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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 40: You’re A Wizard Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

Lian Li slept with Master last night.

Nothing happened though, really, they just shared a bed.

Or at least, that’s what she told me while blushing to the tips of her ears.

She was still quite insecure about being accepted by Master so she had requested to be near him for some time.

No doubt Master had already realised her insecurities and acquiesced to her request.

Even I was not that cruel to get between Master and her that night, she made it easier for Master to accept me in the future after all.

And about her claiming nothing happening last night? I don’t believe a word of it.

But well, that was last night’s business and I would claim my time with Master soon.

I have one month to do it freely anyway, I doubt it is impossible for something to happen between us after spending so long together.


We started our lessons as per normal today, Master guiding Lian Li, Cai Hong and I in our Practitioner classes and Eris in her sword arts.

Halfway through, that woman showed up again predictably.

“Master Lin? I hope I am not disturbing you?”

Ara? Do you not see you’re disturbing our precious time with Master? If you do, why don’t you make yourself scarce?

Aren’t you just taking advantage of Master’s kindness?

Master glanced at her direction before turning back to Eris, resuming their spar.

“As you can see, I am quite busy. What do you want? Eris, don’t get distracted.”

Ufufufu! Master! What have we done to deserve you? You really are tempting me to the extreme right now you know?

Unperturbed by Master’s comment, she bowed, “Forgive my rudeness. I beseech Master Lin to allow this lowly maid to spectate your lessons, for I have never witnessed a Practitioner lesson before.”

Ara? Like anyone would believe that?

“Really? Then what have you been doing all this time within the Sect?” Master asked, ducking under one of Eris’s sword swings.

“The other Masters and Elders had not seen me fit to join in on their lessons. Young master Feng Xian had also deemed most of them unworthy of instructing him.”

Master parried another blow from Eris, spinning himself out of range, “Your footwork Eris, you’re not leaning your weight on your feet again. Anyway, Diao Chan, why come to me of all people then? And did your young master approve your coming here?”

“I am here because I was told that Master Lin was the best teacher in the Sect and you knew at a single glance that we were different. As for the young master… I have no wish to remain as his retainer.”

I tried hard to not roll my eyes at her blatant attempt at garnering sympathy.

“Oh? Interesting, do tell,” Master prodded, side-stepping Eris’s thrust.

“What young master Feng Xian had told you was only half the truth, I was not originally his retainer. My father had promised me to the king as a concubine but my presence had caught young master Feng Xian’s eye. He wanted me as his wife but the king refused to give me up.”

“Let me guess, your little lord murdered his father for this,” Master stated, locking his blade with Eris’s. “And he was found out by the king’s followers and was ousted from the country, fleeing for his life with his few loyal men and you in tow.”

“Master Lin is indeed as insightful as the rumours say.”

Master flicked his wrist, disarming Eris in a single movement.

“Weak grip, Eris,” Master flipped his sword around to put it in Eris’s hands. “Here, your hand position just now was here, it will slip out easily when I do the disarming technique. But if you move it here, it won’t slip as easily.”

“Understood, Master,” Eris bowed.

Master nodded, patting her head, “Take a break then. Lian Li, Manami, Cai Hong, you girls too.”

I stretched my arms after stopping the breathing technique Master instructed us to use, standing up to relieve my sore legs. I made to move towards the pavillion where Master had always prepared refreshments for us, his cooking is divine as always.

Eris, Lian Li and Cai Hong followed suit, taking small bites out of the assortment of pastries Masker had baked. Our senses were still focused on that woman’s interaction with Master though.

If she dared to take any inappropriate actions, we would be ready to stop her.

“Diao Chan, enough with the melodrama. Just say exactly what you want.”

“… It seems even I cannot deceive Master Lin’s eyes…” The woman sighed. “I want to escape from him.”

Master raised an eyebrow, “Him, as in, your lord?”

“Yes. It may sound like boasting but I was regarded as the top four beauties within the country of Dong, I had been treated like a bird in a gilded cage for as long as I can remember. My father forbade me from doing anything and I had been kept on a tight leash, afraid that I would run off on my own.”

She looked past Master to stare at us, “Even under the king’s service I was still treated like some priceless jade that cannot be touched, the same goes for the young master. I only wish to be free.”

Her eyes went back to Master, “Teach me. Train me. Make me strong enough such that I can take control of my own fate. I tire of having my own life dictated for me.”

Ara? it seems like she is finally honest for once.

“Hmmm… Stretch out your palms for me,” Master instructed.

She did it without hesitation, letting Master grip her palms with his hands.

I felt the release of Master’s Pure Elemental quarks and I knew he was scanning her Cultivation Point.

A few seconds passed before he let go of her, tucking his hands behind his back.

“You… Do not have Pure Elemental Quarks as expected… In fact, you’re not a Practitioner,” Master announced.

All of us frowned, that means she does not even have a Cultivation Point right?

She furrowed her brows at him, “What do you mean by that? If you do not wish to teach me, then just say that to me, no need to make such an obvious lie about it.”

Ara, ara? How daring… I should really slap some sense into this girl.

Master shook his head, “I do not lie, you truly do not possess a Cultivation Point which all Practitioners have, howe–“

“Impossible!” She yelled, flinging her fists in clear frustration. “I felt the power! I felt the energy! I just didn’t know how to use it! When that Elder flared his so called pressure on me, I clearly felt something within me react! You lie!”

Master sighed, “Could you just stop your hysterics and let me finish? I said you’re not a Practitioner because you have no Cultivation Point. What you have is a Mana Core. You are a Witch.”

“Eh?” Everyone called out at the same time.


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