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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 432: Unexpected Resistance Bahasa Indonesia

(Elaria POV)

The battle started out as expected.

The Dongs started marching in a straight line towards us, their heavy infantry at the front with their cavalry at the flanks.

We’re not sure if this General Han even read the reports on what our army was capable of or he had complete faith in his men.

Or maybe he actually did believe god was on his side.

Either way, completely foolish of him.

If one clings too hard to tradition and refuses to innovate, they only have death to look forward to, whether it be a literal death or a figurative one.

What made it worse for that General was that we occupied the crest of a hill, meaning we had the high ground. This battle was over before it even started.

I was assuming that he was trying to bait us out of our advantageous position with this seemingly reckless charge, but it looked like he was actually committed to this attack.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I brought up my radio receiver, “Bring the rain.”

The sound of cannon fire echoed in the distance, the shells of several two hundred and forty millimeter M-one howitzer emplacements sailing overhead towards the amassed enemy forces.

They only had time to look up before the first salvo of shells landed on them, the explosions tearing through their ranks.

I let the forward observers take over the fire corrections and adjusted my radio’s frequency to the ground units.

“Alright, let’s clean this up. All tanks, light them up!”

All the tank divisions rolled up to the top of the hill to point their turrets downwards, firing down their explosive shells on the Dong army below them.

Infantrymen had also taken up their spots beside the tanks, laying down gunfire on their targets as well.

For the moment, it looked like this battle would just be a repeat of the many victories we had. I even tried to see if I could find that stupid General in the carnage to try and shoot him myself.

It was only then did I realise there was something wrong with this battle when the Dong soldiers weren’t running away or even scattering and instead, single mindedly marching themselves up the hill.

Had they no fear?

Why were they just walking straight into the meat grinder?

I scanned the battlefield again with my binoculars and found out why.

The ones that had fallen were picking themselves back up from the ground to continue their march towards us, their wounds rapidly regenerating.

A Dong soldier had his head blown clean off by a tank shell, the body falling onto the ground. Within seconds, a new head had grown out from the neck and the soldier stood back up as though nothing had happened.

“No wonder that clown was so confident…” Lian Li muttered. “He has an immortal army… Is this the so-called ‘god’ blessing them?”

“Isn’t this a problem for us?” Eris asked, a little concerned.

Indeed, even blasting them into tiny pieces didn’t seem to work since they would just flow back together and reform again like liquid.

“It must be hell for these soldiers though, to die again and again just to reform back. Wouldn’t wish this fate on anyone else,” Diao Chan commented dryly.

“I think we should be concerning ourselves about what we should do now?” Manami pointed out.

Their army was already halfway up the hill, my forces trying their best to hold back the tide as much as they could but our lines would eventually be overrun at this rate.

This reminds me of those zombie stories Onii-sama used to tell me~

I picked up my radio receiver again, “KV-Eights! Switch to flamethrowers! Flammenwefer units! Move up and burn those maggots!”

My troops hurried to obey and the hill was soon covered with huge swathes of fire shot out from the various flamethrowers units.

Unexpectedly, Manami stepped up and joined in, tossing a fireball that exploded in the centre of a group of Dong soldiers.

Unfortunately, even the fire only managed to slow them down a little as they still reformed back after the fire sputtered out.

“Damn them… I don’t suppose silver bullets work on these things?” I wondered aloud.

“It’s too late for regrets now little girls!” The Dong’s General shouted from behind his advancing troops, a sadistic grin on his face. “I’m going to make good on my promise of making you suffer!”

I gritted my teeth and was about to give the order for retreat when Manami grabbed me on the arm.

“Look,” She instructed, pointing a finger towards the Dong army.

I turned to see where she was pointing at, taking a second to realise that she was showing me where her fireball had exploded.

Mmm? Did she want someone to praise her for her efforts?

No wait…

Sister Manami managed to materialise and cast her Technique… That means there is no anti-Technique barrier active.

What’s more… Those burned by her fire remained dead?

“Of course!” I exclaimed, clapping excitedly. “We’re so used to them using anti-Technique shields that we forgot about using it against them! This must be some sort of Technique they are using and they can’t utilise the anti-Technique barrier since it will disable their rejuvenation Technique as well!”

Lian Li cracked her knuckles, “Then that means we finally get a chance to show off. Let’s not waste this chance, sisters.”

Golden streaks of Lightning gathered around Lian Li and the sky darkened, the Dong soldiers pausing in their tracks to look up at the sudden change in weather.

Lian Li raised her hand up before bringing it down, causing a bolt of lightning to strike right in the centre of the Dong army and obliterating a large group of them. Every single one that were struck by that lightning vaporised immediately.

Those guys stayed dead.

I gave the cease fire order for my troops as my sisters dived right into the Dong army, each of the girls cutting down hundreds of them by themselves with ease.

Lian Li’s Lightning easily disintegrates every single Dong soldier she struck while Manami continued burning those in front of her into ashes.

Eris imbued her own blade with Quarks and proceeded with her own massacre with Diao Chan beside her, the Witch casting her Spells to wreak havoc in their ranks.

Kiyomi was also following her sister’s example of disintegrating her enemies by flash freezing them before shattering the frozen Dongs, not even looking at her victims twice.

The Dong soldiers themselves most likely also forgot that we had Practitioners on our side and they started panicking when they realised they could actually be killed.

Despite that stupid General Han trying to rally his troops to fight back against my sisters, his forces were already done for.

Unless a miracle happens for him, there was no way he could turn this battle around.

Guess this is another easy victory for us.

I wonder how Brendan is doing?


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