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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 364: Strategist Training Bahasa Indonesia

(Elaria POV)

“My cannon takes your chariot and that is checkmate for you.”

“Booo!! One more time Onii-sensei!!” I begged, seeing my ‘general’ cornered for the twelfth time in a row.

I didn’t really have high hopes for this game that Onii-sama had introduced to me at first, but now I was starting to see the appeal behind the game.

As simple as it looked, there seems to be a very complex set of rules present behind the game that makes it easy to learn but hard to master.

Little Cai Hong had been so immersed in watching our game that she had already forgotten she still held a cookie in her hand. Master had to prod her a few times to have her continue eating it.

“I see you’re getting the hang of it,” Onii-sama commented.

He snapped his fingers and all the pieces rearranged themselves back to their original locations, resetting the board for our next game.

He nodded to me to show I should make the first move again so I did, this time choosing to move one of the pawns furthest to my right forward.

Onii-sama took the cannon on his right and moved it to the centre of his board, completely ignoring my pawn.

Onii-sama couldn’t be trying the double cannon checkmate again right?

“Hehehe~ Onii-sensei, don’t think the same move will work on me twice! But I accept your challenge! My cannon-chan shall move to intercept!” I declared, moving my leftmost cannon to the centre as well.

Onii-sama barely batted an eye at my challenge and moved his right most chariot upwards by one square.

“Ohoho… You made a mistake there now, Onii-sensei! My knight shall make his move!!”

I picked up my left most knight and moved it diagonally to the right, using it to protect my pawn from his cannon.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest, “How’s that Onii-sensei?! Eat that pawn now, I dare you!”

Onii-sama moved his hand towards his cannon piece and I thought he might actually do it. But his hand darted to his right to pick up the chariot he had moved last turn and slid it across the board, stopping at the left of his general.

He nodded, “Mmm… Your move.”

I looked across the board and spotted an opportunity. His chariot was gone which meant his right flank was now relatively unprotected. A weakness I am going to exploit!

“Hehe, your flank is open Onii-sensei!” I declared, shifting my left chariot a step to the right to threaten his knight.

“Mmm… Good move,” Onii-sama complimented before shifting his knight upwards and out of danger.

I grinned, seeing my opening for the first blood of the game. I pushed my chariot all the way up, stopping right in between his two pawns on his right.

“Chariot-chan charges through the river and points their guns straight at two soldiers! Which one will Onii-sensei sacrifice?”

Onii-sama smiled at my commentary and pushed his middle chariot forward with a finger. I thought he might stop in the centre but no, he had pushed it all the way in front of my general’s bodyguards. Now it’s sitting right at my general’s doorstep, staring at me.

He lifted his finger and smiled, a contrast to Cai Hong’s frowning face of concentration.

I stopped to inspect the board, trying to figure out what was Onii-sama’s plan.

There was nothing I could use to actually threaten his chariot with and I didn’t really see much that his chariot could do by going there.

My first instinct was to go ahead and use my own chariot to claim his pawn but stopped myself partway.

No, I would need a clear line for the chariot to retreat back just in case it was needed so I couldn’t claim first blood here…

Not knowing what else to do, I picked up my other knight and moved it diagonally to the right, thinking I might as well try to open up Onii-sama’s other flank instead.

“No commentary this time?” Onii-sama chuckled before moving his other chariot up one square.

I saw it! The chance! Onii-sama had left his left knight undefended!

Picking up my cannon, I brought it all the way to Onii-sama’s side of the board and knocked his knight off the board, putting my cannon there in its place.

“First blood of the game goes to Onii-sensei’s most adorable little sister! You got sloppy there, Onii-sensei!”

Onii-sama looked down at my cannon, then to his defeated knight.

He sighed, “Ah… You got me there…”

“Ehehe~ Praise me! Praise me!”

He reached forward and patted my head, causing me to let out a squeal of delight.

Onii-sama then reached for his left most cannon and smiled, “Now, how do you deal with this?”

He pushed the piece straight down into my territory, stopping right beside my knight that I had moved the turn before.

My eyes widened, my only knight defending my middle pawn is now threatened.

I could bring my chariot back down to defend it, but there’s the chance that Onii-sama might still go for it.

Deciding to take the safer option, I moved my left knight back to its starting position and out of harm’s way.

Onii-sama looked at my knight and chuckled, “Seems like you’ve learned to at least play cautiously. But I’m afraid that might not be the answer here.”

He reached for his middle cannon and leapt it forward to capture my middle pawn.

“And that’s a check,” He grinned at me.

Unfortunately, I only could make one move which was moving my left bodyguard diagonally upwards to block his cannon.

Onii-sama then moved his other chariot directly opposite his first chariot, forming a kill line pointing towards my right bodyguard.

Needing to escape from the potential trap, I moved my general one step to the left in preparation to dodge his chariot.

Predictably, his chariot came down by one step and ate my right bodyguard, putting me in check.

Without much of a choice, I had to bring my only remaining bodyguard downwards to take his chariot. But with my general’s current position, I should be safe even if his second chariot comes down to take my bodyguard.

Onii-sama shook his head, “Sorry Elaria, but it’s my win again.”

He slid his chariot to his right, putting me in check once more.

I frantically looked around the board, trying to find something that could aid me.

I frowned when I realised there was only one thing I could do and I had already effectively lost the game.

Sighing and resigning to my fate, I moved my cannon one step to the left to block Onii-sama’s chariot.

Onii-sama made eye contact with me before he moved his chariot down to capture my cannon, putting me once more in check.

I had to move my general back to its original location to avoid the check, my eyes already looking at his cannon that was just sitting at the side.

Onii-sama reached forward and slid his second cannon in front of his first before lifting up his finger in a dramatic fashion.

“And that is checkmate. Good game.”

“Papa win!!” Cai Hong clapped merrily.

I puffed my cheeks at him, “Buuuuu! Onii-sama is bullying me!”

Onii-sama patted Cai Hong’s head, “Mmm… I was planning to give you a kiss for playing so well, but since you said I was bullying you…”

I gasped, “No! No! Onii-sama is the best Onii-sama in the world! No one can beat my beloved Onii-sama!”

He chuckled and beckoned me over, planting a kiss on my cheek when I complied which sent shivers down my spine.

“Mmm… I think we can stop here for today, it’s already lunchtime and I will need to check on your senior sisters’ progress. Come on.”

“Hehehe~ Ok~”

Mmm… Onii-sama may have beaten me for now, but I will definitely learn this properly and beat Onii-sama at least once! I will show Onii-sama I am the best imouto!

It was obvious how much help this kind of game would be for me. Once I have mastered this, I would be able to plan strategies in times of war even better!

Yes! I will be the best war strategist there is, making sure the enemy wouldn’t even stand a chance against our armies when we begin our purging!

Ehehehe~ Onii-sama knows me so well!


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