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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 425: They’re Gonna Get It Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

All of us are now gathered inside the war room with the map of Dong spread out on the war table in the centre of the room.

For some reason, Elaria had changed her clothes into some weird looking green outfit with black boots and a peak cap. I’m guessing it’s a military uniform of some sort.

I’m assuming it’s also due to Elaria’s doing but little Cai Hong was wearing one as well. I’m not sure if Master will have a heart attack or would find Cai Hong cute wearing such a thing since she had a very serious face while wearing it.

My bet is on the latter.

“This is war, correct?” Elaria asked, as though just making sure she wasn’t mistaking it for something else.

Guiying nodded, “They dared to lay their hands on Master… We will not be silent about this. I’ve already issued a mobilization order to all Houses and the Sects. We are going to war for Master, anyone who does not answer this call to arms would definitely be traitors. No one will dare not answer this call to arms.”

Elaria’s smile turned sinister, “So what type of war will it be? A ‘leave no prisoners and kill everyone and everything’ war?”

Queen Guiying leaned against the war table, “Of course… If they ignore our warnings… They deserve no mercy. We shall burn their mongrel hides!”

Lian Li crossed her arms, “But what if they use Master as a shield?”

Kiyomi frowned, “We will need to save Master first before we actually launch our invasion. Assuming those Dong dogs don’t come here first.”

Diao Chan nodded her head, “Time is of the essence. If we delay in saving Master, the Dongs might do something to Him when we start the war. But if we try to save Master first, we’ll no doubt be subjected to the invasion ourselves.”

“Perhaps… Ufufu… We send someone to infiltrate their country to save Master at the same time we invade?” Manami suggested, her eyes gleaming.

“Save Papa!” Cai Hong volunteered, waving her hand enthusiastically.

“No, Master would have a stroke if little Cai Hong shows up there,” Eris sighed, patting the loli dragon on the head.

I scratched my chin, “The fact that Master was not able to escape and we weren’t able to contact Him might mean they truly did have a way to suppress the manipulation of Quarks completely. In that case, a Practitioner might not be the best choice for it.”

“Then I will go. I know the country better anyway,” Diao Chan volunteered.

“Your Spells also involve the manipulation of Quarks, Diao Chan,” Lian Li pointed out.

“Then me!” Eris suggested, pointing her thumb at her chest proudly.

Guiying shook her head, “Normally that would be a good idea, but I’m afraid we require all of you to help push the frontlines when the war is mounted. We need to claim as much ground as we can before the Dongs can dig in.”

I pursed my lips, “I’ll go then. I won’t be of much help in the front lines other than just being a medic which anyone else is able to do with my potions and pills. If the Dongs do have a way to suppress Quarks, my potions will still be able to be effective against them as well.”

The girls looked at one another before turning back to me.

Lian Li gave me a look of concern, “Are you sure? You’ll be alone and without support deep within enemy lines. We don’t even know where Master is and if anything happens, you won’t get any support either.”

I nodded, “I am aware. But I don’t think there’s anyone more suitable for this job?”

Beta stepped forward, “I can do it. If High Priestesses and High Priest Brendan allows it.”

Manami’s tail swayed slightly, “Perhaps… Having the both of them go might be good? It would be less suspicious than a lone traveller at least. When the war starts, the both of you can pose as refugees and blend in with the other Dong civillains.”

Lian Li shook her head, “Nay, Beta is needed elsewhere, but the idea has merit. We’ll get someone else to accompany Brendan to infiltrate there instead. Someone else who is trained as well.”

“Fair enough,” I nodded. “I will leave a few healing pills behind with the medical team for their use. Hopefully we can minimise our losses as much as possible.”

Guiying looked up, “General Sun, I hope everything is prepared?”

The mentioned general stepped forward, “As Your Majesty had requested, it was all prepared in the week and a half of time frame Your Majesty has given me. Supplies, armour and weapons are all prepared at the Death Mountain Pass, we just need the people to use them.”

Death Mountain Pass, that’s what we started calling the hole that Cai Hong had unintentionally created. I’m not even sure if the loli dragon herself understood the significance of such destruction.

“Perfect. Senior sister Elaria?”

Elaria gave the Queen a thumbs up, “No need to worry about my side, Queenie! My people are always ready for such a thing!”

Guiying sighed, “Would it not be too much to ask that you share that technology with me?”

“Ah, ah, no can do, I’m afraid. That’s for our use only, or at least until the day that our entire country fully worships Onii-sama!”

Guiying smiled, “I am working on that. In that case, what kind of support can we expect?”

Elaria moved closer to the map, looking down at it.

“The Dong Dogs have also built their own little wall on the other side of Death Mountain Pass, thinking they can hold us back. My artillery will rain fire on them and send them scattering back to their holes.”

Guiying nodded, “Then we shall secure the surrounding villages and towns and slowly make our way forward from there.”

“No,” Elaria told them, looking over the map with a critical eye. “We want to end this as fast and as efficient as possible. Taking time to secure the villages will allow the Dongs to dig in.”

Manami raised an eyebrow at me, “Ara, ara? What does little Elaria suggest then?”

She placed my finger at where the Death Mountain Pass was before slowly pushing forward, “Break a hole in their wall, do not dig in but instead continue pushing forward, making sure the Dongs are always on the retreat. We’ll hit the major towns just to ensure they don’t cut us off, but we’re going straight for their capital.”

Her finger stopped right at where their capital city was before slowly lifting up.

Guiying considered for a moment, “Interesting… We hit fast and hard. Elaria’s army and our Practitioners can concentrate on the push, our infantry will secure the rear while our cavalry will conduct raids. I like it. The Dongs won’t even be able to respond if we hit them fast and hard enough.”

“Ehehe, we’ll end this war before they even knew what hit them!” Elaria gave us a thumbs up.

“Such a tactic should have a name,” I noted, quite impressed. “Do you have one in mind, Elaria?”

She grinned, “Lightning warfare.”


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