right, Master?”

Please don’t say that… The other girls might get other ideas you know?

“Ehehe~ of course Onii-sama will choose his cutest imouto to marry right? We did pinky promise after all!” Elaria giggled, hugging me from behind.

I have no recollection of that. Don’t tell me that was the promise I made with you that I’ve forgotten about?! Godamnit younger me!

Ugh, look, Brendan looks extremely awkward now, how am I supposed to salvage this situation?

“Ok, stop,” I ordered, clapping my hands together to get their attention. “I never agreed to this marriage thing and I most certainly do not wish to be king either. I’m sorry Guiying, but you’re gonna have to find someone else to manage this part of the Empire.”

Guiying poked her fingers together, “Master wouldn’t have needed to do anything you know… I would happily rule in your stead… Just call me ‘honey’ or ‘darling’ once in a while would have been enough for me…”

“I would still need to marry you right? Sorry but no.”

“Weeeh?! Is the thought of marrying me that bad, Master?”

“No, it’s more of me not wanting to marry. It’s not like I am a noble with a name to pass down anyway…”

Elaria tilted her head, “But Onii-sama is part of the Lindulf Family… Onii-sama is already a noble you know?”

I shook my head, “Uh-uh, I’m not. I got disowned, remember?”

My little sister pouted at me, “Mou!! I already announced to everyone that Onii-sama is the new head of the House you know?”

“Why did you even do that?”

She puffed up her cheeks cutely, “Since the infi… I mean, since father and elder brother are deceased, it’s natural that Onii-sama is the next Head right?”

I sighed, “That only works if I’m still part of the Family you know? Father disowned me when I left. Not to mention Mother is still missing.”

Also, doesn’t ‘Onii-sama’ mean elder brother? Why does she refer to me and my elder brother differently?

“Mou! Then! Erm… As acting Head, I reinstate Onii-sama as a member of the Lindulf Family! And then renounce my position as Head so Onii-sama is the new Head!”

This girl really just does what she wants huh? I guess that’s my sister for you.

Elaria then tilted her head at me, “Also, Okaa-sama came back already, you know?”

I stared at her, “When?”

“A few weeks after the infi… Ahem, A few weeks after father and elder brother passed away.”

“Why would she come back then? I thought she hated us?”

“Umm… She hated them for throwing you out, Onii-sama. Maybe you should go visit home sometimes, Okaa-sama misses you a lot.”

Why do I feel like there’s going to be even more family drama if I do go back there?

“Well, I’m still going to say no to marriage even so, by the way,” I told them.

“Awww…” My disciples groaned.

“Now, now. That shouldn’t be the main issue here now right? We’re here to talk about the Dong’s surrender. Not the possibility of marrying me off.”

Guiying puffed her cheeks, “Muuu… I’m still not giving up though! If not marriage… Then… Hmph! I’ll think of something!”

I patted her head, “I am still occupying the position as your Royal tutor after all. Just let me know if I can help you with anything else.”

She brightened up pretty quickly hearing that, “Really?! I’ll remember that, Master!”

“Yes, yes. Now can we get back to the terms of surrender? It would be great if this whole stupid war was over so we can go back home.”

Everyone looked at me and smiled.

Eh? Why are they looking at me like that?

Peace is much better right?

Guiying took a second to compose herself, “I guess we should get going then. The King of Dong has agreed to meet us five miles outside of here in about an hour’s time. We will discuss the terms of surrender there.”

Brendan looked a little concerned, “You sure this isn’t a trap? You know? To lure us there and hold us hostage or something?”

Elaria raised an eyebrow, “If it is, they would be the dumbest people we’ve met. Onii-sama is going with us, after all. What’s more, I have a dozen artillery units prepped to fire at any time.”

“Ah… I guess we’re set then,” Brendan commented, looking at me.

I shrugged, “Well, let’s just get this done and over with.”

Yep, let’s just get this peace treaty signed and we’re good to go home and back to the simple daily life!


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