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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 422: See You Girls In A Bit Bahasa Indonesia


It was the day of departure.

My disciples and probably the entirety of Heaven Sect was seeing me off at the entrance of the Sect, all of them wishing me a safe journey to Dong.

“Sniff… We’ll miss you Master… Please come home safe…” Lian Li cried, as though she was seeing her lover off instead of her Master.

“Did you pack enough clothes? Spare blanket and towels? What about healing and stamina pills? Be sure to not talk to strangers too,” Manami fussed over me like a mother hen, one of her tails still clinging obsessively on my arm.

“Sister, relax. It is not Master’s first time travelling,” Kiyomi admonished. Although she had three tails curled around my other arm tighter than her sister, but I’ll refrain myself from mentioning that.

“Papa, come back fast? Cai Hong will miss Papa…” My cute little loli dragon pleaded, her small hand grasping on the hem of my pants.

Oh my sweet, I had to give her a lot of head pats just for that.

Eris skipped up to me with a grin, “If ya see any baddies, just beat ’em up, Master! Ahem… I mean, be careful, Master. This one humbly requests Master to take care. Mmm… Take care…”

Hmm… She must be really worried seeing how she told me to take care twice. So cute.

Diao Chan came up to me next, presenting me with an elaborately decorated box that looked like something a lady would put her jewellery in.

“Master… It’s not much, but all of us prepared this for you so you won’t get lonely~”

I raised an eyebrow at her and received the box from her, Manami and Kiyomi loosening their tails just enough for me to move my arms.

I opened the box to find it filled with my girls’ undergarments.

I immediately snapped the box shut and gave Diao Chan a flick on the forehead, the girl giving a yelp of glee before retreating from me.

Of course I stored the box carefully in my storage ring.

Brendan came forward next with a box of his own.

“Umm… I apologise for not being able to prepare more, Master…”

I was a little bit more wary when I opened the box, only to find it was filled with Brendan’s self made pills and potions.

I gave him my thanks and stored the box away.

Elaria bounced up to me with a spring in her step, presenting me with what looked like a bracelet made of some kind of metal.

“I spent a long time making this, Onii-sama! I hope you’ll keep it on you all the time!”

Oh? How unexpected.

When I tried to take it from her, she suddenly leaned in close, “Remember to wear it, ok, Onii-sama? Don’t take it off, ok? Pretty please?”

Only after I assured her twice that I will keep it on me did she let go of it.

Guess she must be really proud of her work.

I slipped her bracelet on absentmindedly, “I don’t know why you girls are acting like we’ll be separated for a long time? I’m just going there for a talk and I’ll be right back you know?”

Lian Li sighed, “But Master… That’s still a few days without you. And besides…”

She leaned in close to me, not caring that everyone else was watching, “You’re leaving right before our punishment ends… We really, really want you back quickly…”

The other girls nodded their heads in agreement.

Yeah… Turns out the Dongs had sent an escort party here to pick me up early. We didn’t even expect one in the first place so it wouldn’t do to make them wait since they were already expecting us.

My dear disciples did insist on bringing the escorts somewhere and questioning them thoroughly before releasing them the next day, confirming that they were indeed truthful about escorting me to Dong without any malicious intent.

They truly are precious, worrying about me like that.

I need to remind myself to spoil them a lot when I come back, I’ll probably need to get a lot of souvenirs while I’m there.

With great reluctance, my cute disciples finally stepped away from me, Manami and Kiyomi untangling their tails as slowly as they could.

I gave Shiori and Akari who were whining sadly a final pat on their heads too. The two of them would remain here at the Sect while I was gone to watch over it.

“Master Lin, have a safe trip,” Sect Master Qing cupped his hands.

“Of course, please take care of my disciples.”


I gave my fellow Sect members and my disciples a wave before descending the steps to the waiting carriage below.

Yes, I could fly there myself, but that would be rude to the Dongs who had prepared all of this for me.

Queen Guiying was waiting there as well, her retainers standing a respectful distance away so that she could talk to me privately.

I noted that Alpha was there as well, looking like she was in charge of them.

“Master Lin, I apologize for having you undertake this task for us once more.”

I shook my head, “It’s no bother. I’m quite interested in visiting their country too.”

“All the same, Master Lin has my gratitude.”

“Umu. In that case, I will accept your gratitude, Your Majesty.”

Queen Guiying nodded, maintaining her aura of solemnity even though I could see the side of her lips twitch into a smile.

She turned to her retainers, “Check if those Dong escorts are ready for Master Lin.”

Her retainers bowed and obeyed, leaving the two of us alone.

As expected, her face suddenly switched to one that was full of smiles and she leapt into my embrace while purring.

“Mouuu… I do not like Master being formal~ Headpats please?”

Oh what do I do with this spoiled Queen of mine?

Of course I obeyed her Royal order for head pats.

“Mnnn… Is Master really fine with this arrangement though? You might not be able to come back for a while…”

I sighed, “If this ensures peaceful days after this where we don’t need to worry about the Dongs anymore, it’ll be worth it.”

Queen Guiying looked at me with sparkly eyes, “Master truly is benevolent… I will make sure this place is worthy enough for Master to return to!”

Worthy enough? Ah, she must mean she’ll be a proper Queen while I’m away. How diligent of her.

She reached into her sleeve and brought out a ring, handing it to me.

I shook my head, “I’m flattered Your Majesty, but I do not think I am a suitable marriage candidate for you.”

“Mou… Master is mean~~ Just break the ring if you are in trouble and I will know.”

I chuckled, “Hahaha! I thank Your Majesty for your concern.”

“Your Majesty, the carriage for Master Lin is ready,” Alpha informed us, appearing out of nowhere.

I nodded to her before stepping away from the Queen, “Well then, I’ll be off. You take care now.”

“Ehehe~ Have a safe trip Master!”

I left them behind and boarded the carriage, giving them a wave of goodbye as it rolled away.

Hopefully this trip will be a smooth one.


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