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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 349: Your Whip, Your Highness Bahasa Indonesia


Of course, the girls had woken up with quite a hangover that morning considering how much they drank.

Well, to teach them not to drink so much in the future, I did not offer to cure their hangovers. Not to be mean or anything, but if they get used to the idea that such a thing carried no consequences, it would be a bad habit to pick up.

I did, however, helped Brendan with his muscle soreness from sleeping in that position all night. Apparently no one remembered how he got into that position, not even Diao chan, so we just dropped the issue.

“Nnnggg… My head…” Lian Li moaned, rubbing her temples with her fingers. “Why did I drink so much… Not that I regret last night…”

All of us were sitting around the breakfast table, Cai Hong seated on my lap and munching on the bits of food I fed her with my hand.

I passed my golden haired disciple a glass of water and she received it reverently, gulping it down while her breakfast still lay untouched in front of her.

Brendan was trying his best to keep as quiet as possible, Eris and Diao Chan who were beside him had already smacked him multiple times for being “too noisy”.

Even Manami and Kiyomi weren’t doing so well either, judging by their droopy tails. It almost made me want to heal them. Almost.

But no, a lesson had to be taught about their actions having consequences so I had to steel my heart for it.

“What happened to those guests?” I asked the person standing beside me, feeding Cai Hong a piece of ham which made the little girl emit ‘nom nom nom’ noises.

Alpha, who had been pouring tea for me, stiffened slightly before relaxing, “They are still in their room, Master. It seems they would prefer not to be disturbed.”

I raised my eyebrow, “Wait, all of them? In the same room?”

The wolf youkai smiled, “It is what you think, Master. It seems they have… Similar interests.”

Well, that’s news to me…

Whatever floats their boat I suppose.

I fed Cai Hong another piece of ham, “Hmmm… And Queen Guiying?”

Before she could answer, a figure had barged into the room.

“I’m here!!” The Queen of our country exclaimed, her breathing a little ragged from running.

Most of the girls winced from the sudden noise before going back to their individual groaning, shooting Guiying some nasty looks.

Perplexed at their reaction, she asked, “Eh? What’s wrong, senior sisters?”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “How did you get here?”

“I flew here!” She announced proudly, though that exclamation made the girls hiss at her.

“Flew? I don’t remember teaching you any flying Techniques?”

Taking the hint from them, the Queen lowered her voice, “Oh, I just blasted myself into the air using my lightning and used it to propel myself here. It was quite tiring but I did it!”

Most likely it was because it has become a habit for me, I gave her a forehead flick without thinking.

“Don’t do such dangerous things,” I admonished. “You could have hurt yourself.”

At least she had the decency to look shamefaced, “Uuuu…. I apologize, Master.”

“I assume you received the news about your uncle, my Queen?” I continued.

She nodded but stopped, “Master, if it’s only us, please don’t be so formal with me. I am but your student. And yes I know about him so that’s why I’m here.”

I glanced at my first disciple who was still hunched over the table, “Technically, you are her student, not mine.”

Guiying smiled, “That is just details, Master.”

I shrugged, giving Cai Hong a piece of egg that she chewed on with relish.

Turning to Alpha, I asked, “Could you take the Queen to see her uncle then? Make sure that no harm comes to her?”

The wolf youkai bowed her head, “As you command, Master. Your Highness, this way.”

I watched the two of them leave before returning my attention back to my disciples, smiling wryly at how they were still groaning in pain.


(Alpha POV)

“Alpha, right?” the Queen asked while we were alone in the corridor.

“That is correct, your Highness,” I replied curtly without slowing down.

“And you’re also part of The Church, am I correct?”

“You are well informed, your Highness.”

Although we know of her, it’s a little surprising that she knows about me specifically since we have not met and she should have been a new addition to our ranks.

“No need to be so surprised,” She said with a serene smile, her aura different from it was moments ago in front of Master. “Ever since I heard about this Church after Master had saved me, I followed you guys as closely as I could. Why else do you think no nobles took note of what you guys were doing in the slums?”

“I see. You have my thanks, your Highness,” I bowed my head slightly.

She waved it away, “Come now. Outside of the palace I am just the same as all of you, a fellow sister following our God’s guidance. Do treat me that way at least, I do not wish to be reminded of the court life any more than needed.”

I smiled, “As you wish, Guiying.”

“Now back to the matter at hand, my uncle?”

I gestured towards the double doors in front of us, “I think it would be best if you see him for yourself.”

She only raised a questioning eyebrow at me before stepping forward, opening the doors without a shred of hesitation.

The first thing she saw in front of her was Delta dressed in a full leather outfit with a whip held in her hand.

The second thing she would have seen would be the men who were suspended upside down from the ceiling tied in some sort of bondage straps.

The last thing she would have seen was the uncle tied to what looked like a wooden horse but with a triangular body, the man himself naked and straddling said horse with tears in his eyes.

The only reaction Guiying gave to the scene was a raise of an eyebrow.

“Oh? Greetings your Highness,” Delta greeted with a slight bow. “Have you come for the trash over there?”

“What did he do to deserve this?” She asked.

“He had disrespected Master and Master Himself had requested the little trash be occupied,” I explained smoothly. “Thus we took it upon ourselves to give the little trash a bit of a reeducation.”

“I see.” See said simply before walking up to the excuse of existence.

The little insect was still too busy crying to notice her arrival, I know for a fact that he hadn’t slept the entire night since every time he drifted off he would be plagued by some sort of nightmare.

I wasn’t privy to all the details but I believe Master Brendan had something to do with it.

He did not even notice Guiying was standing in front of him, only looking up when she cleared her throat.

“Hello uncle. I’m surprised you’re still alive,” Guiying greeted.

His eyes widened at the sight of her, “Gui… Guiying! Dear niece! You have to help your uncle! These people are crazy! They… They tortured me! They made me–“

Guiying slapped him across the face, shutting him up instantly.

“I’m not here to listen to your whinings, uncle. What I want to know is how you’re still alive and dared to show your face here? Even worse, disrespecting the very God I worship!” Guiying growled, not a hint of compassion in her voice.

“Ni… Niece?” He stuttered, still recovering from the shock.

Guiying slapped him again, harder this time, “I asked a question and I expect an answer.”

The little trash just stared back at her, his mind unable to comprehend what was happening to him at this very moment.

Guiying clucked her teeth, reaching back with her hand, “Delta, would you be so kind as to lend me your whip please? I think this one still needs a little bit more of that education.”

The elf handed over the whip easily.

Guiying ran her finger over the length of the whip, electrifying the entire thing with a sadistic grin.

“Now then, I hope you are ready for this dear uncle~”

That day I witnessed first hand how interesting our new queen is. She will fit right in with us that’s for sure.


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