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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 420: Woooaahhh… Dudeeee… Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

“What? Wait, where did you say Master went?”

Kiyomi raised an eyebrow at me, “The alchemy room. Didn’t you say you needed Master’s help?”

I didn’t need to look behind me to know Liehui was making a similarly agonised face as I was.

“I didn’t think Master would be back that soon… This is bad… He went into the room?”

She frowned, “Last I saw, Master was indeed heading in that direction… What did you do, Brendan?”

I shook my head quickly, “It’s nothing serious! At least… I hope it’s not. Ummm… I’m not sure how Master would react… I was going to get some things to clean it up before Master got here…”

Kiyomi stepped closer to me, “What. Did. You. Do.”

I gulped, “I think… I think we should gather everyone at the alchemy room…”

She held her gaze, “I’ll go get them, you go make sure Master is alright.”

I nodded and quickly left with Liehui following me.

“Master would be fine…. Right?” Liehui asked, though it was clear she was unsure of it herself.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “If Master gets close to the cauldron, He might get affected by it if He picks it up…”

“Master… Master should be resistant to it… Right?”

“I don’t know…” I repeated.

We passed by Cai Hong who was busy playing some kind of clapping game with Joanne and another small girl I do not recognise.

If I wasn’t in such a hurry, I might have actually stopped to check who that girl was, but Master takes precedence here.

My heart sank when I saw the door left open, I distinctly remembered shutting the door when Liehui and I scrambled out of the room.

The fact that the smoke remained inside was proof that Master had gone in while containing the smoke from spilling out.

This is… Not good.

I turned to Liehui, “Go check if the pills are ready… Melt it down and soak it in a cloth if they are. Hopefully Master isn’t affected.”

She bowed and sped off back to my room where I had the backup brazier set up.

Just as she left, my senior sisters showed up, each of them with a haunted expression on their face.

Lian Li took one look at the smoke filled room before turning to me, “What?”

I sucked in a deep breath, “I… I tried to make something… Didn’t work out. Should have specified that I didn’t want Master to go into the alchemy room and to go to our room instead. Now Master is stuck in the alchemy room…”

Manami sniffed in the direction of the door, “What is that supposed to be? I don’t smell anything?”

Before I could answer her, Master stumbled out of the room with a tree branch in His hands.

No, not a tree branch, that is the stem of the Peyo plant that’s the source of all these problems right now.

“Master! You’re alright!” Lian Li gasped.

“?eb I t’ndluow yhw ,thgirla m’I esruoc fO”

Oh no…



“Of course I’m alright, why wouldn’t I be?”

I’m not even sure why Lian Li asked that question, though I am kind of ignoring how all the plants around seemed to be dancing and had weird faces on them.

Is it just me or does everything look slanted? Oh nevermind, it’s straight again.

“Master, I think you should lie down…” Brendan fairy advised me.

Hmm? This Brendan fairy looks bigger than normal. Maybe he’s a fake?

Just to be safe I used the claymore in my hand and bonked him on the head.


He vanished in a puff of smoke.

I knew he was fake!

Oh wait…

He’s just fallen on the ground.


There’s two of them now.

Bonking him doubles him?


“Where is Cai Hong? She told me to play with her,” I asked, looking at my disciples who each had feathery wings sprouting from their backs.

Except Diao Chan.

For some reason she had horns, leathery wings and a tail that ended in a spade, just like a demon.

Eris gasped, “Is Master speaking the same language as that tentacle monster?”

What tentacle monster?

Oh, nevermind, I see it. There’s a whole bunch of tentacles sprouting right behind them.

Don’t worry! I got this! I will save my cute disciples from them!

I gathered my Fire Quarks and blasted the tentacles with a giant fireball, burning them to cinders.

Haha! Ain’t no tentacles getting through me to my disciple today! Unless I’m the one controlling them of course.

Hmmm? My disciples are panicking now? They’re putting the fire out? Were they growing those tentacles?

Oh, maybe they wanted more takoyaki or something.

Wooooah, the sky suddenly turned red!

Wait no… Magenta… No… Crimson! Yeah, that’s the word I’m looking for.

Is that a crab dancing under the pole dancing tree?

Oh, it’s a lobster, nevermind. That thing got some moves.

Why is everything so shiny?

“Master? Master? Master!”

Hmmm? Lian Li is calling me?

“Master! Oh thank goodness… Erm… Could Master please put away your sword?”

Hmmm? Sword?

Isn’t this a giant lollipop in my hand?

“Hahaha, if Lian Li wants the lollipop, you can just ask you know?” I laughed, handing the lollipop to her.

She seemed quite confused by my actions until Kiyomi nudged her, “I think Master wants you to take it…”

Lian Li took the lollipop slowly, like she was afraid to break it or something. Oh, maybe she’s just shy.

So cute.

“Master… Maybe you can put down that stick too?” Fairy Brendan suggested.

Stick? You mean the hero sword that Elaria made? How outrageous.

To punish him for even suggesting that, I bonked him on the head again. Oh, he split into two more fairy Brendans. Interesting.

There’s four of them now, though they’re all just rubbing their heads at the same time on the ground.

Oh look, that’s the old lady that taught me about the Origin thingy. I wonder what is she doing here?

And is that the crazy Practitioner? Holy crap! It is… Oh wait, no, that’s just a rock.

Oh what’s that? I was wondering where giant Cai Hong went. Turns out she was in the sky all along and beckoning to me! Wait for me, Papa is coming to play with you!

“No! Hold Master down! The antidote is coming! We just need to keep Him here!” Fairy Brendan shouted.

Hmmm? Why are my cute disciples trying to keep me from going to giant Cai Hong?

“Master! Forgive us!”

Oh my, devil Diao Chan actually pounced on me. Reminds me of that time when they were drugged. That brings back memories.

But giant Cai Hong is waiting for me, I need to get to her and give her headpats!

I tried to escape from Devil Diao Chan’s grasp but the other girls jumped on me as well.

Hmm? This time all of them have the demon look on them. Are they cosplaying?

While I was distracted by my cute disciples, fairy Brendan appeared again and dropped a cloth over my nose.

What the? What is he…

That was the last thing I thought before everything went black.


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