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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 378: A Secret Room Bahasa Indonesia


I looked down at the two small foxes that only reached up to my knees in height, one of them had red fur while the other one had white fur.

No prizes as to who they were.

I had intended to try the age regression pill on the two foxes that Brendan had made by accident the other day, that would have changed them into their smaller forms without any other drawbacks.

But apparently after giving them their names, they could just transform themselves into this size for some reason.

When asked why they could do it now and not before, they just shrugged and said they could suddenly manage it after I named them.

Does this have to do with the ‘names have power’ thing that Sophia was talking about?

In that case, I technically named Eris and Cai Hong didn’t I? They seem pretty normal to me don’t they? Or maybe it’s naming monsters that make the difference?

Well, the main thing is that I have two small foxes to take home with me now and by the heavens they were unbelievably fluffy.

They were so fluffy that I finally let them go after a good half hour of fluffing them.

No I did not force myself on them ok?

Alright fine, I did pick them up without warning when they transformed but the first fluff session only lasted for a few minutes. They were the ones who asked me to continue which made the fluff session last for so long.

What? You try having two fluffy foxes at your feet and see what else you’d do. My actions were completely warranted I tell you.

“Mmm… As expected of the Divine One… Your techniques were indeed divine,” Shiori complimented calmly, though her tails were still wagging furiously behind her.

Moments ago she was constantly letting out squeaks that sounded like “kyuu kyuu” everytime I rubbed her tail too.

“Ehehehe~ Master’s tail fluffing is the best!” Akari mewled, rubbing her face on my hand and trying to get me to pat her.

Of course I obliged her, ignoring the stares from Stephanie and Benjamin who were standing at the side the entire time.

“Should we… Leave you, Divine One?” Benjamin suggested.

I stood back up reluctantly, the two foxes making heart wrenching mewls of disappointment when I did so.

“No, I’m good now. It’s fine for me to take them both right? No big loss of authority or anything along those lines?”

He bowed his head, “Not at all, Divine One. We wouldn’t deny such a request from you anyway.”

I smiled at him, “It still doesn’t hurt to ask. Anyway, that’s all I need for now. Is there anything else you want to show or tell me?”

“There is one thing actually,” Shiori admitted, her tail wrapping around my ankle. “There is a room we excavated that we don’t really know the purpose of.”

“Oh? That sounds ominous. Are there clamps, whips and candles in there?”

“Ehehe~ It’s not that kind of room you are thinking about Master~” Akari giggled, pausing in her efforts to climb up my leg. “It looks like it’s used for some kind of ritual actually~”

“Interesting. Care to show me?”

“This way, Divine One,”Benjamin bowed, gesturing towards one side of the hall.

Stephanie waved us goodbye since she had other duties to attend to, duties which I didn’t want to ask what kind a Lich might have.

I let Shiori and Akari climb up and lay on my shoulders, their tails wrapping around my neck like a scarf while they nuzzled against my neck and cheek. Seems like they were really enjoying their new smaller forms.

We went to one of the halls that a Behemoth had taken up as its quarters, the monster taking up half the space with its immense size.

“Divine One, your Aether shines brightly as usual,” It greeted me.

Don’t look at me, I don’t know what this ‘aether’ thing is either.

“Thomas, we’re showing Divine One the room,” Benjamin explained.

Great, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s someone named Jack around here now.

The Behemoth named Thomas lifted one of its giant paws, revealing a trapdoor underneath that blended with the ground quite well.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “I don’t suppose you’re guarding it?”

“I am, Divine One. The Aether around this room in particular is chaotic in nature, such a thing warrants a close guard over,” he explained with a slight bow.

I nodded to pretend I understood before turning to Benjamin, “I’m guessing the room is under there?”

Benjamin reached out with a hand and waved it in a smooth motion, the trapdoor lifting up from the ground in the same motion just as smoothly.

Underneath the door was a set of stone steps that led deep into the bowels of the earth, illuminated by torches interspersed at regular intervals.

I felt a brush of cold wind blow up from within.

“Is there another way in there?” I asked.

Benjamin shook his head, “We checked every nook and cranny and found no other entrances. We think the draft comes from within the room itself.”


I descended down the stairs with Benjamin following behind me, the two foxes huddling themselves closer to me. I counted at least a hundred steps before I saw an open doorway at the bottom of the stairs, runes and inscriptions of some kind dotting along the walls beside it.

I was just about to enter arm’s reach of the doorway when I stopped myself.

“Is something wrong, Master?” Akari asked, pausing in her cheek nuzzling.

I said nothing as I reached out my hand to press against what appears to be an invisible wall.

Benjamin stepped up and frowned, “There should not be a wall here?”

He tried to do the same thing as me, only to have his hand brush against empty air.

“Hmm… A wall that only affects specific people probably?” I thought aloud, stepping away from it. “All of you could go in there to check the room, right?”

“Stephanie and I at least,” Benjamin confirmed. “Perhaps it wards against Divine beings?”

Or more like a block against humans but whatever, I wasn’t going to spoil their fantasy.

I scratched my chin, “Hmmm… Unless I know what is causing the block, I can’t really get past here. If I try to break it, there might be some inscription that might cause this whole place to collapse…”

“That is troubling… Why would the Dark Sect have such a room?” Shiori mused.

“Perhaps… They weren’t the ones who made that room?” I mused. “If you could, copy down all the inscriptions and runes you see in the room and send it to me. I’ll see if I can decipher it.”

Benjamin bowed, “It shall be done, Divine One.”

“Mmm… In that case, I shall head back first. Give my regards to the others I didn’t get the chance to meet.”

“Understood, take care Divine One.”

With those words said, I snapped my fingers and teleported myself back to my room.

“Ohhh~ Master’s room! It’s been a while since I last came here!” Akari giggled.

Oh right, I got to introduce these two to the others as well.

“M… Master?!” I heard a voice shout out in alarm.

I turned to see Diao Chan laying on my bed with my blanket wrapped around herself, a rather familiar scent wafting from her direction.

I looked down to see her clothes scattered all over the floor, it seems like she was really enjoying herself.

Right… Before that, I have a naughty Witch to punish first.


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