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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 383: Morning Routines Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“Mistress Lian Li, I have prepared your clothes for the day here.”

I peeked out from under my blanket to see Keqing standing by my side, my clothes neatly folded in her hands.

I waved my hand at her, “Just leave it on the table, I can dress myself.”

She bowed her head, “With all due respect, Mistress Lian Li, but Master Lin had left very clear instructions on how we are to serve you.”

Sighing to myself, I rose from my bed while still wrapped in one of Master’s robes that I managed to acquire from His laundry basket.

“Shall I wash that for you as well, Mistress Lian Li?” Keqing asked, looking pointedly at the robes I was wearing.

“This is the one thing that you shall not touch if you value those hands of yours,” I warned her, slowly stripping myself out of it.

I folded the robed reverently before placing it in its spot in my wardrobe, standing back up on my feet to allow Keqing to dress me.

Giving the rest of the room a quick glance, I found all the other girls still asleep with the exception of Diao Chan’s bed being empty, the Witch having spent last night with Master.

Keqing noticed my gaze after she was done dressing me, “Should I wake the others as well, Mistress Lian Li?”

“Not necessary, they have their own schedules to follow. Come then, before I miss out on my morning routine. Do not make any noise.”


The two of us made our way out towards Master’s building, careful not to make a sound that might wake the others.

The sun had not yet risen so the entire courtyard was still bathed in darkness, the two of us relying on the moonlight to navigate through the space.

It’s been a few days since our last incident with the assassin and Master had told us to take more care of our assigned servants. Master would be monitoring their progress as a reflection of our own growth, stating that our ability to teach others would supplement our ability to learn.

My fellow sisters and I had decided it was still not the time to indoctrinate them into Master’s Church yet since we have both the assassin and the branch Sect to worry about now.

Thus we took this as an opportunity to scope these few girls out. Perhaps if they proved worthy, they might be our link to the other Sects as a means to indoctrinate them as well.

The other girls had their own ways of taking care of their own servants. For me, the most important thing I felt Keqing needed was her absolute loyalty to Master.

In my opinion, the easiest way would be letting her see all the wonderful virtues that Master has. The moment she learns of it, she would definitely devote herself to Master too!

Of course, there’s no way I’ll let her lay with Master without my say so. She’ll only be allowed to admire from afar like the rest of the devotees. Something like receiving Master’s love is too much of an honour for her to have at this point in time.

With that objective in mind, I made my way up to Master’s door with Keqing following close behind.

Diao Chan’s servant, Zhiyang, stood just beside the door, bowing her head slightly when I got close. I heard from Diao Chan that she was having a little trouble with this one though she did not want to go into details.

“Good morning, Mistress Lian Li. Master Lin and Mistress Diao Chan are still asleep.”

I nodded a thanks to her and opened the door without making a sound, making my way straight into Master’s bedroom with Keqing.

Right there, on the bed and still fast asleep was my most beloved Master in His gloriously nude form, His lower body covered by the blanket.

Diao Chan was in a similar state of undress while cuddled to Master’s side, her leg hooked over one of Master’s leg.

The blanket did not fully cover her bottom so her bare cheeks were revealed for all to see. The fact that it was still a little red showed she had a lot of fun last night.

Even in her unconscious state, I could see her hips grinding slowly against Master’s bare thigh, this girl truly is insatiable.

Since Keqing had already seen this a few times, she barely batted an eyelid at the scene, making no sounds as I squatted myself in front of Master’s bed and enjoyed the sight of Master’s sleeping face.

“Isn’t Master’s sleeping face a dream?” I whispered, careful to keep my voice low.

“If I may speak freely, Mistress Lian Li… I’m not sure if Master Lin would approve of such behaviour from his disciples.”

This stupid girl. How can she not feel anything from seeing Master’s divine visage?

Just look at Him! The way His eyes flutter slightly underneath those eyelids, the slow rise and fall of His chest, the peaceful look on Him that showed there was still some good in this wretched world… Does she not see it?!

No, no… I need to be calm about this. She does not know Master like the rest of us do. She only knows Master from the rumours and hearsay that others have spoken about Him. It is still early, yes. After she has spent more time beholding Master will she begin to understand Master’s Divinity like we have.

So instead of getting mad at her, I simply half turned to her and smiled, “You will understand in time, Keqing. This sight is what is worth living for.”

She said nothing but I could see the doubtful look in her eyes.

I turned back to continue my daily routine of enjoying Master’s sleeping visage, trying my hardest to hold back from jumping on Him right there and then.

Satisfied for the moment, I stood back up and led Keqing out of the room, shutting the door behind us without a sound.

I sighed in content, being completely recharged with Masternium, I felt ready to face the world.

“Is it time for our morning spar, Mistress Lian Li?” Keqing asked, materialising her sword on her hip.

I stretched my arms into the air, “Mmm… Definitely. Let’s see how far we can go today. Master already set up a Protection Technique for the courtyard so there’s no need to worry about holding back this time.”

She bowed, “Understood, Mistress Lian Li. I shall do my best in our spar today.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Hmph, since she wasn’t able to see Master’s divinity here, I have no qualms about beating some sense into her if I have to.

If only she was as sensible as queen Guiying, I might have liked Keqing a little more. But right now, I only see her as a misguided sheep that I need to educate.

Now let’s see how much she has improved over the last few days, if Master is satisfied with her performance in the coming weeks, I’m sure Master will reward me with something great!

Ehehe~ Maybe I can ask Master for one of His underwear?


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