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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 393: A Sick Visit Bahasa Indonesia


“Ok, down girl. That’s… Ahahaha! That’s enough now! That tickles! Hahaha!”

I gently pushed back the Phoenix that had been rubbing itself on me when it saw me, tickling me with its feathers.

I’m not even sure why it likes me that much, maybe it was because of that one day I fed it something? Who knew the way to get a Phoenix to like you was to just feed it some bird seeds.

The fact that both Akari and Shiori were just staring at it quietly kind of unnerved me, so I just gave the bird a pat on the head before entering the building Elder Feng was recuperating in.

“Oh, Master Lin. For you to personally come and see me, this old one is truly honored,” Elder Feng greeted as soon as I entered, as though he had been expecting me.

“Good day Elder Feng, how are you feeling now?”

“Better, Master Lin. It’s all thanks to that God pill you had. I never knew such a thing was possible but… Ah, I suppose it’s to be expected of Master Lin.”

Well, they’re actually not that hard to make as long as you know how to, but I’m not going to tell him that.

He looked up and noticed the two foxes laying on top of my shoulders.

“Oh? I did not know Master Lin had familiars of his own.”

I nodded, “I just got them both recently actually. Well, that’s not correct, I already met them some time before but only took them along recently. They’re cute aren’t they?”

“Ehehehe~ Master called us cute~” Akari giggled, rubbing her face on mine.

Shiori said nothing but her tail moved to wrap itself around my neck like a scarf, the tip waving slowly.

I reached up and patted both of them on the heads, the two of them mewling when I did so.

He squinted his eyes at them, “I sense…Some sort of power in them. They aren’t normal foxes are they?”

“Mmm… I guess you can call them Spirit Foxes. Don’t try to pat them though, they don’t like others touching them.”

“Ah, that does sound like Spirit Foxes. They’re very playful but they only like their contractors and play pranks on others.”

“Your phoenix seemed to have taken a liking to me though,” I pointed out.

“Mmm… You did save me and fed her right? She’s quite intelligent. That, and I guess she recognises Master Lin’s power, their kind recognises the strong after all.”

“Mmm… Such is the natural thing of course. Even a little one like her recognises Divine One’s power. Now if only she wasn’t that clingy.” Shiori muttered.

“Hmm… That should be a common trait amongst monsters, isn’t it? The weaker ones respect the strong?” I suggested, remembering the attitude of the other monsters back in the hideout.

“That is true. Master Lin is knowledgeable about monsters too, I see. I guess such is expected of the strongest Pactitioner,” He chuckled.

Well, I kind of have first hand experience so it’s hard for me not to know.

I gestured to him, “So anything I should know about? Maybe some feelings of discomfort? Anything?”

Elder Feng looked down at himself, “No, not at all. I feel more than great actually, even the pains in my lower back were gone after taking your God pill. It is truly a mircale! Ah, of course I’ll make sure to keep the existence of the pill a secret, such a treasure like this must be incredibly valuable for Master Lin.”

Again, they’re really not. Like… I have a whole bunch of them just sitting in my storage ring and my disciples each have a gourd full of them in case of emergencies.

Though it is true that it would be good for these to remain secret, I would be damned if every other Sect knew of this and I get requests to make these for the rest of my life since no one else other than Brendan can make them. Even Brendan hadn’t perfected the process yet, so it will still just be me.

“Mmm… As expected of Elder Feng, you have already seen through me,” I nodded, agreeing with him for the sake of it.

“Hoho! I was still a former Sect Master, Master Lin. I am well aware of the value of such things. It was definitely our fortune that we are now the same Sect!”

“Umu… I see all the inscriptions I placed here are working as well. No problems with them either?”

He turned to look at the inscription I had laid on the floor of the room, “Well… I believe it’s still working since I have yet to be assassinated yet. But you did not tell me what exactly this inscription does?”

I raised my finger to my lips, “Secret Elder Feng. Though I hope there’s no need to use it, the assassin would definitely regret entering the inscription if they do come after you again.”

“Ohoho! To have Master Lin’s personal protection truly puts me at ease! This old man can sleep peacefully at night!”

“This old man is creepy…” Akari muttered, looking at Elder Feng up and down. “Is he gay?”

Shiori’s tail unfurled from my neck and slapped her sister on the head, causing her to yelp and Elder Feng to look at the foxes questioningly.

“They’re siblings, they like to play,” I explained.

Elder Feng nodded as though that explained everything.

“Well then, is Master Lin just here to visit this old man, or is there anything I can do for you?”

I shook my head, “Nah, I’m really just here to check up on you, making sure you aren’t dead in your sleep or something.”

“Ahaha! Master Lin really does know how to joke!”

I chuckled as well, deciding not to mention that our last Sect Master met the fate I mentioned.

“Well, since you’re alright and all, I’ll just let you go about your day. I believe Sect Master Qing should be visiting you in a bit.”

“Oh yes, he had invited me for a stroll around your Sect to familiarize myself with it. I do look forward to it.”

Ugh, him too? This isn’t my Sect you know? I’m just a lowly Master within the Sect.

Deciding that it probably isn’t worth my time to correct him, I just waved him goodbye before leaving.

Of course the phoenix outside went ahead to rub me with its head for a minute or two more before finally letting me leave.

“Master? Is it alright for us to cuddle a little?” Akari asked, rubbing her face on mine.

I thought Shiori would reprimand her sister again but this time, she stayed surprisingly quiet. Instead, she joined her sister in rubbing her face on mine too.

Oh? Were they jealous of that Phoenix?

Hmmm… I did tell the girls I will be back late since I was half expecting Elder Feng to have some complications, so now I have unexpected free time.

Well then…

I teleported us to the top of the mountain where I know we wouldn’t be disturbed, laying myself down under a tree.

The two foxes leapt onto my lap and curled themselves into a ball, laying their heads on their front paws with their tails wagging slowly behind them, looking up at me with their beady eyes.

Knowing what they wanted, I proceeded to head pat them and stroke their tails until they were thoroughly satisfied.

Their tails were really, really soft too, so I was thoroughly satisfied as well~


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