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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 399: Camping Lessons Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)


I looked up to see Master’s little sister hugging Master’s left arm, the girl looking to be terrified of something.

“Sp… Spider! Onii-samaaaaa!!”

I shrieked as well, jumping up from where I had been sitting to rush over to Master’s other arm.

“Where?! Where?! Eeeek!” I screeched, hugging Master’s arm as tightly as I could.

Master reached up and patted both of our heads, “Relax, that’s just a house spider, it’s not dangerous at all.”

“But it’s a spideeeeeer!” Elaria shrieked, hugging Master even tighter.

“Kyaaaa!! Master Lin!! Protect me too! I hate spiders!!” My bimbo servant, Zhiyang, screamed as well, running up to Master with her arms outstretched.

Even I could tell that she was just pretending for that.

I managed to stop her from actually hugging Him by blocking her with my arm, scowling at her until she kept her distance with a pout on her face.

“Muuu… Papa? What’s a spider?” Cai Hong asked, tugging at Master’s sleeve.

“You see that little thing there with eight legs? That’s a spider.”

“Muuu? Yummy?”

Master patted her head, “No, don’t eat spiders, Cai Hong.”


Cai Hong went back to chasing butterflies.

Master nodded to Sophia who was standing at the side, the former demon lord moving forward to pick up the spider before bringing it elsewhere.

“There, it’s gone now. You don’t need to worry anymore,” Master assured us.

Elaria peeked out from under Master’s arm with teary eyes, her hands still gripping tightly on Him.

“Re… Really? Mouuuu… Onii-sensei… Why is this place so scary…”

Master smiled at her, “What were you expecting the forest to be?”

“They never said anything about the mud and grime! I remember those memories you showed me! Everyone had such a great time outdoors! No bugs, no dirt, no mud! They could be rolling around on the ground and still be clean! Yet there’s so many potholes and crap everywhere!”

I have to agree with her… I had camped out before when I was making my way from Dong to here, but I still had people taking care of my needs back then, allowing me to still live like a princess…

Unlike now.

Still, I won’t give my current life up for anything in the world though.

I hugged Master’s arm tighter, nuzzling His shoulder.

Master patted me, “Hmm? The spider’s gone already, Diao Chan. You don’t need to be afraid anymore.”

“Uuuu… I’m still scared Master~ I will only feel safer if you warm me up… I know the best way Master can do that! Shall we go to–“

Master flicked me on the forehead, causing me to yelp in pain.

Master grinned, “Seems like you are completely fine to me, why don’t you go and get some firewood for us?”

“Mou… Master sending a defenceless girl like me on a dangerous errand like that…”

I felt a hard spank on my bottom, my entire body quivering from pleasure at the impact.

“How about now?” Master asked.

“Guhee… Hehe… One… One more? Please?”

Master obliged and spanked me again, sending another shock of pleasure through my body.

“It will be done, Master!”

I skipped away from Master, prompting Zhiyang to follow along.

“Mistress Diao Chan~ Shall I help as well? We just need to collect some wood, right?”

I scowled, remembering how she had tried to take advantage of Master just a few moments ago. I admit that she has shown to be more stubborn than I thought she was, or else she was just really, really unintelligent to the point of being an extremely slow learner.

“Not necessary, I can do this alone.”

She tilted her head, “Are you sure Mistress? Master Lin did say we are to accompany you all at all times though? And this forest is reaaaaally scary.”

“I am not going anywhere. Just stay there.”

“Ehhh? Mistress Diao Chan is defying Master Lin?! This… This is unbelievable!”

I looked behind me to see Master showing Elaria and Cai Hong how to tie two poles together using a tree vine he had cut down before turning back to slap Zhiyang.

“It seems like you’ve forgotten my rules… Do you need a reminder you dumb bitch?”

As though woken up from slumber, she quickly bowed her head to me, “I’m… I’m sorry, Mistress… Please forgive me…”

I turned away from her and faced the forest with my arms stretched out to the sides.

“‘Sticks of wood made to burn, come forth and lay at this resting place. Spirits of wood and spirits of earth, I beseech thee for thy borne fruits, gather them all unto me. Ride the winds and sail the earth, I call for the harvest of nature’s bounty. Nature Hunt!'”

There was a rush of air before the earth below our feet rumbled, cracking open a small hole that was ankle deep in front of me.

A few berries appeared within the hole, the soil melting away from them like liquid to flow back into the ground seamlessly.

The wind then blew towards us and several sticks and branches deposited themselves inside the same hole as well, all of them perfect to be used for kindling and fuel for fire.

I picked up the berries and inspected each one with a critical eye, nodding my head once I was sure each one was good enough to be eaten.

“Pick up the rest,” I ordered Zhiyang, making my way back to Master.

“Now these two poles are secured, so you can use it as the stand for the top pole,” Master explained, showing Elaria the two poles he had tied together in a triangle shape.

“Papa so cool!” Cai Hong giggled, hugging Master’s leg while a butterfly flew around her head.

“Master! Master! I got some sweet berries for you~” I called out, offering the red coloured berries in my palms to Him.

Master smiled at me, “My sweet Diao Chan… These berries may be sweet, but they also cause hallucinations unless you boil them first. I can neutralise it without any problems like this but please don’t eat them on your own.”

I flinched, “Ah… I’m sorry, Master…”

Master picked up my berries and popped a few in His mouth, “They are sweet though, and thank you for bringing them to me. I’ll teach you how to identify the safe berries later.”

Hnnng~ Master! You are too sweet! I’m definitely going to crawl into your bed tonight!!

Master looked over my shoulder, spying Zhiyang approaching with the firewood in tow.

“Mmm… I see you’ve managed to gather quite a bit. Let’s set that here and I’ll show you the different ways you can set up your campfire.”

Eheheh~ Master can light my fire whenever He wants~

“Ohh~ Will we at least cook marshmallows, Onii-sensei?” Elaria asked, her eyes sparkling.

Master sighed, “Oh alright. Yes, we can roast marshmallows tonight.”

“Master can play with my marshmallows too~” I suggested cheekily.

Cai Hong tilted her head at me, “Muu… No play with food?”

Master flicked me on the forehead again, “You’re really naughty today aren’t you? I’m going to have to punish you extra hard tonight.”

Oh?! Ehehehe~ I can’t wait till tonight already!


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