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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 418: A Leviathan And Dragon Walks Into A Courtyard Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)

Bubuuu… Cai Hong likes Papa’s smell~~ Cai Hong likes cuddling with Papa~~

Muuu… Papa said Papa has work, so Papa won’t be around for a while. Cai Hong is good girl so Cai Hong will wait for Papa to come back.

Cai Hong miss Papa already…

Nnn? Cupboard door open?

Who is moving Cai Hong’s treasures around?

Oh, little Joanne’s face appeared! She is Cai Hong’s cute little sister~

“Umm… Umm… Mis… Mistress Cai Hong… Mas… Master has returned…”

Cai Hong jumped out of Papa’s clothes, “Papa has?! Cai Hong go now!”

“Ye… Yes… Pap… I mean… Master had ummm… Also brought a little girl with… With Him…”

Mnn? Papa brought another girl home? Did Papa get Cai Hong another little sister?

Cai Hong ran out of the room with Joanne.

Oh! Papa is there!

“Papa!! Papa!!” Cai Hong ran up to Papa and gave Papa a biiiiig hug!

Ehehe~ Papa is giving Cai Hong headpats~~ Papa is warm~~

“Was Cai Hong a good girl?” Papa asked.

Cai Hong looked up at Papa, “Cai Hong was a good girl! Cai Hong waited for Papa to come back!”

“Haha, that’s good, that’s good.”

Ehehe~ Papa is headpatting Cai Hong again~

Cai Hong wuvs Papa~~

Mnnn? Weird fish smell?

Cai Hong looked at Papa’s side and there was another little girl there.

“Papa? Who fish?”

“Haha, well, I thought you might want to have another playmate seeing how much fun you have with Joanne here.”

Fishy girl tilted her head at me and smiled.

“I’ll let you three get acquainted, hmmm?” Papa patted Cai Hong’s head again and went off.

Cai Hong and sister Joanne looked at the weird fishy girl.

She sniffed at Cai Hong and Cai Hong sniffed back at her.



I left Melody with Cai Hong and Joanne in my courtyard while I went to look for my other disciples who should still be busy with their afternoon training.

Sure enough, they were all gathered in the corner of the courtyard, each of them working hard in their own way.

“Welcome back, Master,” Lian Li greeted me, waking up from her meditation.

“Sorry, did I disturb you?”

“Ufufu~ Not at all, Master,” Manami giggled. “We felt you coming in a few moments ago.”

“Oh? All of your senses are getting better. That’s good, that’s good,” I praised, giving them a head pat each.

Kiyomi came up to me from the side, “Master. Brendan was looking for you for some help. Said something about an experiment going wrong or something.”

Hmmm? That’s rare of him. Maybe he hit a snag with his alchemy? Guess I’ll go check on him in the alchemy room in a bit.

At least the place still looks fine from here, so I guess there weren’t any explosives or anything involved.

“I see, thank you Kiyomi. I’ll go check on him.”

I made sure to go around and give all the girls a head pat first before making my way there, passing by where I had left Melody with Cai Hong.

Eh? The three of them were still standing at the same spot. In fact, there seems to be a bit of distance between them now. Did something happen?

I went up to them and Cai Hong immediately ran up and hugged my waist, “Papa… Weird girl scary?”

Scary? Are they just shy?

No… Maybe Cai Hong realised she’s a Leviathan?

I don’t think Leviathans are at odds with Dragons now, are they? Oh, maybe because my cute Cai Hong could sense Melody was way older than she was?


Melody’s also making a complicated face at me. I’m guessing she realised who Cai Hong really was as well.

I turned to the other loli, “Joanne, did something happen?”

She shook her head frantically, “N… No, no! Not at all, Master! They… Umm… Hieee… They… They were just standing there and… And… And staring at each other… I… I don’t know anything… Uuuu…”

“Oh dear, don’t cry, don’t cey, I’m not blaming you,” I soothed her, patting her head. “I was just wondering if something happened, that’s all.”

“Hic… Ummm… Ok…”

She really is a crybaby, huh?

“Divi… Master Lin…” Melody started, keeping her eyes on Cai Hong all the while. “Is she really your daughter?”

I shook my head, “She’s my adopted daughter. I assume you already know what she really is and yes, she really is who you think she is. I found her egg and raised her as my own.”

“Ah… She did not coerce you in any way?”

I looked down at Cai Hong who was busy snuggling up to me and not paying attention to anything else, “No, of course not. I couldn’t leave such a cute thing alone now, could I? It’s just the same as you.”

Cai Hong perked up, “Mnnn? Papa helped weird fish girl?”

“Mmm, I guess you could say that, yes. I thought Cai Hong would have liked another playmate?”

Cai Hong pouted at me, “Cai Hong wants Papa…”

Oh this cute little thing.

I was worried that Cai Hong might feel lonely without me around and having only Joanne around to play with, so Melody would be a good choice of keeping her happy while I’m away.

Also because Melody is an actual Leviathan, she could help protect my cute little Cai Hong should anything happen while I’m not here.

Well, can’t give up now. I believe giving Cai Hong playmates of her own age group would be good for her growth.

Even if those playmates aren’t actually her age group but they’re lolis, so close enough?

It’s not like I can just find normal human children, they won’t be able to keep up with my cute little dragon at all.

“Weird girl is not bad girl?” Cai Hong asked, as though that was the most important thing she needed to know.

I shook my head, “No, Melody here is a good girl too. Why don’t you talk to her first, hmm?”

Melody bowed her head at me, “I understand now, Master Lin. I had assumed her circumstances incorrectly. If you would, could you allow us to start over?”

Oh? I wonder what actually happened between the two of them?

“Umu, in that case, you three becareful now, call me if you need anything, ok?”


“Yes, Master.”

“Of course, Divi… Master Lin.”

Feeling a bit more assured now, I continued my way towards the alchemy room to find out what Brendan actually needed from me.

I’m sure this would be the budding friendship between a Leviathan and a Dragon.

Bad idea? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Cai Hong gets her playmate, I see nothing wrong with that.


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