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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 316: Hunting And Hunted Bahasa Indonesia


“Careful, it’s hot.”


I fed the takoyaki to each of my disciples and sisters individually with a toothpick, all of them making faces of pure pleasure as they munched on them. They had insisted I fed them as a reward for getting the ingredients, but honestly I would have done it without that as the reason anyway.

“Good huh?”

“Absolutely heavenly Master~” My disciples squealed.

“Mmmm!! This is like what Onii-sama described to me!” Elaria moaned. “The puffiness… How it fills up my mouth… It’s absolutely wonderful!”

“That’s good to hear,” I chuckled, using the metal picks to start flipping the next batch of takoyaki balls.

It was quite fortunate to have Quarks to speed up the ingredients’ processing time, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to make these for my disciples today.

Right now, all of us had gone ashore on the island while the servants stayed behind on the ship that was anchored just a distance away from us.

Of course, I gave Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta their share of food as well, no reason for them to be left out of it. They have been working hard after all.

Judging by the really suggestive moans coming from the ship, I think they were also enjoying the food I gave them too.

The girls and Brendan had been a little too enthusiastic about their fishing so now we had quite a bit left over. I was a little bit worried that we might have harmed the ecosystem here but they assured me that it was no problem.

How they were so sure of that I do not know, but I trust my disciples.

The plan now was to have a barbecue dinner on the island before we returned back to the villa in a slow, relaxing night cruise.

Brendan was in the midst of helping set up the barbecue pit, piling the stones in a rectangular shape for the pit while stuffing the charcoal in the space between.

Of course, he had his fill of takoyaki as well, though it was rather disturbing to hear him make the moaning noises so I’ll leave it at that.

“Master, what will we be having for the barbecue?” Eris asked, clearly interested in tasting even more food.

I thought for a bit, “Hmm… I was considering using the meat I have in my storage ring and the seafood we got here. Though perhaps since it’s still early, we could go hunt for some game in the forest too if you guys are up for it?”

“Ara? That is a splendid idea, Master! It’s always fun to hunt~” Manami giggled, her tails wagging behind her.

Kiyomi also nodded her head, “Yes. Hunting does get the appetite flowing.”

Ah yes, the fox youkais love their hunts, especially the one where they hunt for their mate.

“Oh hoh?! That sounds fun yeah! Let’s get a huntin’ game goin’ wadda ya say?” Eris suggested, materializing her sword in her hands.

“Oh yes! A wild hunt! I even brought the tools!” Elaria pulled out a crossbow and several knives from god knows where, showing it off proudly.

“Fufu~ It will be an interesting experience indeed,” Odriana nodded, though her hands were her sketchbook and drawing tools.

I raised my eyebrow at them, “Well… Need I remind you girls that you’re all in swimsuits? I don’t think that’s a great attire to be crawling through the forest.”

Lian Li smiled, “It will be fine Master. You worry too much.”

“Yes! We will bring back the best game that we can find for you, Master!” Diao Chan proclaimed before poking her fingers together. “Then… Maybe… We can just go into the forest with just the two of us and… and…”

I flicked her forehead to stop her from finishing her words.

Well, it’s quite obvious they all just want me to spoil them even more with my cooking. Not that I’m complaining much though since seeing them enjoy it is a boon for me.

“Alright. Be back here before night falls and call me if anything happens.”

“Yes, Master!”

Cai Hong quickly raised her hand, her cheeks stuffed full of takoyaki with the sauce all over her cute cheeks, “Cwai Hwong gwo twoo!”

I used a napkin to wipe her clean and shook my head, “No, Cai Hong stay here. The forest may be dangerous.”

She swallowed and pouted, “Buuu~ Cai Hong want ‘adwenchure’!”

Ahhh… If she makes a face like that, it’s hard for me to say no…

Manami smiled, knowing my predicament, “I will take care of little Cai Hong Master.”

“Fine… Stay close to your big sister ok? No wandering off alone.”


Giving the girls a few final words of caution, I let them run off into the forest to let them begin their little hunting game.

I already did a preliminary scan of the island when the ship had sailed around it and the most dangerous thing I found were wild bears. My girls should not be in any danger and my inscriptions would still protect them in the worst case scenario anyway.

I turned my attention back to my grill, picking up the freshly made takoyaki balls to deposit them on a plate for myself, topping it off with mayonnaise.

Making my way to Brendan, I watched him lay the last of the stone to complete the foundation of the pit, the alchemist looking quite proud of himself.

“Want one?” I asked, offering him a takoyaki on a stick.

“Oh, thank you, Master.”

He opened wide and bit it, the white cream of mayonnaise staining the edges of his lips.

“Mmm… Delicious, Master,” He complimented while licking his lips, though that action merely smeared the white cream all over the sides of his mouth.

I helped him wipe his mouth clean before turning to inspect the pit.

“Mmm, this would do. Ever barbecued before?”

“Can’t say I have, Master.”

“Well, you’ll love it,” I grinned, laying the metal rack across the opening.

Brendan smiled wryly, “I doubt anything Master makes could be hated.”

“That’s not what I meant,” I laughed, igniting the charcoal with a snap of my fingers. “It’s the barbecuing itself that you’ll enjoy.”

Brendan watched the fire grow while I prepped the fishes I would be grilling alongside the condiments and vegetables. Even if this might be a simple barbecue, there was no way I wouldn’t make it as good as possible for my cute disciples.

“Should I also join the hunt, Master?” Brendan suggested.

“Nah, the girls are enough. Don’t want to actually kill off all the fauna here you know?”

“Ah… That is true,” He chuckled. “In that case, let me get more firewood then.”

“Mnn, that would help. Thanks.”

Brendan left me to enter the forest as well, searching for wood that can serve as fuel for the fire.

Using fire generated from our Quarks is an option to keep it alight, of course, but that would remove the barbecue scent from the food which defeats the purpose of this entirely.

In addition, I could also age the wood to enhance the smell of what I cook, something I would be sure to exploit later.

Speaking of which, I should invite the youkai maids to join us as well, the more people in a barbecue, the better the food will taste as they say.

Just as I thought about it, there was the sound of a thunderclap in the forest that startled several birds into flight.

Huh… I think using lightning to hunt is a little too excessive now, don’t you think? Not to mention it would scare the other animals away and make it harder to hunt…

I guess I never did teach them outdoor survival much, something I might plan to do when next given the chance.

Just as I looked up to see the sun dip below the horizon, I felt the blast of Quarks that was similar to the one I felt yesterday propagate from within the forest.

I immediately extended my senses to encapsulate the island.

To my horror, every single one of my disciples and sisters had vanished from the forest without a trace, even the animals were gone too.

This is not good.


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