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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 430: The Dragon In The Little Girl’s Body Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)

Big sis Elaria’s ‘twanks’ are so fun!

They go ‘bwoom’ ‘bwoom’ like that and Papa’s enemies go whoosh!

Cai Hong likes seeing Papa’s enemies go whoosh!

Big sis Elaria made the bad city go boom! Then big brother Brendan and sister Sylphy can ‘escwape’ and find Papa!

Big brother Brendan and sister Sylphy will save Papa from the bad men!

Those bad men…

Those bad men took Papa away from Cai Hong…

Ḯ̶̲ ̵̖̓́w̴̡̦̩̹͒͐͋i̵̜͈̊͑̓̈́ļ̶̘̜̣͊͂̊l̸̤̫̦̿ͅ ̵̯̈́ķ̶̪̇͆̕i̸͔͌́̎͐l̶̨̫̦͂̎̄̒l̸͚̰͐̔̂͝ ̶̤̠̓e̷̠̠̙͋́̒a̸̧̘̱̩̓̌̚̕c̶̱̜͕͂̆h̶̰́͛̂ ̶̻͍͆̒̀ã̷͈̟̀n̵͉̟͓̑͠d̶͙̭̪̄͠ ̴̛̰̀̉̉e̴̙͂v̷̳̓͆͌̉ë̸̱͚͇̖́̈́̽͘r̸͇̊̍̀y̶͓̣̓͊ ̸͕͗͋ő̶̟̯n̴̪͎͂̈́͝e̶͇͍̠͇̅̉̌ ̴̝̟̺͛̏o̴͈̼̓̅f̸̯͚͉̂̆͜ ̸̛̤̞̓̏͗t̸̯͕͎́͗͝h̷̖̊̿͗̈́e̵̢͖̬̐̽̾̈ṃ̷̃́

“Are you sure about this, Elaria? I know it’s Cai Hong but…”

“Oh, relax sister Lian Li. Little Cai Hong was also learning alongside me, wasn’t she? She’ll be fine.”

“Ara? But to give her access to a weapon on top of command over a platoon… Master might throw a fit if He learns of it.”

“Mou! Even you, sister Manami? I think we all know that little Cai Hong doesn’t need any weapons. Besides, she’s the one that picked it, I’m not going to say no to her!”

Cai Hong raised the big gun, “‘Rwifle’! ‘Rwifle’!”

Cai Hong got a ‘rwifle’! This thing can go boom boom too! Cai Hong helped a lot to make big city’s bad people go whoosh!

Big sis Lian Li patted Cai Hong’s head, “Fair enough. In that case, what is our next move? The city here is secured and you got some people building something around the plains that you don’t want to tell us what. Are we digging in here or pushing on?”

“Oh, we’re definitely pushing on!” Big sis Elaria laughed. “But before that, we have a company of light cavalry heading towards us, most likely a raiding group to disrupt our supply lines and to cut us off.”

“Muuu? Bad men? Cai Hong make them go whoosh?”

Big sis Elaria nodded at Cai Hong, “That was what I was going to ask. Does Cai Hong want to make those bad men disappear?”

“Cai Hong go! Cai Hong go!”

Cai Hong ran up to the big table where there was a biiiig map, “Bad men where?”

Big sis Elaria pointed at a part of the map, “Our scouts report that they are travelling from an encampment in the east. After our victory in leveling their trade city, the Dongs have been trying to pull their scattered military groups back to regroup. This encampment should be no different except they thought to delay us by initiating a strike at our backs first.”

Big sis Elaria pointed to another part of the map, “They are expected to go through the plains and cut through this valley where our mobile column won’t be able to intercept them in time. Since our rear is still not fortified yet, they could run down the infantry stationed there and burn our supplies before leaving the same way they came to regroup with their main force.”

Cai Hong sucked on a lollipop that Papa had left Cai Hong. Cai Hong misses Papa… Cai Hong wants Papa to come back soon.

Big sis Elaria looked at Cai Hong, “They are lightly armed with most likely a few bows scattered through the group, should be nothing to worry about. Your orders are to take your platoon, go there and wipe those riders out. Understood, Lieutenant Cai Hong?”

Cai Hong saluted like how big sis Elaria taught Cai Hong, “Lieutenant Cai Hong! Moving out!”


(A soldier of Elaria’s ‘Love-love Onii-sama” army)

“We got report from HQ! Enemy light cavalry unit approaching us from the valley! ETA five minutes! They’re aiming for the supplies!”

My squad and I looked up at Charles who had burst into our tent with the news.

“Five minutes? How many of them are there?” I asked.

He shook his head, “Not good, Mason… At least forty of them are headed this way.”

I grabbed my rifle and helmet, “By the Great Onii-sama… Our rear support troops aren’t here to reinforce yet. Four of us isn’t enough to hold them back from destroying these supplies!”

“We could prepare some claymores,” My buddy, Nelson, suggested.

“No time… They should already be in the valley, they’ll reach us before we set it up and even if we do, we’ll get caught up in the explosions when they come out and trigger them,” Our last member, Joseph, calculated.

I gritted my teeth, “If that is what must be done to secure the supplies… So be it. We fight and die for our Great Onii-sama! Let’s kill those bastards who dared lay a hand on our God!”


All of us picked up our claymores and rushed out of the tent, prepared to make the sacrifice in the name of the Great Onii-sama.

Before we could get into position though, Charles stopped us, his hand reaching for his headset.

“Say that again, Command? Are you sure? I… Understood!”

He took off his headset and smiled at us, “The Great Onii-sama still watches over us! General Elaria Onee-sama has pulled an elite aerial unit to wipe out those heathens! We just need to hold our ground!”

Just as those words left his lips, a gale of wind blew past us.

We looked up to see a small girl blowing past us with a rainbow trail behind it, the girl heading straight towards the valley.

Right behind her was what I assume to be a platoon of Practitioners trying their best to keep up with her.

Not a moment later, there was the sound of laughter and gunshots ringing through the valley.

The laughter was more like a child’s laughter, like a kid enjoying their time playing in the sandbox which somehow made it a little worse.

The Practitioners caught up a second later, right as the explosions and screams joined the sound of laughter from within.

We crested a small hill to get a better look, all of us spying through our binoculars to inspect the valley and trying to find out what exactly was going on in there.

Through the lenses, I saw the little girl firing down on the riders with a look of glee on her face, sometimes dropping down to cut their heads off with what looked like claws on her hands.

Her Practitioner backup seemed to be staying well away from her, obviously letting her do most of the destruction as though more afraid of her than the enemy itself.

Within just a few dozen seconds, the light cavalry unit had lost half their numbers and turned on their heels to retreat back the way they came, not even looking back.

The little girl flew back up into the air, waving her hands around like some sort of signal.

As though on cue, a part of the valley in front of those riders collapsed, blocking their escape route.

Not a second later, the same thing happened behind them, effectively locking them in.

I felt a shiver go down my spine as the little girl floated down slowly to them, her cheerful laughing echoing within the valley.

Even though she was so far away, I could hear her words as though she was whispering them beside my ear.

“Enemies of Father… I will kill you all very, very, slowly.”

Great Onii-sama, protect us.


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