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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 368: Big Bath Time Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“I don’t trust her,” I blurted out without thinking, catching the attention of my other sisters who were soaking in the bath with me.

Diao Chan giggled beside me, “Is this because we found out she’s basically Master’s childhood friend?”

I frowned, “No, but she’s up to something, I know it.”

Eris waded her way to me, “Nah, you’re just mad that she took our promised bath time with Master away, aren’t ya?”

Ugh, that woman… Master wanted to know the exact details of what happened after the tower’s barrier came down as well as her full story so he had stayed behind with her alone, leaving us to take our bath ourselves…

Our promised bath with Master was ruined… We were going to have so much fun in here too… I wonder if I can slip something into her food or maybe do something to her while she’s asleep?

“I think she’s fine, she was telling no lies during our conversation just now as far as I could tell,” Kiyomi commented, lifting her bare leg out of the water.

Manami giggled, her hands busy with stroking her sister’s tails, “Ufufu~ It is expected of Master after all. We should have known his exploits started even before He had become a Master of Heaven Sect.”

Cai Hong burst out from underneath the water with a huge grin on her face, “Papa was so cool! Cai Hong like! Can Cai Hong be like Papa?”

I patted her head, “Mmm… I’m sure you can.”


“But still… I never thought Onii-sama had been doing these kinds of things even back then…” Elaria sighed. “I am a failure of an imouto to not see this.”

Kiyomi rached out with one of her tails to pat her head, “Come now. This is Master we are talking about. If Master did not want you to know about it, you would have never known.”

“Hmm… Speaking of which, have you girls decided who to take as your personal servant?” Manami asked.

All eyes turned to me.

I tapped my finger on my chin and thought for a moment, “I suppose… I can take Keqing under my wing. She seems to be the biggest threat to us if they are planning anything against us.”

“She’s from Heavenly Sword Sect isn’t she?” Kiyomi pointed out. “Aren’t they the third strongest Sect?”

Diao Chan shook her head, “After the death of two of their Masters, they dropped down to twelve some time ago and haven’t recovered since.”

“Ara? Is this also their ploy on trying to climb back up the rankings?” Manami commented, turning around to let Kiyomi brush her tails.

Our Witch shrugged, “It could very well be. After our little Queen purges the traitors, there would definitely be another meeting of all the Sects to rank them again. Anyone who is affiliated with Master would definitely get a boost in their evaluation.”

Elaria tilted her head at us, “I still don’t get this Practitioner thing. So what if you are ranked the top few Sects? Bragging rights?”

“Power… Prestige… Influence…” Eris stated simply.

“Ehhhh… And who decides the rankings? Some council of old farts or something?”

“Kukuku. You’d be surprised, but yes,” Diao Chan giggled. “They are mostly Elders who live secular lives and are unaffiliated with any Sects. The system was set up back when there were only a handful of Sects and evaluation takes place every five years unless special circumstances like this one occurs.”

“Papa strongest!” Cai Hong cheered before plunging herself back into the water, blowing bubbles with a “Bu, bu, bu” sound.

Kiyomi nodded, “There is no doubt that Heaven Sect will still remain at the top because of Master, as it should be.”

Manami smiled at her, “Ara ara? Is my dear Kiyomi suggesting we take over that council of old farts too?”

The white fox waved her hand dismissively, “There is no point in converting a bunch of old men cut off from the rest of the world.”

Eris perked up, “Unless Master’s Sect doesn’t get the top, then I suggest we gut ’em!”

“Leaving that aside for now, who are you guys taking as your servants?” I asked, bringing the topic back on track.

Manami leaned herself against Kiyomi, snuggling up to her sister, “I think I can take that Elizabeth girl. I like her red hair.”

Kiyomi scoffed, “I’m sure that’s the only thing that caught your eye.”

Cai Hong raised her hand, “The small girl! She is cute like Cai Hong!”

“Ah, Joanne was it? The one from Fairy Garden Sect,” I recalled, tapping my chin. “I didn’t even know about its existence until today.”

“Ranked twenty-four if I recall,” Diao Chan added helpfully. “They don’t really participate in most of the Sect tournaments.”

“In that case, I’ll take Lydia,” Eris declared. “She looks like she could help me in my training.”

Diao Chan smirked, “I shall take the Zhiyang girl from Nirvanic Gate Sect. Her looks were indeed quite extraordinary compared to the rest. She can satisfy me when Master isn’t around~~”

“Interestingly, I believe that Sect is a female only Sect, is it not?” Brendan called out, having been silent all this time at the other side of the bath.

“Of course Brendan would know, eh?” Eris chuckled.

He didn’t want to wait for his bath so he took the gender change pill to join us as Brenda, but seems like he was still shy in revealing his female body to us so he stayed in the corner.

Shame though, we could have helped him accept his female form quicker. Just look at my cute little Cusmons, she’s a perfect lady now!

Kiyomi continued to brush her sister’s tails, “I suppose I can take care of Marie. I think She and I will get along quite well.”

I turned to our newest sister, “What about you, Elaria?”

She shook her head, “I’d rather not. Senior brother… Ahem. Senior sister Brendan can have the last pick and I think Onii-sama would want to keep an eye on that Sophia girl.”

“Kukuku~ I guess we’re letting Brendan take care of Liehui,” Diao Chan chuckled. “I’m not sure who would be the dominant one between those two.”

Brendan grumbled something inaudible from his side of the bath but made no other comment.

I lifted my hand out of the water, watching the liquid cascade off my skin, “As for Sophia… I still think we should keep an eye on her. Of course it is still Master’s decision on what to do with her in the end.”

“Ufufufu~ As my cute Kiyomi has said, the girl has told no lies during that conversation. I think it might be a better idea to take note of the other girls instead,” Manami suggested.

Mmm… Manami has a point, of course.

I sighed, “In that case, I think we should bring those girls to–”

The door to the bathroom was opened without warning, all of us turning in preparation to smite down whoever it was until we realised it was Master.

“Ah, looks like I wasn’t too late in joining you girls. Is there space for me?”

“YES!!” All of us shouted in unison.

Looks like we would have our fun bath time after all~


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