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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 448: See? Nothing Happened Bahasa Indonesia


Three pairs of eyes immediately turned to me when I entered the room.

Those three must be the envoys the captain mentioned.

One of them was a head taller than everyone else, though he was also thinner than everyone else. He looked like a scholar judging from his spectacles and clean, white robes. He even had a thick, leather bound book cradled in his hands to complete the look.

The second one looked more like a soldier dressed up as a politician than anything else. He was big, burly and his muscles seemed to be bursting out of his clothes. Every visible part of his skin was also marred with a scar of some sort and he was the only one armed with a sword at his waist.

The third was the only woman amongst them, dressed in a very flamboyant dress that reeked of wealth. It was hard to tell what she really looked like since the makeup on her face was as thick as a city’s wall, pretty sure an arrow would bounce right off that foundation on her face.

“So… Who might you be?” The scholarly looking one asked.

I raised my hand in greeting, “I’m a doctor.”

“Hmmm? You’re not the doctor I remember coming in just a few hours ago,” The woman pointed out, staring at me with her chin tilted upwards.

I smiled at her, “Yes, I’m the new one. Don’t worry about it.”

The muscled guy snorted, “Hmph, if that Captain Jian let you in here then what you say must be true. Not that I care anyway.”

What’s up with these people though? It’s already weird that they let another country’s envoy stay in the same room with their king without supervision in the first place.

Maybe they’re friends or something?

Oh whatever, I’m not here to get involved in politics. Just heal the king and go, yep, yep.

I uncorked the pill bottle and walked to the unconscious Dong king’s side.

The scholarly looking guy sighed, “Hey, if you’re planning to poison him, let us leave the room first ok? I’d hate to be a suspect of a crime like that.”

Uwaa… Guess they aren’t really friends if he can say such a thing so casually…

“I’m really just here to heal him ok?” I assured him.

He snorted at me, “Hmph, to not even be able to handle a small backwater country and ending up like that, this country really is useless. I’m not even sure why I even bother to come here.”

The woman took out a paper fan and started fanning herself, “That is true… At this point, this place isn’t even fit enough to maintain our trade routes anymore. What a blunder.”

The muscled man laughed, “Hahaha! That’s right! This would be the perfect time for my country to mobilise our armies! We’ll take over this place in a decade at most!”

Hmm? That long? Last I heard, Elaria said even without the king surrendering, we would have conquered their capital in another week or two, making this war only last for two months ever since it started. Wonder why he’s so proud to admit a decade is required for him?

No, no, no… What this guy said should be the normal thing… It’s Elaria that’s the abnormal one.

Ah… Since I’m her brother and teacher… That means I’m also abnormal by extension.

Then again, I suppose I’ve never been normal. Damn.

Oh well, whatever, being a Master at my age is already weird anyway, can’t complain much.

I got closer to the king and inspected him for the first time in a while.

Woah… Yep. He’s in pretty bad shape.

Looks like he lost an arm and both legs, the bandage tied around his head also suggested his left eye may be gone too. His remaining arm also looked to be crushed beyond repair, amputating it might have been a better alternative.

Oh well, my healing pill should be able to get him back into shape as long as he isn’t dead yet.

I raised his head and popped the pill into his mouth, tilting him back to help him swallow it.

The pill took effect almost immediately, the bandages loosening up before falling away to reveal newly grown limbs. Even age old scars and marks faded away into nothingness, as though he was reborn anew.

I stoppered my pill bottle and took a step back, only to realise those three envoys had rushed to the king’s side and were staring at him with wide eyes.

“This… Miracle Cure?! It can’t be!” The scholarly looking one gasped.

“Truly! This trip may not be a wasted one after all!” The woman chuckled.

“Hmm… Such a treasure, it would definitely be worth a war over.”

Hey, hey, hey… What the hell are those dangerous words coming out of your mouths? I definitely don’t like the sound of that.

The three of them suddenly turned to face me with scary eyes.

The woman smacked her fan against her palm, “An annual salary of ten thousand gold with an upfront advanced payment of twenty thousand gold if you renounce your country and come back with me to serve the country of Sun. We will make sure you will live the life of luxury. Be it food, gold or even women can be provided for your services.”

The scholarly one pushed up his glasses and opened his book, “If you’re not interested in meaningless gold, I can arrange a spot within our Han Imperial Institute as one of the Head Researchers. You would be able to research any subject to your liking and access the knowledge of a million scholars gathered over centuries of research.”

Next was the muscular guy who slammed the table with his fist, “Bah! A life of degeneracy where you’re kept locked up like a bird in a cage, or a life stuck behind walls of paper and boring people? Come with me back to Mei and when we take over the world, you can have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything you want! This I can assure you!”

“Thanks but no thanks, not interested,” I waved them off, stepping towards the door now that my job is done.

The muscular guy growled, “You… Do you think you’ll have a good life after rejecting us like that? I’m pretty sure a smart guy like you know the Dongs won’t last long. You’ll be dead if you hang on to them.”

I smiled, “I never said I was a citizen of Dong, did I? I’m from Beiyang. I’m just here to heal up the king so that he can surrender.”

The muscled guy frowned, “Beiyang? You… How? What are you even doing here? Is your country not at war?!”

“Didn’t you hear me? I told you I’m just here to heal up that guy so that he can surrender. No point in killing his people when it’s already clear they’ve already lost and just needed someone to sign the papers.”

I gave them a backward wave before leaving the room, the three of them still gaping at me even after the door closed.

See? Easy. Now to get back to my cute disciples and pamper them all night~


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