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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 329: I’ll Give You Something To Be Scared About Bahasa Indonesia


I glared hard at the forest, it was faint but I could sense the creation of a domain that had encompassed this section of the island.

If I were to walk into the forest now, nothing would happen to me. But everything that had been in the forest when this domain was created had been whisked away into said domain.

Concentrating my senses on the surface of the domain, I tried to identify what had created it.

I did not like what I found.

“Master? What is going on? I felt something happen within the island,” Alpha asked, the other youkai maids standing behind her.

They must have sensed the same thing I did and came here.

“No time to explain, stand back,” I warned.

My body glowed as I channeled Origin into myself, directing the energy to my hands as I thrusted my fingers into the barrier, cracking it at the seams before pulling the gap open with my palms.

There was an obvious distortion in the air as a portal formed at where I had broken the barrier, leading to the place where the culprit was.

“Master! Allow us to help!” Alpha cried out before I could enter the rift.

I paused to shake my head at her, “I’m afraid you girls won’t be able to handle what will happen there. Help me take care of the fire pit, I want it hot by the time I come back, then we can enjoy the feast together.”

The four of them turned to look at the firepit I had made and bowed their heads.

“It will be done, Master.”

I nodded at them before stepping into the rift, letting it close shut behind me.

The first thing I noticed was the eerie red glow that covered the entire forest in front of me. Looking up, the reason why was clear.

A bright red moon hung unmoving in the sky, shining its red light menacingly below and painting the land crimson.

Deciding that a red moon was the least of my problems, I stretched out my senses to check if the thing I was looking for was present.

Upon finding it, I lifted my arms to my sides, clenching my fists as I cracked the ground of the island’s circumference with that little thing in the centre.

With a sharp intake of breath, both the island and I shot up high into the sky, flying up into the clouds in just a few seconds.

Slowing down to a halt, I waited for a second more before dropping my arms back to my sides, the island hanging for another moment before it too, dropped out of the sky.

I watched the giant piece of land crash back down on the sea below, creating a giant splash that rocked the waves around it.

Not yet done, I reached up my right palm to point at the island before pushing downwards, increasing the gravity on the island’s surface by several folds.

The island’s vegetation was instantly crushed into the ground, flattening the entire topography into a flat plain.

Releasing my levitation, I dropped myself down onto the island at a breakneck speed, crashing back into the ground feet first.

The impact caused a spider web of cracks to appear at the impact zone, the ground groaning before it suddenly shattered, splitting the island into multiple pieces with some of them sinking into the ocean’s depths below.

Not yet done by a long shot, I raised both my arms into the air, manipulating every single piece of land to be flung back up into the sky, carrying whatever just so happened to be above them as well with the exception of the piece I was standing on.

I let them hang in the air for a few seconds before dropping them back down like before.

The various pieces of earth came crashing back down in one gigantic splash, if this was the real world, more than one tsunami would have no doubt been created.

Still maintaining my Origin state, I floated towards my target which just so happens to be at the centre of the island. There, what looks to be a figure covered by a large bedsheet with a carved pumpkin head was just in the midst of getting up from the ground, all battered from what I put the island through.

I blinked forward and smashed the pumpkin head to bits, pulling the bedsheet up and tossing it aside to reveal a short man that barely came up to my knees hiding underneath the sheet.

The man was wearing a distinctly green suit with an equally green top hat that rested on his head.

He looked like he was about to say something when my hand closed in around his throat, lifting him up above me.

He gasped and tried to hit my hand away, his struggles literally next to useless since I barely felt anything.

This little piece of shit thinks just because he can create a domain of fear to feed off his victim’s terror he’s some big shot?

“You dare try to feed on my disciples’ and sisters’ fear?” I asked, glaring straight at his eyes that were filled with fear.

Not giving him the chance to answer, my hand tightened around his neck, pulling him closer to my face, “You think my cute disciples are easy to bully, huh?!”

The leprechaun tried to say something again but only managed to croak out what sounded like a gasp. He could do nothing but squirm while my fingers remained firmly clasped around his neck.

“You like to see them suffer so much… I will make you suffer for them!” I roared, slamming him into the ground and splintering the already broken ground even further.

I raised up my arm that held him and smashed downwards again, repeating this for about another five times before I lifted his bloody, battered body back up.

My grip loosened and he finally managed to get a few words out.

“P… Please… F… F… Forgive… Me…”

“Too late.”

I grabbed him by the head and activated another Technique, this one filling his entire head with the worst kinds of nightmares that anyone could imagine. Whatever he had tried to subject my disciples and sisters to, I multiplied the effect by a hundred times in his head.

With that done, I dropped him on the ground, letting his own nightmares torment him.

For the next few minutes, he would be forced to relive multiple scenes of despair and terror that was the stuff of nightmares. To him, it would feel like he had lived through multiple decades instead of just a few mere minutes.

When he finally snapped out of it, he was shivering in fear uncontrollably, curling himself up into a ball as though it would protect him from what I was going to do next.

I picked him up by the collar, causing him to splutter and spasm in fear while his eyes were closed shut. Most likely something in his visions had done the same thing and traumatised him.

Infusing my palm in a golden glow, I slapped him across the face, forcing his most recent traumatic memories to be repressed and bringing him back to his senses.

He looked up at me, his body still remembering the terror he ‘experienced’ even if his mind does not.

“I won’t even kill you, enjoy your time in the Abyss getting screwed by tentacle monsters you piece of shit. That’s what you get for trying to prank the wrong people.”

My body glowed brighter while I stabbed my hand into the air, forcing open another rift that led to the entrance of the Abyss.

I had the chance to see Abaddon gaping up at me briefly before I tossed the small man into the hole, letting him suffer there.

With that done, I should rescue my girls from their nightmare as soon as possible, hopefully they haven’t gone too far in their visions and thus have yet to meet the monsters that were supposed to haunt them yet.

Concentrating my energy into a ball, I let loose a shockwave that shattered the domain the leprechaun had placed, breaking the entire thing like glass.

The blast also served as a beacon to my disciples to get them here in case they had wandered elsewhere in the forest.

I might need to find my sisters myself since they would not be able to feel this as they aren’t Practitioners, but with the destruction of the domain, they should be safe.

Now I just need to sit here and wait to console my dear disciples. Hopefully the barbecue is enough to salvage this night into a good one.


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