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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 411: Answering The Queen Bahasa Indonesia


It’s been a week since and things have mostly gone back to normal.

I say mostly because Xun Guan is still attached to me for some reason.

She seemed to have learnt how to transform herself into a wider spectrum of clothing, but forgotten how to transform back into living things.

At this point I’m pretty sure she’s lying about it, but the clothes she transforms into were quite comfortable and it saves me the trouble of organizing my laundry so I just let her continue her lie.

She does quite nice shoulder massages too, I have to admit.

Sometimes I still wear my old clothes though, since I still need to let my disciples ‘steal’ my used clothing.

It’s so cute that they need something from me to help them sleep and it’s probably embarrassing for them to admit it so I still act like I am not aware of it.

Hmmm? You’re saying that’s not the only thing they’re using my clothes for?

Nonsense, what other things can they use my clothes for?

Anyway, it’s just another regular day in my courtyard where I’m sipping the tea made by Manami while watching over my cute disciples train.

So far, my girls have managed to abstain themselves though I can see they were really struggling to do it.

At least even Diao Chan paused her provocative actions for now, showing that even she was taking this seriously.

Oh, since Diao Chan ‘lost’ her servant, I assigned Sophia to her instead.

Both of them seemed to get along quite well too. I found them sitting together and talking about something one day, both of them looking quite happy.

Diao Chan was still worried that Xun Guan’s actions would cause my view of her to plummet, but again, I stressed to her that it was not the case.

Welp, so there I was, sitting in the courtyard and drinking tea when someone appeared at my courtyard’s entrance.

Oh… It’s Kou Riar again.

“Ah, Master Lin! I’ve been looking for you, got a letter I’m supposed to deliver, your hands only.”

He passed me an envelope that had the royal seal on it.

“I guess that’s it, gotta go!”

Once again, he sped out of my courtyard in a hurry. Makes me wonder how they’re actually sending these things since I’ve never really sent a mail like this in my life.

Well, the royal seal suggested that the Queen probably sent this so it must be important.

I broke the seal and opened the letter, scanning through its contents.

“‘Dearest most honourable, most benevolent Master,

There is a matter of grave importance that I would very much wish to speak to you in person about. It would honour us greatly if Master could take time to visit us. We look forward to meeting your most honourable self again!

Love, your cute student, Guiying.'”

Huh. She’s tacitly asking me a favour not as the Queen of a country but as my ‘disciple’. Not sure if she can even consider herself that seeing as how Lian Li barely spent any time teaching her.

Yes, I’m ignoring the fact that she called herself my student because she isn’t.

Oh well, guess I’ll go see what she wants then.

I stood up from my seat, my disciples turning their attention to me as I did so.

“I’ll be going to the capital for a bit. The Queen has called for me for something important.”

“Ara, ara? Whatever does our little Guiying want from Master?” Manami asked with a tilt of her head.

I shrugged, “She did not say, but it looked rather important. I’m not sure how long I will be gone but I’ll keep in touch.”

All of my disciples stood up and bowed, “Have a safe trip, Master.”

Thinking it would be rude of me to just teleport straight to the palace itself, I appeared at the outskirts of Jin city before making my way through the city gates.

From there, it was just a short walk down to the palace while doing my best to ignore the whispers and stares of the people all around me.

It wasn’t the bad kind of attention so I didn’t particularly mind it.

I suppose after what happened in the war, even the common man learned to recognise me.

A group of guards were stationed outside the palace and I got ready the letter to use as proof of entry.

Contrary to my expectations though, the guards merely nodded at me and made no move to stop me from entering.

“Huh… You guys aren’t going to question why I’m here?”

One of the guards made a confused face at me, “Master Lin is part of the Royal Household and also the Queen’s Royal Tutor. There is no way anyone will stop you from going anywhere here, Master Lin.”

“Oh right, I forgot about that.”

It’s been a while, ok?

Since I got the go ahead, I walked right past them and entered the palace.

A wolf youkai maid appeared from between two pillars and greeted me, “Good day Master Lin. I assume you are looking for Queen Guiying?”

“Oh, good day Alpha. Yes, I am. Is she available right now?”

“For you, Master Lin, of course. This way, please.”

How efficient. They probably knew of my presence when I entered through the city gates and prepared to receive me.

I followed her through the palace’s corridors, a very familiar centaur knight joining us halfway, stating that she was my ‘escort’ with a respectful bow.

Gamma wanted me to ride her again, but I declined this time since it would definitely be weird of me to be riding a centaur within the palace.

I was guided to the throne room from a side door, apparently I came here when court was still in session.

Queen Guiying was seated on the throne, exuding an aura of regality fitting of a Queen. Seems like she really adapted to her role quite well.

Instead of being guided to where the other officials were in front of the throne, Alpha had brought me to a chair directly beside the Queen where usually the spouse of the monarch would sit.

The whole court fell silent as I entered, the Queen nodding to me in greeting.

I looked at Alpha to check if I was supposed to sit there and she gave a curt nod to confirm my suspicions.

Oh well… Nothing much I could do when the whole court was stopped just to wait for me so I took my place beside the throne, Alpha and Gamma standing behind me.

Queen Guiying gestured in front of her, “You were saying, Minister Park?”

A bearded official standing in front of us coughed, “Ahem… Reporting to your Majesty, the supply lines to the Death Mountains have been secured, although this would put a strain on our finances…”

“Use the assets we seized from the traitor Houses. Liquidate what we can. How is the progress on that?”

Another official stepped forward with a bow, “Reporting to your Majesty. All of the Major Houses that were deemed traitors have been dealt with. Shall we… Continue on with the Sects?”

“Not necessary. We still need them for now, they are already feeling the pressure themselves without our input on them. Besides, we’ll need them later.”

“Understood, your Majesty.”

“And what about the preparations?”

This time someone wearing armour stepped forward, obviously a general of some sort.

“Reporting to your Majesty, they will be fully prepared and ready in three weeks.”

Queen Guiying scowled, “You have a week and a half. Get the forges in the other towns to fulfill it if you have to. Make it happen.”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“If there is nothing else. Today’s court shall be dismissed.”

“Long live Her Majesty Guiying.”

The officials filed out of the throne room, leaving just the Queen, Alpha, Gamma and myself behind.

Queen Guiying turned to me with a bright smile, a stark contrast to her earlier solemn face.

“Master! Your cute disciple misses you! Did you get my letter?”

“Umu… That’s why I’m here. You wanted to ask me something?”

She giggled, “Teehee~ Yes I did! But let’s go to my room! This throne is hurting my poor bum bum. Can Master help massage me later?”

I tilted my head at her, “What happened to the serious Queen that was here not a minute ago?”

“Boooo~ At least let me relax in front of you Master~ Pries… Ahem… Alpha, could you prepare some cakes and tea for us?”

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Alpha bowed and left the room.

Queen Guiying leapt to her feet, “Come now Master! We can talk more in my room~”

Well, not like I have a choice since I already came here.

I followed behind the cheerful Queen to her personal quarters.


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