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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 402: Remember Your Morning After Pills Bahasa Indonesia


“Stop Him!”

“Go for the head!”

“Don’t let Master run!”

“Hold Master down!”

“I got Him! Do it! Do it now!”

“Hehehe~ Onii-sama is my prey!! No more running!”

“Master’s shield! Break it!”

“I got through! Quickly! Quickly!”

“Ahahaha! Master~ Stop struggling~~”

“Ara, ara? Master, Master~ Just accept your fate~”

“Ehe.. Ehehehe~ I call first dibs~”

“Not fair~ Me too~”



I woke up with a start, the first thing coming into my vision was Brendan’s upside down face staring back at me from above.

“Ummm… Good morning? Master?” He greeted me, a little unsure of himself.

“Good… Morning…” I greeted back.

“I err… I think Master should go clean up before Cai Hong wakes up…”

I looked down at myself to see all my girls sprawled out on top of me, each of them completely nude with a blissful expression on their faces.

“Right… Yeah. I’ll get right on that.”

Brendan nodded, “It sounds like… Well… Sounds like Master had a pretty rough night yesterday… Were senior sisters umm… Stressed out or something?”

Oh… Well…

I was actually prepared for the worst yesterday, no kidding.

When the girls had jumped at me, I thought they were going to rip me up from limb to limb just like what the assassin had said. I even threw up a shield but being the complete geniuses they were, they simply tore it apart without much effort.

I wasn’t really worried about dying since I still had my soul anchor and could revive whenever.

I only realised they weren’t trying to kill me when they only ripped my clothes off and their hands started caressing every part of me with lascivious intentions.

That was when I had a proper look at their eyes. What I had thought to be the look of malice in their eyes were actually gazes of wanton lust directed at me. I mean, a few of them were even drooling and already started licking me.

Apparently… Their deepest, deepest desire was to have an all-out, no holds barred orgy with me. I don’t even really remember what happened last night but for the first time in a while, my hips actually felt sore.

Well, judging by the look of complete bliss on all of the girls’ faces, I’d say it was worth it.

Too bad for that assassin though, they really didn’t know squat about my cute disciples.

Although I think it’s a bit weird that my girls keep calling out and praising God or even seem to be worshipping something throughout the night. They can’t be worshipping me right?

Nah, that can’t be right.

They must be thanking some higher being for making their dreams come true or something.

Though at this point, I’m not sure if I should be proud that my disciples actually held no desire to surpass me and actually just want to do such lascivious activities with me all day.

Hell… I didn’t even know Eris could contort her body like that and Elaria was a hot mess too…

Lian Li was usually quite shy and even she was bucking her hips madly like she was possessed.

Nothing much to say about Diao Chan, though she really wanted me to go hard on her punishment play, she still has the marks to show for what happened last night too.

Then Manami and Kiyomi… Well… Let’s just say I found they had other ways to use their tails instead of just mofu mofu time.

I carefully extracted myself from the arms of Lian Li and Elaria, only to find Diao Chan and Eris hugging my legs, not budging the slightest bit.

Well, not like I could move more since Kiyomi’s and Manami’s tails were wrapped around the rest of my body too.

Without any choice left, I teleported myself out from the pile of naked bodies, the girls whining in their sleep when they felt me disappear from their grasps.

“So… Err… Rough night?” Brendan asked, pointedly looking only at me.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I sighed, picking up my clothes from the floor, only to realise that they were all torn to shreds. “Well then… Guess this bunch of clothes is ruined…”

Brendan looked down at my ruined clothes sympathetically, “Well… Umm… Should I lend you my clothes first, Master?”

“I’m more worried about the girls,” I sighed, tossing away my torn robes. “They will need a change of clothes as well.”

Yep, they not only tore off my clothes, they had also been quite impatient in undressing themselves, so they tore their own clothes off too.

“Err… Was there any reason why they were… Well.. This violent? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the girls tear off your clothes like that before, Master.”

I am no idiot, this is definitely caused by something Zhiyang had fed them, meaning the assassin all this while was her.

Can’t believe she had us fooled for so long.

At least she helped me realise something I overlooked.

What she fed them probably only made them prioritise their own inner desires which my protective inscriptions did not ward against since… Well… It is the girls’ own desires after all.

If I warded against that, then my girls won’t be able to have their own desires which is a much more terrible prospect.

I should still come up with a counter measure in case such a thing happens again.

“It’s probably something they ate,” I suggested, explaining no more than that.

Brendan seemed to understand and said nothing more.

I gestured towards where Cai Hong was, “Take care of Cai Hong for me, won’t you? I’ll take care of the girls. Afterwards, I need to pay a visit to someone.”

Brendan bowed, “Of course Master.”

I watched my alchemist return to the shelter I made for Cai Hong before busying myself with moving all of my still sleeping girls to their own rooms, making sure they each had a change of clothes prepared to change into when they woke up.

Once they were all safely tucked away, I went and paid a visit to the servants after changing into a fresh change of clothes.

“Oh? Good morning Master Lin. You’re up early today,” Sophia greeted me, looking up from where she had been preparing breakfast over a cooking spit.

I looked around their camp, “Where is Zhiyang?”

Sophia looked towards one of the tents that was made with several wooden planks tied together with a bunch of vines acting as the door, “She should still be sleeping I believe? I did not check. Should I go wake her?”

“Not necessary.”

I walked past her and made my way to the small tent, pushing aside the vines to peer inside it.

Surprise, surprise, it’s empty.

Just to be sure, I checked every other tent to see if any other servant was missing. Turns out it was only Zhiyang that was missing from the campsite, pinning her as the assassin.

“Is something wrong, Master Lin?” Sophia asked, a little concerned.

I shook my head, “No, nothing’s wrong. My disciples will be waking up late. I’ll let them have an easy morning today so give them something to eat when they do wake up. I will be heading back to the Sect since something came up.”

“Understood. Shall I accompany you then?”

“No, stay here. I need you to console my disciples since I foresee them being quite upset when they find me missing.”

“Ah… I see. I understand,” She nodded her head. “Anything I should prepare for them other than breakfast?”

“You have my permission to do what is necessary.”


I’m not sure if she guessed the real reason as to why this is happening, or she’s having the wrong idea that I’m rendezvousing with Zhiyang.

Oh well, she’ll find out soon enough and I don’t really have time to waste if I want to catch Zhiyang before she murders Elder Feng.

Well, let’s hope I make it back in time.


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