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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 354: Two New Visitors Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

The girls and I were back on the beach again, this time with Guiying accompanying us for our day.

She was understandably confused when we had suddenly ran back to the villa without warning a few moments ago.

I couldn’t explain it myself but, there was that sudden feeling of wanting to pamper Master a lot. Like I wanted Master to rest on my lap while I pat His head and maybe even do some naughty things kind of feeling.

Judging by how the other girls reacted, I was not the only one who was overcome by such a feeling either.

Of course, when we had reached our room and found Master once more in His most adorably cute and precious smaller form, we just had to spend the time to pamper Him lots.

Being the benevolent Master He was, Master allowed us to fawn over Him to our hearts content.

Only after we were satisfied did we return to the beach, Guiying sitting on the beach mat with Alpha and the rest.

“Ah, welcome back. What happened for all of you to run off like that?” Guiying asked.

Manami waved her concerns away, “Ufufufu, we just needed to take care of Master for a bit, don’t worry about it.”

Guiying raised an eyebrow at her answer but didn’t push the subject. Instead, she spread her arms out wide and gestured towards the beach, “Well! I admit it’s been a really long time since I’ve been here! What do my senior sisters propose we do?”

“Hmm… We pretty much did everything we could do already,” I pointed out. “What else could we do at the beach?”

“Muuu… Swim swim?” Cai Hong suggested while sucking on her finger.

“I suppose that’s as good of a place to start as any.” Eris grinned, turning to face the queen. “Does Guiying know how to swim?”

“Oh! Yes, I do! Don’t need to worry about me, teehee!”

“Would Alpha and the rest like to join us?” Diao Chan asked, looking at the four youkai maids who had been standing attentively at the side since the start.

Alpha bowed her head, “This one is flattered for your invitation, High Priestess Diao Chan. But allow us to stand by to deal with anything unexpected that might happen.”

Ah Alpha, always the serious one. She does take her role a bit too seriously at times, that’s why I was quite surprised to see her drunk with Master that night. Even I had never seen her beg for belly rubs like that before so it was quite a sight.

And the way she was all over Master too, she looked more like a cute puppy who got excited for her owner coming back home.

I admit I had been tempted to join in on them but Diao Chan had stopped me before I could, saying that watching is sometimes more fun. Though I didn’t really agree on that, I could at least see the appeal of it.

It was still a good night, nevertheless.

Following Cai Hong’s suggestion, we made our way towards the clear sea, immersing ourselves into the water while we swam a distance away from shore.

Once more, Eris and I gave our thanks to Master who bestowed the skill to move freely in water to us.

Kiyomi floated by us while seated on a swim ring that Elaria had brought along, her sister floating by right beside her.

“Not going to swim?” I asked them a bit cheekily.

“It’s a pain to dry our tails, so we would have to pass on that,” Kiyomi sighed, relaxing on her swim ring and letting the waves carry her and Manami away.

“Senior sister! Senior sister!” Guiying called out excitedly while bobbing her way towards me. “Senior sister! Would Master come in his own swimming attire?”

“Oh girl, ya bet if He’s coming He will!” Eris laughed beside me before suddenly calming down. “A much needed sight for sore eyes, I might add.”

“Hehehe~ I can’t wait to see it then~ Master in a pair of swim trunks~~”

To think I will get to see the Queen of a country act like a giggling school girl experiencing her first love, never would I imagine there would be such a day.

Guiying recovered from her day dream and turned to me, “So how is the villa? Is everything good? Anything we need to change? I hope it was sufficient for Master’s stay at least?”

I nodded, “Master did say He liked it here, so I think that’s the highest praise you can get.”

“Hehehe~ That is good to hear! If there’s anything he doesn’t like just give the word! It wouldn’t be too much trouble to demolish this whole place to rebuild it!”

“I will keep that in mind.”

“Hehe~ Oh! Senior Sister Eris! Would you like to swim with me?”

Eris grinned at her, “Gladly!”

I watched the two of them swim off, heading further out to sea.

A sudden commotion at the beach caught my attention while I was relaxing in the water.

Gamma was standing over someone with her halberd out by her side, seemingly threatening said person over something.

Intrigued, I waded closer to the scene to investigate.

“I do not believe you, no one normal will venture all the way out here in the first place and if you are indeed living nearby, you should know what this place is and stayed away. Now speak! Who are you and what are you doing here?!” Gamma growled, waving her halberd to emphasize her point.

“I… I speak the truth… M… Mam…” A high-pitched voice squeaked, obviously frightened. “My M… Ummm… My sister and I were… Were lost and we stumbled here… We mean no harm…”

I moved to the side to get a better look at the person.

The person turned out to be a rather cute girl with short hair that reached her shoulders. She seemed to just be a little bit shorter than me but with longer legs, at least my hips seem to be wider than hers.

Something about her seemed familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Was she one of our followers? But she didn’t have the aura of one.

Gamma growled at her, “Do not lie to me girl, I can tell that the words you speak are not the truth.”

Sensing imminent bloodshed, I moved forward to intercept the two.

“What is going on here?” I demanded.

“Ah! High… I mean… Mistress Lian Li! It’s nothing to worry about! I just caught this girl wandering around on the beach and was questioning her,” Gamma reported.

I turned to inspect the girl, she seemed to cower under my gaze, taking a step back away from me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

She gulped, “I… I am erm… Bre… Brenda… I swear I didn’t mean to intrude…”

Definitely suspicious.

I was about to instruct Gamma to take her away for interrogation when a sweet voice came from our right.

“Sister! That’s where you are!”

When I turned to look, the most stunning sight greeted me.

A woman who oozed with sensuality and sin was running towards us, her movements so fluid and smooth it seemed like she was gliding across the ground.

Her curves were in the perfect places and her smooth porcelain skin seemed to glow in the light, her robes revealing legs that seemed to go on forever. From how her robes hugged her tightly, it was very clear that she was gifted in both the top and bottom departments.

Her long, black hair trailed behind her as she ran, somehow making her look even more ethereal like a goddess descending upon the earth.

If this woman said she was the second most beautiful of the land, no one would dare to claim the top spot, not even me.

Her demeanor itself radiated divinity, something that I never would have thought could come from someone other than Master.

The feeling I got from her felt extremely familiar, like as if I had met her somewhere before?

But where?

I didn’t even get the chance to properly recall my thoughts when I was distracted by the sight of her impressively bountiful bosoms bouncing up and down as she ran towards us, the only thought that occupied my head was “She’s not wearing a bra.”

Who is this woman?


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