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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 409: Poke The Slime Puddle Bahasa Indonesia


I opened the chest, “So this is your slime core right?”

Zhiyang gasped, “Ye… Yes! Yes it is!”

She tried to reach for it but I snapped the chest shut before she could take it.

“Ah, ah… Did you think I’ll really just give it to you? After what you’ve done?”

At least she was considerate enough to look shamefaced, “I… My apologies, Master Lin… It’s just that I haven’t seen it in so long… Did you… Did you kill Sect Master Feng?”

“Firstly, you can stop referring to him as Sect Master. Secondly, nah, I thought of it, but the repercussions of such a thing would be too troublesome to handle. At least for now. So I swapped the chests and replaced it with something else. He stabbed the replacement and most likely thought he killed you.”

Yep, I had Akari knock over that stone vase and while he was distracted, went in and switched out the chest he had left on the table.

The slime core he had stabbed was just a normal water ball I made to mimic the slime core so he wouldn’t suspect a thing.

Once I secured the chest and returned here, I had the two foxes monitor him for any other movement just in case he tries anything else.

Her eyes widened, “Why… Why go so far for me?”

I shook my head at her, “I didn’t do this for you. Like I said, killing him is way more trouble than it’s worth.”

“No… I mean… You could have just let him kill me…”

“What better way to use you against him?” I grinned. “If he doesn’t know you’re still alive, he won’t be looking for you, would he?”

She frowned, “N… No… I suppose not… You… You’re looking to use me like he had… Aren’t you?”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Use you? Whatever could I use you for? There’s nothing you can do that I do not have the means to do as well.”

“A sacrificial pawn… For example…”

I actually burst out laughing at her.

“Ahahaha! This may sound a little arrogant, but girl… I am not at the level where I require a sacrificial pawn for anything. I don’t involve myself in all that complicated crap going on, I’m not vying for more power either, I just want to live a simple life surrounded by my cute disciples. There is literally no need for me to have someone like you.”

To prove my point, I snapped my fingers and materialised another me by my side.

Hmm… Still feels a bit weird seeing double and controlling two bodies at the same time. Maybe I should start practicing. Last time I did this was only because Diao Chan asked me to.

I concentrated slightly and my copy transformed to look exactly like her.

“H… How?” She gasped.

Both of me shrugged, “It’s not exactly that hard. Plus I did study slime’s biology before. How else do you think I can trick Elder Feng into destroying a fake slime core while thinking it was the real one?”

“But… But the concentration needed to control two bodies at the same time… Unless you give another personality to the clone, a human’s mind shouldn’t be able to handle such a strain…”

“Well, I admit it’s not easy, but this isn’t my first time doing it so I know how to at least control multiple bodies.”

“Not your first… No… Does Master Lin mean you have controlled multiple bodies at once?!”

I frowned at her, “What’s so surprising about that? Ok, I can’t do that perfectly yet so no need to mock me for it. And what gives? Do you even remember your own position right now?”

“No… That is… Umm… I… I just realised how truly monstrous Master Lin is…”

“Haaa? Woman, do you even hear yourself?”

She waved her hands in front of her, “Oh! I never meant that as a negative thing, Master Lin!”

I sighed and scratched my head exasperatedly, “Whatever. I’ll be holding on to this for now. Not because I want to control you, but because I do not trust you, even if your actions were dictated by another.”

She gulped, “Then… What… What would you do with me?”

“Hmm… Well, I suppose I can either keep you here or have you join the group.”

“The… The group?”

“Yes, the monster group. There’s no way I can bring you back to my disciples now. Even if I can understand your position, you will definitely be bringing them trauma.”

“Master Lin… Has a monster group?”

“Yeah? Is it that surprising?”

She poked her fingers together, “Well… You know… Normally people and monsters don’t get along? There’s even people out here who discriminate against youkai…”

“Huh? Didn’t Elder Feng take you in? He’s like your father isn’t he?”

She scowled, “I most definitely do not see him as a father figure, Master Lin. Do you know what name he gave me?”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Was Zhiyang not your name?”

The slime girl shook her head, “This was the name given to me by the Sect Master of Nirvanic Gate Sect when I was allowed into the Sect. Sect Mas… I mean… Elder Feng only called me ‘slime’. He never deemed me worthy of having a name of my own.”

Well… That’s just sad isn’t it? Look how happy Akari and Shiori were when they got their names, I’m sure this poor slime girl would be happy to receive one too.

“So… Shall I refer to you as Zhiyang as well?”

She hesitated before shaking her head, “The Zhiyang from before was an assassin that was meant to kill the Sect Master of Nirvanic Gate Sect and betrayed Master Lin’s trust… It would honour me greatly if Master Lin would allow me to break free of that name’s shackles.”

I shrugged, “Hey, it’s your name. You can do whatever you want with it. Though I suppose I’ll just give you a new one right now. You know, maybe you can aspire to be worthy of the name or something.”

She gasped out loud, “If… If Master Lin would… I swear, I will serve you as your servant for eternity!”

See? Names are important.

Now what should I name her…

“Hmmm… Xun Guan. Your name shall be Xun Guan.”

Mmm, not a bad name even if I say so myself.

Hmm? Is it just me or is she losing her form?

Just as that thought crossed my mind, her entire body suddenly melted into a puddle of goo.

Ok… This scene looks familiar.

I squatted down and tried poking at the puddle to see if she was alright.

It felt just like poking at a puddle of jelly, the entire surface rippling from each of my poke.

I thought I would just leave her like this until she regained consciousness again when a part of the slime latched itself onto my finger.

Oh? Did she wake up that fast?

I tried to pull back my hand but the slime held fast, holding me in place. I got confused until I heard the sound of whispers coming from the surface of the slime puddle.

I thought she wanted to tell me something so I leaned a little bit more forward.

Thus, I was definitely not prepared for the puddle to suddenly explode outwards and envelope me in its slimy embrace.

What the…


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