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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 32: Obligatory Side Characters Looking For Trouble Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

Glorious. Master is simply too glorious. [Eris]

Daaaaamn I really want to roughhouse with Master at least once! [Bait]

Beautiful… [Laverna]

This one wishes for a saved recording. [Denna]

We still have a lot to learn to stand beside Master. [Eris]

Too much… [Laverna]

Hey, is it just me or does it feel a little wet down there? [Bait]

Haaa… Ya see? This is what I don’t get about you guys… Ya want something, just go get it! Give me five minutes and I’ll be riding Master’s bones in no time! [Bait]

Raping Master is the greatest sacrilege you can perform right now. [Eris]

Huh? Who said that I would resort to that?! You guys reaaaally have so little faith in me?! [Bait]

It is this one’s humble opinion that nothing else needs to be said when you are interested in exhibitionism. [Denna]

Shameful… [Laverna]

Argh! You guys! I said I’d like to do it outside, but that doesn’t mean I want an audience! I just like the feeling of being free! [Bait]

Suggesting that a normal time with Master is not liberating enough? [Eris]

Hey, we all have our preferences alright? Don’t pretend I don’t know what you guys actually want, we’re all sharing the same body here! [Bait]

… Lies… [Laverna]

HA! You’re also kinky yourself! Using herbs and all that alche-what’s-it to increase your pleasure! [Bait]

Don’t know what you’re talking about… [Laverna]

Heh heh, seeing as how you’re talking like that, not very convincing at all! [Bait]

This one humbly reminds you that you still have the most dangerous fantasies of all. [Denna]

Dangerous? And yours isn’t? Hahaha! Tell that to the rope markings you’ve left on this body! [Bait]

That… That was just a small mistake on this one’s part. [Denna]

Whatever you say. [Bait]

I’m normal. [Eris]

If you would call your fantasy of being done roughly as normal! Face it, we’re all equally screwed up here! It’s half the fun! [Bait]

Whatever. What I want to know is if we need another session in the toilet. If we already forgot, our underwear is in a little bit of a crisis. [Eris]

Ohhh~ Kinky. [Bait]

Shut up you. [Eris]

No time… [Laverna]

Yes, Master’s already returning. This one thinks we should not be absent. [Denna]

Oh well… I guess we’ll just wing it. [Eris]

“Congratulations on your victory, Master.”



Whew, it’s been awhile since I did such a workout!

I think I did pretty good for my first mass lecture, especially since they were Elders and Masters.

I knew most of them wouldn’t have much real combat experience outside of participating or watching this Festival, so I decided I should impart them some battlefield knowledge.

Most of these lessons got me through my time in the Spiritual Plane. I couldn’t fight my tormentors head on, so I had to get creative to stop, or at least delay them, in pestering me.

At least these guys went easy on me, I couldn’t feel any threat from their attacks so they’re probably also playing along to my impromptu lessons.

I even managed to avoid using multicasting during the lesson, I feel quite proud about that.

I stepped down from the stage after giving the audience a bow.

Since they aren’t clapping, I assume they were still busy digesting the lessons I gave them. How studious of them.

“Papa! Best!”

I caught Cai Hong who had leapt towards me the moment I returned, placing her on an arm while I patted her head.

“That was… Very impressive, Master Lin,” Sect Master Long congratulated with a weird face.

He must be thinking about my lessons as well.

Not surprising since most of these things were what I learnt in my time within the higher Planes. There isn’t much of a war going on down here after all.

“I aim to please, Sect Master,” I grinned.

My disciples came forward to welcome me back.

“Congratulations, Master.”

“Fufufu, that was splendid, Master.”

“Congratulations on your victory, Master.”

I nodded to my disciples, “It was nothing much. I hope all of you learnt something from that little showcase?”

All of them nodded enthusiastically. Probably excited to see my first Practitioner on Practitioner combat.

Heh heh, nothing beats a practical lesson.

While I’m basking in my disciples’ congratulations, the announcer cleared his throat after finally shaking himself out of his stupor.

“Ahem… That is… That concludes the first of the open segment… If there are anymore participants willing to… Er… Showcase their talents… Please step on the stage…”

The crowd began murmuring amongst themselves.

I managed to pick up some confusing words though, they were saying things like “can’t target him”, “go after disciples” and “disfigure them”.

I’m pretty sure I misheard them, they were probably discussing on figuring out a way to court some disciple of another Sect with a certain kind of figure who was already attached.

It took another minute before an Elite Practitioner from another Major Sect, the Fiery Flames Sect leapt onto the stage. I believe they were currently ranked third at the moment.

But seriously though, ‘Fiery Flames’? That’s a redundant name if I ever saw one. It’s like saying a round circle, or even worse, sonic speed of sound.

“This lowly Se Lang of the Fiery Flames Sect requests to exchange pointers with Master Lin’s disciples. Would either of the two beauties–“

“Master, are we allowed to participate?” Lian Li asked, completely cutting him off.

“Umu… If you girls want to. There’s no obligation though,” I told them.

Manami and Lian Li glanced at each other before nodding, both of them leaping up onto the stage at the same time.

Se Lang looked surprised by their actions, taking a step back.

“Umm… I meant to duel either of you though?”

Manami smiled, “Ara ara? You’re suggesting weak Inner Core Practitioners like us to duel an Elite Practitioner like yourself? Are you bullying this big sister here?”

“How shameful, do you get off on bullying weak girls? Disgusting…” Lian Li poured oil on the fire.

“N-n-no! I… I… Isn’t ganging up on one person unfair?” Se Lang protested.

“Ara? You can say such a thing when our Master just faced a hundred by himself without complaint? If you are only here to tell jokes, please don’t waste our time.”

Well… Manami, you can’t compare us like that. The Elders and Masters I fought against only participated to give the audience a practical example on my lessons, they didn’t really fight me seriously.

Another Elite Practitioner from the Fiery Flames Sect leapt up beside his Sect brother.

“In that case, let me, Bian Tai, join him to make this fight even!”

“Huh? Who called you up here? Your mother?” Lian Li sneered. “We were the ones being challenged, not you. Go sit back down.”

I really have no doubts that Lian Li might have been a noblewoman in the past now.

“What?! How dare you slander me?! I’m only here to–“

“Make it fair?” Manami interrupted. “Ufufufu, I see you are also here to tell jokes. How can two Elites fighting against two Inner Core Practitioners be fair? Even a non-Practitioner can tell that is anything but fair.”

“This… This… You two had shown prowess beyond what an Inner Core Practitioner should be capable of! Both of you must have faked your ranks!” Bian Tai accused.

Well… He’s not wrong about their capabilities, they really are geniuses after all. But none of them managed to get their summoning right yet so they’re technically not qualified for the Elite position. In fact, I would rather they not reach there so fast since they would raise some serious questions and I’m not in the mood to answer said questions.

Eh? Kind of feels like the temperature dropped several degrees?

“Ara? Did you just suggest that our Master is a liar?” Manami smiled at him.

That guy recoiled as though he got hit physically, his eyes darting towards me. I only responded with a small smile and a slight tilt of the head.

“Ugh… No, that’s not it, I–“

“No matter,” Lian Li waved her hand. “Since you insist on doing so, I shall not begrudge you. You are welcome to join to make this a two on two fight. Any problems with that, Manami?”

“Ufufufu… Or course not. This big sister shall teach them what it means to disrespect Master.”

The two of them took a few steps away from the two.

“Now, whenever you’re ready then,” Manami declared.

The announcer rang the bell once he was sure both sides were ready.

“Alright, Se Lang! Cast–“

Bian Tai’s words were cut short as a fox tail impacted against his stomach, sending him sprawling on the ground a distance away.

“Bian Tai! Why you–“

Se Lang didn’t have time to voice his complaints before a bolt of lightning struck him square in the chest, blasting him flying away as well.

Manami spread out her hands, summoning a wall of flames that engulfed the entire circumference of the arena, cutting us off from view.

The roar of the fire was also deafening, completely isolating the arena from the audience.

Smart girl, the wall must be there to hide their trump cards so that the other Practitioners who might challenge them later won’t know about it.

Guess we’ll just have to wait for them to be done.


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